: : : : : : : Secret 4 player link-up mode

Wipeout 3 Tips

Secret 4 player link-up mode
You will need:
• Two PlayStation consoles
• Two TVs/Monitors
• Two Game Discs
• A link cable

Connect the two PlayStations together as directed in the link-cable's instruction manual.

On each machine, in turn, go to the Options screen and hold [START]. Press the O button to reveal a previously hidden ''Establish Link'' option appear at the bottom.

Select this option with both machines; the first to select is the Host machine, the second is the Slave machine.

Select the appropriate number of players (4 player split-screen or 2 player full-screen) and select your game mode.

Enjoy playing with four players! The carnage is unevitable but fun, so enjoy the fast-filled racing time with your mates!