Wipeout Pure Cheats

Wipeout Pure cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable Classes
  • Clear the given requirement to unlock the classes.
UnlockableHow to unlock
LiveryComplete the Ascension Tournament with vehicles from the Flash class
FlashComplete Alpha, Beta, and Ascension with gold standards.
Phantom ClassObtain a medal in the Flash Ascension
Unlockable Tournaments & Tracks
  • Clear the given requirement to unlock your desired tournament or track.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Manor Top TrackEarn 40 Gold Medals
Mandarshee TrackEarn 60 Gold Medals
Gamma and Decension TournamentsGet a gold, silver, or bronze medal in all four Gamma tracks.
BetaClear Alpha courses with gold standard
AscensionClear Beta courses with gold standard


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Best Turbo...
Make sure you use both of these in any order: Turbo and AutoPilot...
Dirty Explosive Tactics...
Whenever you get mines or the bomb, make sure to put them in the middle of a turn and before and after the boosts on the tracks...
Over All Zone Tip
Play the Zone Level one just to get use to it. On the second one hug the middle and try not to use the shoulder buttons, on the first lap, you get a higher zone level for this. For the rest use the shoulder buttons. Do not look at your zone level or health it will only distract you for a split second, anywhey the anouncer gives you updates if your low on heath or for every 5 zones.
Speed Boost
If you press the accelerator at the exact moment the light turns green, you will start with a speed boost.
Syncopia (Last Zone Level)
This level is the hardest, but only in one part but it will kill you. Stay steady for the entire level, once you get to the turn right before the just gently ride the wall, It will straighten you out before the jump. It will damadge you a little but it will be better than falling off damage, Don't do this for like the fiurst 3 laps though only when it gets insane, and if you do fall of quickly try and guide your ship back, you can ocassionly get lucky and land back on the jump.
First get a sheild pick up. Activate the sheild just before picking up something if its a speed boost,activate it. Your ship will 75% of the time go very fast (no damage too),and will gain 1st place easier.
Unlock Classic Tracks
Earn all gold in each difficulty class to unlock a classic track.
Unlock Karbonis Track
Earn Gold in the eight (8) Alpha and Beta league courses.
Unlock Medieval Team
To unlock the medieval team, you must earn 70 gold medals.
Unlock Ranks
0 golds: Rookie
12 golds: Trainee
24 golds: Amateur
36 golds: Geek
48 golds: Enthusiast
60 golds: Addict
72 golds: Veteran
84 golds: Master
96 golds: Guru
108 golds: Junkie
120 golds: Legend
132 golds: Purist
Unlock the Zone Team
To unlock the zone team and the zone ship, (which is needed for anything above venom ranking on the races) Get gold on all 4 zone levels.
Zone Ships Rating:
Speed 5/5 Handeling 5/5 Sheild 1/5 Thrust 4/5


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2 players with 1 game
If you want to play wipeout pure with other PSP players around you but you only have one copy of wipeout, here's how you can do it:
1.Load up wipeout on PSP number 1.
2.Create a game on Ad Hoc mode and wait in the lobby.
3.Take out the disk and put the game in another PSP, load the game and join the already created game.
4.Then start the game.
5.The PSP screens should now go into a black screen, after 2 or 3 seconds when the PSP stops reading the disk, take it out and put it back in the other PSP.
6.Now it should start to load up the game and after his loading is done and the track is loaded, take out the disk and put it into the other PSP and just wait till it's done loading.

Now you both will be able to play the game in multiplayer mode. This trick can work for more than two players and as the music in the game is read off the disk, only the player with the game inside their PSP will get the music playing in the background.
Secret Packs
daxter: circle square x triangle

Jak x racing: square x triangle circle

socom packs: triangle circle square x
x triangle circle square
Unlock Gallery Art
Choose Profile and then Progress, and press X over any tracks on which you've earned Gold.