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Wipeout Pure: PSP: Awesome or Awful?

The good:

- Analog steering controls
- Intuitive
- Extremely fun
- Loads of replay value
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The bad:

- Not that many craft to race with
- Could have a few more circuits


Wipeout Pure for the PSP. Although this game may have been released a while ago now, it doesn't make the game any less playable. Obviously there's going to be a few people not going online anymore, but there really isn't a problem with that.

The controls are very good in the game. There are also the inclusion of airbrakes, making it easier to turn.
X - Thrust
Square - Fire weapon
O - Absorb weapon (get rid of it)
Triangle - Rear camera
Left trigger - Left airbrake (for tighter left turns) / Double tap: Side shift left
Right trigger - Right airbrake (for tighter right turns) / Double tap: Side shif...


"Wipe-Out: Purely Awful" - The Game Which Put Me Off The PSP...

The good:

It's decently playable - I'm being really generous here...

The bad:

It's basically F-ZERO without the storyline or interesting characters and vehicles.


Living in Europe, my access to PSP games is quite limited. However, my friend allowed me to play this particular game on his American PSP. I thought "OK, I'll see if this machine is better than I've been expecting it to be".

I soon found out why he had told me beforehand "It's not as good as it could have been"...

The graphics aren't exactly as much as the machine can allegedly handle (which seriously makes me wonder whether the power of the PSP has been significantly exaggerated), and the control system is less responsive than I had expected it to be (although for a launch title, that is acc...


What Wipeout?

The good:

Large tracks. Alot of tracks. Detailed graphics. Many cars to choose from. Very interesting start-up.


A game that will probably stay as number one on the PSP charts for awhile. The start-up is odd, but very interesting and has amazingly good graphics. And don't listen to the people who say "This game is so bad!!!" because they're just angry that they can't beat it. The weapons/power-ups are very interesting... you can get anything, for instance, a few of the weapons/power-ups are missiles, mines, speed boost, and my favourite the EMP charge. This game gets a MUST-BUY rating from me, and I hope that you agree. I like the game because how it is never the same. Every single race is differ...

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