Wipeout: Special Edition Command codes

All cheats
Like the previous Wipeout 3 or A.K.A Wip3out, enter these in the name entry screen.

A white flash after entering, will confirm correct entry.

Most cheats can be disabled by re-entering it, but note that a few cannot be disabled until the console is reset.

ALLCNG - All challenges unlocked.
ALLTNT - All tournaments unlocked.
ALLTRACK - All tracks unlocked.
AXCEL - Faster speed pad's (changes speed pad colour to white).
COLLIDE - Old Wipeout collision dectection.
CRAFTS - Unlocks all craft.
DROIDS - Replace playable craft as Rescue ships.
HITOMI - View both WO3 & Classic Leauge FMV's.
LINK - Link option available.
MIRROR - Unlocks flip track option in options.
NOFEAR - Unlimited shields and thrust.
NOPAIN - Unlimited thrust only.
NOWALLS - Collisions with walls slow down craft.
PHANTOM - Unlocks Phantom class.
PROTO - Unlocks Prototypes.
UNLIMIT - Unlimited weapons (press [] to select a weapon).