Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (Import) FAQ v1.01
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Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (Import) FAQ

by lyonnie   Updated to v1.01 on
FAQ for World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (Gamecube)
Author: lyonnie
Last Update: Oct 2003
Version: 1.01

Game information
Release date: 30th Jan 2003 (Japan only)
Publisher: Konami
Memory card requirements:
       Option file                 56 blocks
       Master Leage (ML) data      42 blocks
       Cup data                    13 blocks
       League data                 12 blocks
       Training mode challenge     6 blocks
       Formation data              3 blocks
       Goal replay                 31 blocks for each saved goal

Due to the incompatibility of Japanese game saves with PAL EU-AUS/NTSC US game
saves, please use a separate 251 memory card in order to save all your progress
in WE6 FE properly.

Only Gamefaqs, Neoseeker and IGN have permission to host this FAQ. If you find
this on another website, please email me to let me know. If you like to reproduce
all or parts of this guide, please let me know also as a form of courtesy.

Thank you!

**** This FAQ best viewed using Notepad ****



World Soccer Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution (WE6 FE) is one of the latest
soccer games to appear on the Gamecube, but it's certainly well worth the wait.
Unfortunately, this great game is only available in Japan, as Sony has the
exclusive PS2 rights to the WE series outside Japan (where it is published
under a different name: Pro Evolution Soccer).

This means that the only way to play this game if you live outside Japan is to
import it (the game is 100% playable on a PAL EU-AUS/NTSC US GC using Datel's
Freeloader), and even then those of us unfamiliar with the Japanese language
may be daunted by the game manual and menu, most of which are in Japanese.

I have thus decided to start writing a guide, especially for those fans
struggling with the language, and who do not own a PS2 and will otherwise not
be able to experience the wonderful phenomenon that is WE. As this guide is
tailored for the GC, I cannot comment on the differences with the PS2 version
simply because I do not have a PS2 and thus have not played the PS2 WE games.

At this point, it is looking unlikely that Konami will bring WE7 to the GC
(but please surprise us, Konami-san), so us GC owners will have to be content
with only WE6 FE for now.

This guide borrows heavily from the game manual, and the official GC WE6 FE guide 
book (also published by Konami), as well as some websites, all of which are
credited in the "Acknowledgements" section.

Table of Contents

(A) Game Controls
        1. Basic Controls
             a. When ball is in play
             b. When ball is out of play/ dead ball situations
        2. Advanced Controls
             a. Dribbling
             b. Passing
             c. Direct play
             d. Shooting
(B) Warming Up
        1. Mode Select
        2. Master League
        3. Formation Set Up
(C) Team Data
        1. Player Parameters
        2. Player Condition
        3. Attributes to Look For
(D) Best Teams
(E) Best Players
(F) Bugs
(G) Secrets
        1. Easiest way to unlock all hidden ML players
        2. Get the best for less!
        3. Hidden teams
        4. Unlock Calling Names for your ML teams
        5. Goal celebrations!
(H) Acknowledgements
(I) Useful Links
(J) To Be Continued...


(A) Game Controls

Although it is easy for a beginner to WE6 FE (we all are at some point in our
lives) to be intimidated by the seemingly numerous buttons at your disposal to
be able to pull off all the moves successfully, you have to be patient and
remember that even Zidane in real life has to practice, practice, practice to
get all his silky moves right.

So, with this in mind, I have separated the game controls into two major parts:
the basic controls for those just starting to get their boots dirty, and the
advanced controls for those more seasoned players who now want to try a cheeky
body feint or an ambitious scissors kick.

(Note: Seasoned players should also go through the Basic Controls due to some
 subtle differences they may have missed before. Also, the fancy names given to
 some of the moves, like Super Cancel and Pass & Go are not invented by me; they
 are there in the manual in Katakana script)

1. Basic Controls

(When ball is in play)

Analogue Stick
     + Moves your player around

A Button
     + Short pass (with ball) in direction of Analogue stick
     + Close in on attacking player (without ball)
                         The player you are in control of closes in
     + Short throw (GK has ball)

B Button
     + Shoot (with ball) The longer you hold down B, the more power your shot
                         has (and the more likely you will sky it!)
     + Close in on attacking player (without ball)
                         The player nearest the ball closes in
     + Heading clear (when ball is in the air)

C Button
     + Manual pass (with ball) in direction of Analogue Stick
     + Press (L + C) together for a manual long pass

X Button
     + Long boot upfield (with ball in own half)
     + Volley clear (when ball is in the air)
     + Cross (with ball near opponent's penalty box)
              There are 3 variations for crossing the ball:
                 1. Tap X once for far post long cross
                 2. Tap X twice quickly for near post cross
                 3. Tap X thrice quickly for a grounder cross
     + Sliding tackle (without ball)
     + Long kick (GK has ball)

Y Button
     + Through pass (with ball)
     + GK rushes out to narrow angle (when under attack)

L Button
     + Switches control from player to player

R Button
     + Dash (with the ball) Fastest but less ball-control than Sprint

Z Button
     + Sprint (with the ball) Slower than Dash but more ball-control
     + Move your player around (when ball is in the air)

R + Z Buttons
     + Super cancel (without the ball) Fancy name in the manual for stopping
                                       your playing from chasing after the
                                       loose ball, or to stop him moving
                                       forward to meet the oncoming attacker

(When ball is out of play/ dead ball situations)

Goal kick
     + Short goal kick (A Button)
     + Long goal kick (X Button)

Throw in
     + Short throw (A Button)
     + Long throw (X Button)

Corner kick
     + Short corner (A Button)
     + Long corner (X Button)

Direct free kick (Attacking)
      + Shoot (B Button)
      + Short pass (A Button)
      + Long chip (X Button)
      + Through ball (Y Button)

Direct free kick (Defending)
      + Everyone in the wall jumps (B Button)
      + Everyone in the wall does not jump (A Button)
      + 1-2 players break forward from wall; rest of wall jumps (R Button)
      + 1-2 players break forward from wall; rest of wall doesn't jump (R + A)

Penalty kick
      + Penalty taker (B Button + Analogue Stick for direction)
      + Goalkeeper (Analogue Stick for direction to dive in)

2. Advanced Controls


Body feint
      + Press L Button repeatedly when dribbling

Quick feint
      + Press Z Button repeatedly when dribbling

Two-footed feint
      + Some players have the two-footed feint ability (marked by a Star in the
        corresponding parameter) and when you press diagonally-forward
        repeatedly on the Analogue Stick when dribbling, they will do a two-
        footed feint

Stopping the ball
      + Release the Analogue Stick when dribbling and press the R Button to
        stop the ball in its tracks

Evading sliding tackles
      + Press the Z Button to jump over the opponent's sliding tackle

Changing your dribbling direction
      + In the middle of your dribble, hold down the Z Button and press the
        Analogue Stick 90 degrees to your advancing direction for a nifty
        change in dribbling direction


Back heel
      + Press the Analogue Stick in the opposite direction you are facing when
        you have the ball together with the A Button to do a back heel pass

One-two return
      + Hold down the L Button and press A Button to pass the ball. Just before
        your team-mate receives the ball, press the Y Button to perform a one-
        two (or press the X Button to do a flying one-two)

Pass & Go
      + Just after you pass the ball, press the Z Button and the player you are
        passing the ball to will run to meet the ball instead of standing there
        waiting for it

Fly through pass
      + Press the L Button together with the Y Button to perform a fly through
        pass (similar to through pass except the ball is in the air now)

Ally cross
      + Press the L Button together with the X Button to cross (or at least
        attempt to cross!) the ball into the opposing team's penalty box no
        matter where you are on the field

Getting the most out of your crosses
      + When crossing the ball, try pressing the Z Button. The ball should drop
        more kindly for your forwards (Works for both far and near post crosses)

(Direct play)

      + In general, if you press a certain button just before receiving the
        ball, you'll do a direct play (i.e. you won't trap and stop the ball
        but play it on the fly)
        Possible direct plays:
        Direct shot (B Button just before receiving the ball)
        Direct short pass (A Button just before receiving the ball)
        Direct long punt (X Button just before receiving the ball)
        Direct through pass (Y Button just before receiving the ball)
        In all the above cases, the Analogue Stick determines the path the ball
        will take upon playing it

        Depending on the player and situation, a direct shot can be a diving
        header, volley, or scissors kick


Shoot feint
      + Press the B Button and while the shooting gauge is still displayed,
        press the A Button and you'll perform a shoot feint
        (It's easiest to press B + A at about the same time to pull this off)

Lobbing the keeper
      + Hold down the L Button and press the B Button to lift the ball high over
        the keeper's head.
      + Press the B Button, and while the shooting gauge is still displayed,
        press the R Button to chip the ball past the keeper


(B) Warming Up

(1) Mode Select

Right, after starting up the game, the first screen that greets you (after the
introduction and title screens) is the Mode Select screen, which lets you
choose what you want to do.

Here's a brief explanation of what's going on. (My own comments are bracketed
within [...])

   Match Mode
            National Team
            Club Team
            All Star
            Master League Data VS
       <PK Match>
            National Team
            Club Team

   League Mode          [National teams only; play a full season of 30 games
                         or a half season of 15 games]

   Cup Mode             [Choose between three different Cups to play in:
                              i. International Cup
                             ii. Regional Cup (including European Cup, Asian
                                               Cup, and Americas Cup)
                            iii. Konami Cup]

   Master League Mode
       New Game
       Load Game
   Training Mode
   Edit Mode
   Game Option
       Option File
       Save Data Copy
       Save Data Delete
       Key Configuration
       Sound Settings
       Cup Gallery
       View Goal Replay
       Screen Settings

(2) Master League

In a nutshell, the Master League (ML) is where you choose a club team and guide
it from obscurity in Division 3 to be the champions of Europe in Division 1.
Along the way, you can sign almost every player in the game (except the Classic
hidden team players), offload players you no longer need, change your team
stripes, assign jersey numbers, practice with your team in between matches,
play in the Cup, drool over your player statistics over the season, negotiate
new contracts with your players, and devise clever team formation and strategy
to outsmart your opponents.

Yes, it's really THAT comprehensive and much more. You won't get maximum fun
out of the ML unless you really know what is going on, so here I attempt to
help you build your own dream team and plough your way through pages and pages
of mind boggling text.

  10 Things You Should Know About the ML
    i. You start with the same default set of players no matter which team you
   ii. You earn points by winning or drawing matches. Points are used to sign
       new players (think transfer fee) and to pay wages
  iii. You get more points winning or drawing matches the higher the difficulty
       level you choose
   iv. Winning cup matches yield more points than the league (the purpose of
       the Cup is actually to let you accumulate points, so don't treat the Cup
       with disdain)
    v. Be careful how you spend your points! Once you run out of points, your
       game is over! (So don't rush in and buy the best players straight away)
   vi. Wages are paid after every league match, but cup matches are "free" (in
       that your players are not paid)
  vii. Players generally want to play in a higher division league, so if you
       are currently in Division 3, don't expect every player in Division 1 to
       rush to join you
 viii. It is easiest to sign players when you are playing the ML at the lowest
       difficulty level (Easy)
   ix. You increase your chance of signing your player if you put in a higher
       offer than what is offered (but don't be held ransom!)
    x. Check your players' condition before every match as it has significance
       on their performance (see the section on "Player Condition"

First, let's take a look at the Master League Main Menu:

        Play Next Match
        View Information
             Current League Table Standings   Goal Ranking
             Current Tournament Progress      Asist Ranking
             Playing Record (All Teams)       Team Information
             Number of Consecutive Wins       Match Schedule
             Changes in League Position
        Team Management
             Formation Set Up (#1)
             Transfer         (#2)
             (To be completed)
        Save Game
             Auto Save (ON/OFF)
             Match Time (10 minutes)
             Level (Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme)
             Stadium Effects (YES/NO)
             Choice of Uniform (YES/NO)
             COM: Able to get retired players? (YES/NO)
        Return to Mode Select Screen

(#1) More details about "Formation Set Up" in the next section
(#2) Here is what you'll see when you choose "Transfer":

       Transfer Screen
       No. of Points XXXXX

                   Player Transfer
                      Request for Player        [X no. of cases]
                      Release Player            [X no. of cases]
                   Contract Negotiation
                      Transfer Player <IN>      [X no. of cases]
                      Transfer Player <OUT>     [X no. of cases]
                      Loan player <IN>          [X no. of cases]
                      Loan Player <OUT>         [X no. of cases]
                   View Transfer Details
                      Successful transfer <IN>  [X no. of cases]
                      Successful transfer <OUT> [X no. of cases]
                      Breakdown in talks        [X no. of cases]

     How to Sign a Player
     Basically, you have too scout for the player you want to sign ("Request
     for Player") and make an approach to the club. The terms (length of
     contract (between 1 to 5 years), player salary, and transfer fee) can
     then be viewed ("Transfer Player <IN>"). You can make any adjustments to
     the length of contract, the salary, and the fee too.
     It takes one league match for your offer to be considered, and after the
     next match, you can come back to the "Transfer Screen" to see if your bid
     has been successful ("Successful Transfer <IN>")
     If your bid has been rejected outright (maybe the player is not for sale)
     you'll see your bid end up in "Breakdown in talks"
     If your bid is deemed too low, a revised offer will be put to you again,
     ("Transfer Player <IN>") and you have all the time before playing your
     next match to decide how you wish to proceed.

     The process is the same for signing a player on loan. The main difference
     is when you approach the club, you are sometimes given 2 options, and
     sometimes 3. For the 2 options, you can only choose a permanent deal (first
     option). If you are given 3 options, you can choose to sign the player
     permanently (first choice) or sign him on loan (second choice). Loan deals
     are good for one season only and the transfer fee is only a fraction that
     of a permanent move.

     How to Release a Player
     It's easier to get rid of a player than to sign one! Just choose "Release
     Player", highlight the player from your team rooster, and he'll be axed
     from your squad. You'll have to pay a penalty though for terminating his
     Generally, the longer the contract remaining, the more you have to pay.

Note: There's a transfer window in WE6 FE during which players can only be
signed (but you can release players anytime in your campaign):

     Division 3     -- Between 3rd and 10th week (total 14 weeks)
     Division 1 & 2 -- Between 7th and 22nd week (total 30? weeks)
     Off season     -- 8 weeks (first 4 for signing players only; last 4 for
                       friendlies and/or signing players)

One "week" in the ML schedule corresponds to one league match; cup matches are
not considered by Konami in the calculation of the schedule. Therefore 14 weeks
in Division 3 correspond to the 14 league matches you have to play and 30 weeks
equals 30 league matches in the top 2 divisions.


(3) Formation Set Up

Just before kick-off, you can choose to tinker with your line-up, alter your
team formation and stratehy etc. One of the main things you should do is to
look at your players' condition, as it has quite a big influence over their
stats (the next section has more details on this)

   Formation Set Up
       Member Change
       Attack/Defense Mind
       Kicker & Captain Select
       Formation Copy


(C) Team Data

Let's take a closer look at all those delicious stats Konami has thrown into
the game for those who love number crunching ala CM (Championship Manager),
shall we?

1. Player Parameters

You can view your player's parameters during the Formation Set Up stage, when
you choose "Member Change". There's a ton of options, and you can use the -->
and <-- on the Direction Pad to switch between 2 pages of stats. Here's a
run-down on what those numbers and stars correspond to:

  Main Page                                    Second Page
  =========                                    ===========
  Position  1 XX                               Dribbler
            2 XX                               Post Player
            3 XX                               Positioning
  Height                                       (GK) Rush Out
  Foot     (L,R,or 2-footed)                   Striker
  Offense                                      Leadership
  Defense                                      Passer
  Body Balance                                 Two-footed Feint
  Stamina                                      PK Kicker
  Speed                                        1-on-1 Shoot
  Acceleration                                 Long Throw
  Response                                     Direct Play
  Dribble Accuracy                             Outside   [Playing on the flanks]
  Dribble Speed                                Man Mark
  Short Pass Accuracy                          DF Line Leadership
  Short Pass Speed                             (GK) Feet Kick
  Long Pass Accuracy                           PK Keeper
  Long Pass Speed                              1-on-1 Keeper
  Shoot Accuracy                               Injury Prone
  Shoot Power                                        ["A" being least prone and
  Shoot Technique                                     "C" most injury prone]
  Heading Accuracy
  Jump Power
  Attack Tendency
  Free Kick Accuracy

 i) Obviously, the higher the numbers, the better the player is in that area.
ii) A Star next to a particular stat (Second Page only) indicates the player is
    especially skilled in that area

Most of the stats are pretty much self-explanatory, but there is one particular
stat I would like to highlight, and that is the last item on the main page,

Now, this stat is VERY important especially when you are attempting the ML. It's
akin to how well the player is settling into your team. So, just after signing a
player, his "Cohesiveness" stat would usually be 30+, but it would improve with
every match he plays in (including pre-season friendlies, so don't skip those!)

If there's another player in your team with the same nationality as your new
player, they both get a 5% boost in the "Cohesiveness" stat when you play them
together. Neat, eh? So the next time you sign a major star, don't just throw
him into the thick of action and expect him to dazzle right away. Give him time
(just as in real life) to gel in together with the rest of his team mates. Nice
touch, Konami!

Although the exact numbers are unknown, I do know that a player with low
"Cohesiveness" does not perform to what his other stats claim to be. So he may
have 95 for "Shoot Technique" but that will not be his real stat in the game if
you are playing him for the first time and his "Cohesiveness" is 36.

2. Player Condition

Don't under-estimate the importance of the players' condition before a match,
as it has tremendous influence over his parameters! (You can check your players'
condition by pressing the L or R Button at the Formation Setup screen just
before kick-off.)

There are a total of 9 different types of condition, as follows:

Best condition                         Red arrow (pointing upwards)
Good condition                         Orange arrow (diagonally upwards)
Normal condition                       Green arrow (pointing side way)
Poor condition                         Blue arrow (diagonally downwards)
Worst condition                        Grey arrow (pointing downwards)
Carrying light injury                  Boxed yellow cross
Carrying serious injury                Boxed red cross
Just recovered from light injury       Boxed grey arrow with yellow border
Just recovered from serious injury     Boxed grey arrow with red border

What the condition modifies is the player's stats. The list below shows you the
extent each individual stat is affected by the player's condition (modifiers
are in terms of percentages, so +9 means a 9% increase in that stat, while -6
means a 6% drop in that stat)

                                                 (Light) (Light) (Sers)
Parameter           | Best| Good | Poor | Worst| Injury |  OK  |   OK  |
Offense             | +12 | +6.4 |  -8  | -16  |  -32   | -6.4 |  -12  |
Defense             | +12 | +6.4 |  -8  | -16  |  -32   | -6.4 |  -12  |
Body Balance        | +12 |  +6  | -12  | -18  |  -18   |  -6  |  -12  |
Stamina             | +12 |  +6  |  -6  | -12  |  -24   |  -6  |  -12  |
Speed               |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -24   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Acceleration        | +12 |  +6  |  -9  | -18  |  -24   |  -6  |  -12  |
Response            | +12 |  +6  |  -9  | -18  |  -24   |  -6  |  -12  |
Dribble Accuracy    |  +9 | +4.8 | -4.8 |  -9  |  -24   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Dribble Speed       |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -24   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Short Pass Accuracy |  +9 | +4.8 | -4.8 |  -9  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Short Pass Speed    |  +6 |  +3  |  -3  |  -6  |  -18   |  -3  |   -6  |
Long Pass Accuracy  |  +9 | +4.8 | -4.8 |  -9  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Long Pass Speed     |  +6 |  +3  |  -3  |  -6  |  -18   |  -3  |   -6  |
Shoot Accuracy      |  +9 | +4.8 | -4.8 |  -9  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Shoot Power         | +12 |  +6  |  -6  | -12  |  -18   |  -6  |  -12  |
Heading Accuracy    |  +9 | +4.8 | -4.8 |  -9  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Jump Power          | +12 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -24   |  -6  |  -12  |
Technique           |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Curve               |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Attack Tendency     |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -30   | -4.8 |   -9  |
Mentality           | +12 |  +6  |  -9  | -18  |  -30   |  -6  |  -12  |
Free Kick Accuracy  |  +9 | +4.8 |  -6  | -12  |  -18   | -4.8 |   -9  |


  i. A player with Normal condition shows no midification to his Parameters
 ii. (Light) Injury means the player is carrying a light injury
     (Light) OK means the player has just recovered from a light injury
     (Sers) OK means a player has just recovered from a serious injury
iii. A player cannot be played if he is currently carrying a serious injury

3. Attributes to Look For

We all know when that for a CF, his Shoot Teachnique is more important than
his Long Pass Accuracy (generally speaking), but what else should you look for
exactly? Konami has listed the attributes that are important for the players in
each position, as reproduced below:

   (I) Forward (CF, WG)
               + Dribble Accuracy     Notes: The most important thing for a
               + Dribble Speed               forward is his ability to score
               + Shoot Technique             goals. As such, you should look
               + Shoot Power                 for a player with high shooting
               + Heading Accuracy            stats. Also, it would be an
               + Attack Tendency             advantage if your forward can
               + Dribbler                    jump and head well.
               + Post Player                 Startlooking from those players
               + Positioning                 with expertise in Striker and
               + Striker                     Dribbler (marked with a Star)

   (II) Midfielder (OH, CH, SH, DH)
               + Stamina              Notes: A midfielder is the link between
               + Short Pass Accuracy         attack and defence, and as he is
               + Short Pass Speed            usually the one who works the most
               + Long Pass Accuracy          on the field, high Stamina rating
               + Long Pass Speed             is desired.
               + Technique                   He should also be good at passing
               + Leadership                  the ball around.
               + Passer                      Start hunting those players with
               + Outside                     expertise in Passer and Leadership

   (III) Defender (SB, LIB, SW, CB)
               + Height               Notes: The important things for a
               + Body Balance                defender are physical strength
               + Stamina                     and height.
               + Response                    For an attacking SB, his speed
               + Dribble Speed               and passing ability are also
               + Long Pass Accuracy          important.
               + Jump Power
               + Man Mark
               + DF Line Leadership

  (IV) Goalkeeper (GK)
               + Height               Notes: The most important parameters for
               + Defense                     a GK are Body Balance, Response,
               + Body Balance                and Jump Power.
               + Response                    Of course, if he has expertise in
               + Long Pass Accuracy          1-on-1 Keeper, and PK Keeper, so
               + Jump Power                  much the better!
               + (GK) Feet Kick              The GK's ability to rush out of
               + 1-on-1 Keeper               goal is closely related to his
               + PK Keeper                   attacking stats, so if you desire
               + Shoot Power                 such a GK, go for one with higher
                                             attacking stats.


(D) Best Teams

In Konami's official WE6 FE guide, each of the teams (and players; see next
section) in the game are scored (out of 100) in various departments such as
best attacking/ defending teams, best GK/CB/DH/OH/FW etc., and so on.

These numbers are provided by Konami, and in the case of the teams, the actual
calculation is simply based on the average of all the relevant parameters of the
selected players in the team (e.g. in the case of the Best Attacking Teams, the
score takes into account the attacking attributes (offense, shooting strength
etc.) of the forwards and midfielders in the first starting eleven.)

Without further ado, here's the Oscar list of who's who in Konami's WE6 world:

Notes: i) Score indicated in parenthesis after team name
       ii) Teams ranked 1 are the best in that department

Best Attacking Teams               Best Defending Teams
....................               ....................

 1. France      (88.3)              1. France     (88.4)
 2. Brazil      (85.0)              2. Argentina  (87.6)
 3. Senegal     (84.0)              3. Croatia    (86.0)
 4. England     (83.8)              4. Italy      (85.3)
 5. Argentina   (83.7)              5. Paraguay   (85.2)
 6. Yugoslavia  (83.4)              6. Spain      (84.8)
 7. Norway      (83.0)              6. Colombia   (84.8)
 8. Netherlands (82.6)              8. Germany    (84.2)
 9. Spain       (82.3)              9. England    (83.7)
10. Russia      (82.20              9. Uruguay    (83.7)

Best Physical Conditioning   (Takes into account players' stamina, body
..........................    balance, etc.)

 1. France       (82.2)
 2. England      (81.7)
 3. Netherlands  (81.3)
 4. Brazil       (80.9)
 5. Argentina    (80.5)
 5. Italy        (80.5)
 7. Cameroon     (79.7)
 8. Nigeria      (79.4)
 9. Germany      (78.7)
10. Paraguay     (78.5)

Best Accuracy Teams         (Takes into account players' short and long passing
...................          accuracies, technique, etc.)

 1. France       (77.2)
 1. Italy        (77.2)
 3. Netherlands  (76.4)
 4. Argentina    (76.3)
 5. England      (76.0)
 6. Germany      (75.0)
 7. Brazil       (74.9)
 8. Yugoslavia   (74.2)
 9. Paraguay     (74.1)
 9. Spain        (74.1)

Overall Top 10 Teams       (Takes into account the average of all the starting
....................        eleven's parameters)

 1. France       (78.3)
 2. Italy        (77.3)
 3. England      (77.0)
 4. Netherlands  (76.9)
 5. Argentina    (76.8)
 6. Brazil       (76.0)
 7. Germany      (75.3)
 8. Paraguay     (74.7)
 9. Spain        (74.6)
10. Ukraine      (74.5)

Hmmm... obviously very different from the latest FIFA world rankings!


(E) Best Players

Similar to the previous section, each player is the game is scored (different
from those actual player stats used in the game) and ranked individually by

The full list is too comprehensive to be reproduced here (EVERY single player
is scored and ranked) but here is a shortlist of the best players in the major

(Note: While compiling this list, I realize that Konami has ranked all available
 players (including hidden and non-ML), and that most of the best players cannot
 be signed anyway since they are not available in the ML (Pele, Maradona, etc.)
 So I will most likely compile a different table in future to include only the
 ML players so you get a better idea which players Konami has deemed to be the
 "best" and are poachable in the ML)

Players are listed with their names first, followed by their team, and finally
their score as calculated by Konami

Best CF (Centre Forward)

 1. Pele        Classic Brazil       (93.6)
 2. Oranges080  Classic Netherlands  (93.0)
 2. Eusebio     Hidden               (93.0)
 4. Vieri       Italy                (92.8)
 5. Maradona    Classic Argentina    (91.9)
 6. Batistuta   Argentina            (91.3)
 7. Crespo      Argentina            (90.6)
 8. Henry       France               (90.2)
 9. Trezeguet   France               (90.0)
10. Oranges081  Classic Netherlands  (89.9)

Best WG (Winger)

 1. Di Stefano  Classic Argentina    (92.2)
 2. Oranges082  Classic Netherlands  (91.8)
 3. Oranges080  Classic Netherlands  (91.0)
 4. Garrincha   Classic Brazil       (90.8)
 5. George Best Hidden               (90.4)
 6. Rivelino    Classic Brazil       (90.1)
 7. Shevchenko  Ukraine              (89.9)
 8. Tostao      Classic Brazil       (89.3)
 9. Jairzinho   Classic Brazil       (89.1)
10. Kewell      Australia            (88.9)

Best OH (Offensive Half)

 1. Maradona    Classic Argentina    (94.8)
 2. Zico        Classic Brazil       (94.6)
 3. Pele        Classic Brazil       (93.1)
 3. Oranges082  Classic Netherlands  (93.1)
 5. Platini     Classic France       (92.9)
 6. Netzer      Classic Germany      (92.6)
 7. Rivaldo     Brazil               (92.5)
 8. Rivelino    Classic Brazil       (92.1)
 9. Sivori      Classic Italy        (91.6)
 9. Zidane      France               (91.6)

Best SH (Side Half)

 1. R. Carlos   Brazil               (91.0)
 2. Babangida   Nigeria              (89.3)
 3. Overath     Classic Germany      (88.7)
 3. George Best Hidden               (88.7)
 5. Netzer      Classic Germany      (88.3)
 6. Rivaldo     Brazil               (88.3)
 7. Kewell      Australia            (87.8)
 8. Zanetti     Argentina            (87.3)
 9. Fortune     South Africa         (87.0)
 9. Giggs       Wales                (87.0)

Best DH (Defensive Half)

 1. Beckenbauer Classic Germany      (89.0)
 2. Ardiles     Classic Argentina    (85.8)
 3. Oranges086  Classic Netherlands  (85.3)
 3. Didi        Classic Brazil       (85.3)
 5. Bonhof      Classic Germany      (85.2)
 6. Veron       Argentina            (84.8)
 7. Falcao      Classic Brazil       (84.7)
 8. Cerezo      Classic Brazil       (84.5)
 9. Viera       France               (84.2)
 9. Oranges079  Classic Netherlands  (84.2)
 9. Guardiola   Spain                (84.2)

Best SW (Sweeper) LIB (Libero)

 1. Beckenbauer Classic Germany      (85.7)
 2. Oranges079  Classic Netherlands  (84.7)
 3. Baresi      Classic Italy        (83.0)
 3. Oliseh      Nigeria              (83.0)
 5. Vogel       Switzerland          (82.8)
 6. Scirea      Classic Italy        (82.3)
 7. Oranges086  Classic Netherlands  (82.2)
 8. Kaltz       Classic Germany      (81.7)
 8. Lucio       Brazil               (81.7)

Best GK (Goalkeeper)

 1. Kahn        Germany              (91.0)
 2. Yashin      Hidden               (90.5)
 3. Buffon      Italy                (90.2)
 4. Toldo       Italy                (89.8)
 5. Maier       Classic Germany      (89.7)
 6. Banks       Classic England      (89.3)
 7. Oranges025  Netherlands          (88.5)
 8. Schumacher  Classic Germany      (88.2)
 8. Pagliuca    Hidden               (88.2)
10. Preud'Homme Hidden               (87.8)

(To be completed!)


(F) Bugs

There is a very serious bug that has been reported preventing the full
unlocking of the ML hidden players when you have won the ML Division 1 title.

Apparently, gamers who have unlocked the hidden players in the Traning Mode
prior to unlocking the ML hidden players will not get all the ML players! This
appears to be a problem with the game itself, so to prevent this, play through
the ML first to unlock all the hidden players before attempting the Training
Mode challenges. (See the "Secrets" section of this guide for an easy way to
unlock all the hidden ML players).


(G) Secrets

(1) Easiest way to unlock all hidden ML players

Each time your club team wins the ML Division 1 title, you unlock a set of
hidden players (which you can then sign for yourself)! There are a total of 42
hidden players, but only 14 (randomly out of the 42) gets unlocked each time
you win the ML Division 1.

This means you have to win the ML Div 1 title 3 times to unlock all the 42 
players, but there is actually an easier way to do that. Just before you win
the league, save your game, then play the subsequent game that gets you
confirmed as champions (Thus, you must know exactly when you get confirmation
that you have an unassilable lead at the top of the table. For example, if you
have 3 games left to play, and you lead the next team by 9 points, you'll know
that if you win the next game, you'll get crowned champions, or if the second
placed team lose, and you draw, etc. Yes, soccer gets quite mathematical!)

Anyway, when you're crowned champions, you'll see a message saying that there
are new players available in the ML rooster (under the "Teams outside the ML")
and your option file will be automatically saved.

Now, DON'T save your game, but instead, exit to the main menu and reload your
last saved ML game file just before the game you just played. Play the same game
again, and if you get the right result, you'll get crowned as champions again,
and the same message appears indicating that new players are available.

This second set of new players actually differ from the first set, so just
repeat this process a third time and you'll have all the hidden players
unlocked with minimal fuss.

Here's a complete list of the 42 hidden ML players:

Position     Name
........     ....

GK           Peter SCHMEICHEL
GK           Gianluca PAGLIUCA
GK           Lev YASHIN
GK           Bodo ILLGNER
GK           Thomas RAVELLI
GK           Michel PREUD'HOMME
GK           Pat JENNINGS
DF           ZAGO Antonio Carlos
DF           ABELARDO Fernandez Artuna
MF           Paul INCE
MF           Demetorio ALBERTINI
MF           Carlos Cesar SAMPAIO
MF           Gustavo Adrian LOPEZ
MF           LEONARDO
MF           Carlos VALDERRAMA
MF           DUNGA
MF           Didier DESCHAMPS
MF           Dejan SAVICEVIC
MF           Gheorghe HAGI
MF           Dragan STOJKOVIC
MF           RAI
MF           Zvonimir BOBAN
MF           Vincenzo Enzo SCIFO
MF           Michael LAUDRUP
FW           Roberto BAGGIO
FW           Giuseppe SIGNORI
FW           Nicolas ANELKA
FW           ROMARIO de Souza Faria
FW           Hristo STOICHKOV
FW           Martin PALERMO
FW           Dwight YORKE
FW           Andy COLE
FW           George WEAH
DW           Fabrizio RAVANELLI
FW           Mario JARDEL Almeida Ribeiro
FW           Kevin PHILLIPS
FW           Ivan ZAMORANO
FW           Marco BODE
FW           Jurgen KLINSMANN
FW           Kenny DALGLISH
FW           Denis LAW

(2) Get the best for less!

This trick lets you net any player you wish for a ridiculously low amount of
points, particularly useful at the start of the ML when you're stuck with the
default list of players in Division 3.

What you have to do is simply edit all your target player's stats to 1, then
go and sign him for your team. After you sign the player, simply restore his
stats back to his original numbers.

(3) Hidden teams

Besides the usual 56 national and club teams, there are 9 other hidden teams in
the game. Here are the hidden teams as well as the method to unlock them in the

    i. Euro All Stars           Win International Cup with any team
   ii. World All Stars          Win International League with any team (Full or
                                half seasons are both fine)
  iii. Classic England          Win European Cup with England
   iv. Classic France           Win European Cup with France
    v. Classic Italy            Win European Cup with Italy
   vi. Classic Netherlands      Win European Cup with Netherlands
  vii. Classic Germany          Win European Cup with Germany
 viii. Classic Brazil           Win Americas Cup with Brazil
   ix. Classic Argentina        Win Americas Cup with Argentina

(4) Unlock Calling Names for your ML teams

The easiest way to do this so that the commentator don't say "Europort" but
"Liverpool" instead is to win the Konami Cup with any club team. Play on the
lowest level with only three teams, and after clinching the Konami Cup, you
will unlock the Calling Names under the ????? when you go to edit the club

Unfortunately, Konami has only included the names of cities (due to licensing
issues) so while you get the major European cities, you have to make do with
alternate names for teams without a city name like Arsenal (rename as "London")

(5) Goal celebrations!

Some of the players in the game have their own style of celebrating a goal, just
like in real life.

Here's the list of the players who have their special celebrations.

     Riquelme                Barcelona
     Robbie Keane            Ireland
     Beckham                 England
     Raul                    Spain
     Morientes               Spain
     Pires                   France
     Wilmots                 Belgium
     Vieri                   Italy
     Del Piero               Italy
     Ballack                 Germany
     Klose                   Germany
     Tomassen                Denmark
     Mboma                   Cameroon
     All Senegal players     Senegal   (All Senegal players in you team dances)
     Batistuta               Argentina
     Ronaldo                 Brazil
     Chilavert               Paraguay
     Choi Yong-Soo           Korea
     Inamoto                 Japan
     Moriyama                Japan
     Nakayama                Japan
     Suzuki                  Japan
     Nakata                  Japan
     Takahara                Japan Reserve
     Nakamura                Japan Reserve


(H) Acknowledgements

This is my very first FAQ guide, and I wish to thank everyone at the WE6 FE
message boards at Gamefaqs. This guide is written for you all, and I hope
you will find it useful.

Special thanks go out to Gamefaqs, Neoseekers and IGN for hosting this FAQ.

The following materials have been used in the writing of this guide:

(1) WE6 FE game manual
(2) World Soccer WE6 FE (GC) Konami Official Guide Perfect Series
    ISBN 4775301519
    Price 1,400 JP Yen
(3) ZAPA's excellent WE website
(4) WE Fukuoka (Japanese website with the information for player celebrations)


(I) Useful Links

Here're some of my favourite WE6 related links


Well, this is primarily an ISS (International Superstar Soccer, another Konami
produced footy game) site, but it has a very nice history of the entire WE/PES/
ISS series, and many reviews of the various games, from the early SNES days to
the latest GC/PS2 incarnations. (English)


A whole lot of useful WE6 FE information, from the mystery behind Nakata's and
Ono's dual naming in the game, to bugs like the non-apperance of the ML hidden
players even when you have won the ML Division 1 title. (Japanese)


Wonderful site with all the translations for the game menu screens. Definitely
worth a visit! (English)


Has a downloadable Option File with the edited names of players and teams in
the game plus additional club teams and transfers! I do not have the means to
link my memory card to my PC, so I have not tried the file, but I do wish I can
though! (English)


If you want to try your hand at editing extra players for the game, this is the
site you need. Extra players include Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Lupatelli,
Philippe Mexes, Fernando Torres, Bernardo Corradi, Antonio Filippini, plus many
more! All parameters and edit information are given. (Japanese)


(J) To Be Continued...

Thank you for reading this FAQ.

As you can see, this is a very rough first version, and I am eagerly awaiting
comments, suggestions, corrections, or anything else you can think of that
should be included/ excluded in future updates.  (Feel free to email or post on
the WE6 FE message board at Gamefaqs)