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Wind: A Breath of Heart (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by DChan   Updated to v2.1 on
     Wind -a breath of heart- (Windows)
     FAQ/Walkthrough (Version 2.1 - Incomplete Struggle)

     Current Update: Saturday, 17 July 2004
     Previous Update: Sunday, 04 July 2004
     Created: Sunday, 24 November 2002

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)

     Note: This FAQ is primarily based on the Windows
     version of Wind, not the Dreamcast version.

1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Nutrition Information
2.1    1st Impression
2.2    2nd Impression
3.   Links
4.   Solution
4.1    The Adventure Begins

"Setsunasa!" (*1)

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     "The Columbia is lost. There are no survivors."
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     Title:    Wind -a breath of heart-
     Genre:    Ren'ai adventure
     Rating:   Adult Only (Keep out of sight of children
               and parents) (Windows); ? (Dreamcast)
     Players:  1
     OS:       Japanese Windows 98/Me/2000/XP; Dreamcast
     Maker:    minori (Windows); Alchemist (Dreamcast)
     On Sale:  Friday, 19 April 2002 (Windows); Thursday,
               30 January 2003 (Dreamcast)

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     Version 2.0 [24 KB, +10%]: Sunday, 4 July 2004
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     "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine
le nom du destin.
     "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
     "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
     - NOIR (TV: 2001)

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     Wind -a breath of heart- for Windows, by minori, came
out on 2002.04.19. minori also made Bittersweet Fools for
Windows, which I didn't play, because it wasn't voiced. The
producer of Wind, Sakai "nbkz" Nobukazu, is reportedly the
Accent seiyuu Okada "Okajun" Junko's husband. (OTOH, in
Bittersweet Fools for DC and PS2, Okajun voices the minor
heroine Solino.)
     Wind is on two CDs. On disc 1 are two AVI files of the
OP movies of the game. Disc 2 doesn't seem to have any
omake stuph.
     Disc 1 installs the game, and disc 2 runs the game. The
player can't choose the install size. The game squats on 421
MB. If the player further installs the voices from disc 2,
the game then squats on 765 MB. But when the player doesn't
install the voices from disc 2, and disc 2 is in the CD-ROM
drive, the game will still have voices.
     The game has IMO a MTV or OVA style OP movie that has
images, but not necessarily screen shots, from the game.


     The main menu has these options: New Game, Load Game,
Album, Memories, Music, and Opening Movie.
     - New Game. Duh.
     - Load Game. The game has 255 save game slots. Each
save game slot has a thumbnail screen shot, and the player
can add a comment about 40 English letters long. Each slot
has a real-time date and time, not the game-time date and
     - Album. 13 pages of event CG. 12 pages with 12 slots,
and a 13th page with seven slots.
     - Memories. One page with six slots.
     - Music. 17 tracks of BGM to replay.
     - Opening Movie. Duh.
     The game is practically full voice. The protagonist
isn't voiced, but some miscellaneous male chara, such as the
train driver, are voiced.
     The player can toggle on and off the main chara's
voices. I understandably toggled off the protagonist's male
classmate Tachibana Tsutomu's voice.
     Besides voices and BGM, the game has ambient sound
effects. For example, in the first scene, the protagonist
and his sis were in a train. The game continually plays the
sound effect of the train rumbling on the tracks.
     The player can adjust the properties of the message
window, such as font, text speed, and transparency.
     Some background illusts are mildly painted background
photos, such as the inside of a tram (street car) and a
school corridor.
     In a scene, up to three chara's portraits can be
simultaneously on-screen.


     Later (Sunday, 2004.07.04):
     For quick reference, here is a table of the heroines'
attributes, sorted in order of... one of the attributes.

     Name                Tall   B    W    H    Blood   Birth

     FUJIMIYA Wakaba     152    88   61   89   B       JUN04
     SHIKOUIN Kasumi     160    85   57   84   AB      NOV26
     FUJIMIYA Nozomi     163    84   59   84   A       APR03
     NARUKAZE Minamo     158    82   58   85   O       JUL21
     OKANO Hinata        153    79   57   81   B       JUN04
     TSUKISHIRO Hikari   146    74   55   76   ?       ?

     Later (2002.12.03):
     In the Album, similar CG are saved in different slots.
Some of the oversized CG can be panned.
     In other gal games, when several CG show a heroine in
the same pose, but her face has different expressions, these
similar CG are frequently saved/stacked in the same slot.
When the player clicks that slot, the game cycles through
the several CG.


     Later (2002.12.04):
     IMO, the programmers are miserly WRT event CG. For
example, on April 10, when Nozomi practised with some
Kendou club members, the game has no event CG. No Samurai
Girl -Real Bout High School- style panchira event CG. (-_-#)
I hope the programmers compensate this lack of quantity with
lots of quality.
     Wind is IMO a visual novel, instead of an action-packed
interactive adventure, with more emphasis on the "novel"
part than on the "visual" part. (_ _;) Next time, I should
play a yaruge- with 99% Ecchi CG, where the excitement never

     The protagonist frequently abuses/chops his sis. (-_-;)

     I don't recognise the buildings in the background
illusts, but the trams remind me of... Hiroshima, Kagoshima,
and Nagoya.

     Later (2002.12.15):
     While I was playing this game, IMO it has these good
     - Almost photo-based background illusts.
     - Full voice.

     OTOH, IMO it has these bad points:
     - Can't change the protagonist's name.
     - Not all heroines have endings. For example, Kasumi
has no ending.
     - Not enough non-Ecchi event CG. For example, the game
has no CG when the protagonist chats with Minamo's father
about the protagonist's mother, or when Nozomi fights.
Instead, the game displays a CG of the sky: day or night,
clear or cloudy. IMO, the game should have some fan service
CG for events that involve one or more heroines.

     FYI, in Ecchi games, I dislike anal/kanchou/scatolo,
android/cyborg, bandage, bestiality/kemono (maybe except
Kitsunemimi and Nekomimi), bondage/chain/collar, boys
love/gay/homo/yaoi/801, bukkake/orgy, Burikko, byoujaku,
choukyou/slave, chuuko/widow (miboujin)/wife (hitoduma),
futanari/kaizou, gakuenmono, gigolo, girls love/les/yuri,
grotesque, kichiku/SM, kinshin/mother/nikushin, kyonyuu,
Lolicom/petit/puny, Mah Jong, maid, ninshin (pregnant), nun,
nurse, okama (maybe except the Hokuto no Ken type), school
mizugi, Shouta, slender, slime, tentacles, and
     (I know. Picky, picky.)

     "Etti nano ha ikenai to omoimasu."
     - Andou Mahoro san, Automatic Maiden Mahoromatic

3.   LINKS

     The Wind for Windows section in the minori HP.

     The Wind for Windows section in the GameSpot Japan HP.

     The Wind for Dreamcast section in the Alchemist HP.

     [Ramble ON]

     The Gun Sister for Windows section in the AniSeed HP.
     Gun Sister is an Animation AVG that came out on

     The Gun Sister for Windows section in the GameSpot
Japan HP.

     Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France. English.
     "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
     "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
de rares fans de part le monde."

     The Japanese Gaming Guide to Windows XP, by Kagami of
USA. English.
     "Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Japanese PC Games on Windows

     Miyabi Koubou, by Tounnkai of Japan.

     The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine, by Wavehawk. English. A
Tokimemo (Tokimeki Memorial) fan page.

     Zany Video Game Quotes. English. Has very funny quotes
and screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of
Segata Sanshirou TV CMs.

     [Ramble OFF]



     In 1st Play, I'll primarily aim for Fujimiya Nozomi's
ending, and not get distracted by the other heroines.
     OTOH, if you volunteer to write the solutions for the
other heroines, e-mail me!


     Before the player reaches the first multiple choice
node, the protagonist Okano Makoto meets these heroines:
     - Okano Hinata, in a train, at home, in a tram, et al.
After all, she's the protagonist's sister. Short red hair
with white headband.
     - Shikouin Kasumi, at school. She's the protagonist's
classmate. Meganekko with long straight black hair.
     - Fujimiya Nozomi, at her famires, "one day". Famires
waitress and Kendou expert. Long blond hair in ponytail.
     - Fujimiya Wakaba, at one day. She's Nozomi's sister
and a piano player. Meganekko with short green hair.
     - Tsukishiro Hikari, between one day and the school.
Short grey hair.
     - Narukaze Minamo, on the roof of the school. Harmonica
player and osanajimi. Long dark blue hair in twin tails.
     BTW, the player can't change the protagonist's name.

     After the protagonist meets Minamo, the game plays the
OP movie.

     Later (2002.12.09):
     Reportedly, the course to the Fujimiya sisters' endings
are the same, and whether the player clears Nozomi or
Wakaba's ending only depends on the player's choice at the
final node. So I'll probably clear both sisters' endings.

     Also, reportedly, the player's choices at the nodes in
the first half of the game don't matter. When the player
plans to clear other heroines' endings, the player can save
game on August 7, and replay the game from there.


     APRIL 10

     First node:
     1-11. ahouna koto ha yamete, Hinata wo okosu. (Wake
     1-12. koko ha yappari, 10 kai [juukai] tsutsun shite
miru. (Harass Hinata.)

     1-11 leads to 1-31 to 1-33.
     1-12 leads to 1-21 to 1-22.
     Neither choice leads to any CG. In 1st Play, as I was
aiming for Nozomi's ending, neither choice matters, and I
chose 1-12.

     Second node, from 1-12:
     1-21. iikagen ni ahouna koto ha yamete, Hinata wo
okosu. (Wake Hinata.)
     1-22. koko ha yappari, 16 rensha [juuroku rensha] ni
chousen. (Harass Hinata.)

     Both choices lead to 1-31 to 1-33.
     Neither choice leads to any CG. In 1st Play, as I was
aiming for Nozomi's ending, neither choice matters, and I
chose 1-22.

     Afterwards, the protagonist and his sis went to
Minamo's home. The player learns more about the
protagonist's parents, and that he's a milk mania.
     BTW, Kasumi's correct. Instead of going back to the
school and meeting two of the heroines, the protagonist
could've borrowed and photocopied her English textbook.

     Second node, from 1-11:
     1-31. Gyouza.
     1-32. Yakuza.
     1-33. Piza.

     All choices are incorrect and lead to the same result.
For simplicity, I chose 1-31.

     APRIL 11

     No event CG or multiple choice node. (-_-;)
     The protagonist learns Wakaba is a healer.

     APRIL 12

     One Minamo non-Ecchi CG. No node.

     APRIL 13

     The protagonist's birthday. (_ _) Zzz

     One non-Ecchi CG and no node.
     The protagonist, his sis, Kasumi, and Tsutomu go to
Hikari's antique/occult shop, to retrieve Kasumi's glasses.
     Then, they go to one day. The protagonist's face is
clearly visible in the photo (event CG) they took in one

     APRIL 14

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The protagonist and his sis go to Minamo's home and
meet her father, who looks IMO relatively young.

     APRIL 15

     (BTW, in 1st Play, by now, I'm becoming interested in
Kasumi... but she doesn't have an ending. (X_X) At the least
not in the Windows version.)

     Five Minamo non-Ecchi CG and no node.
     The protagonist learns Minamo can't cook for her life.

     "omae, ryouri wo motto benkyou shiro."
     - Makoto to Minamo

     The protagonist also brings home the Chu- Chu- thingy.

     APRIL 16

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     Near one day, a nameless and faceless male member of
the Kendou club ambushes Nozomi and the protagonist, and the
protagonist is useless. In other words, the protagonist is
combat ineffective. (-_-#)
     During the event, Nozomi is weakened. Fortunately, at
one day, Wakaba is a healer.

     APRIL 17

     No event CG or multiple choice node.

     APRIL 19

     First node:
     2-11. nayamigoto ga aru noka kiitemiru.
     2-12. koko ha damatteiyou.

     2-12 leads to 2-21 to 2-22.
     If the player is aiming for Minamo, choose 2-11. If the
player isn't aiming for Minamo, choose 2-12.
     I chose 2-12.

     Second node, from 2-12:
     2-21. Wakaba ni koe wo kakeru.
     2-22. koe wo kakenai.

     The protagonist meets Wakaba in a park.
     If the player is aiming for Nozomi or Wakaba, choose
2-21. If the player isn't aiming for Nozomi or Wakaba, and
is aiming for Hikari or Hinata, choose 2-12.
     I chose 2-21.

     One Wakaba non-Ecchi CG.
     The protagonist learns Wakaba's power to heal wounds
doesn't magically remove damage from the wound. Instead, her
power just accelerates the natural healing rate of the
wounded person. It's ineffective on diseases and conditions
that the wounded person can't naturally heal or cure, but is
effective on trees. (In FRPG terms, Wakaba's a Druid, Miko,
Priest, or Shaman.)
     Later, the protagonist learns the master of one day
is married with eight children. During Golden Week, the
master and family will take a hike, and Nozomi recruits
the protagonist to help her and Wakaba run one day.

     MAY 5

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The protagonist helps Nozomi and Wakaba run one day.
Wakaba gets sekuhara by a customer, and expectedly the
protagonist watches and does nothing else.

     MAY 14

     First node:
     3-11. Hinata tachi to TESUTO [test] benkyou suru.
(Agree to study test with Hinata, Nozomi, and Wakaba.)
     3-12. Kangaete oku. (Think, but not immedidately

     Though I'm aiming for the Fujimiya sisters, I chose
3-12 anyway.
     Kasumi, Minamo, Tsutomu, and the protagonist decide
to study together at Minamo's home.

     MAY 19

     One group non-Ecchi CG.
     Kasumi, Minamo, Tsutomu, and the protagonist study
together at Minamo's home.
     Later, the protagonist learns when Kasumi's not wearing
her glasses, she's a telepath.
     (The programmers must have been watching or reading
X-Men again.)

     MAY 20

     No event CG or multiple choice node.

     MAY 30

     The player learns June 4 is Hinata and Wakaba's
     (I thought June 4 is the 1989 Tian An Men Square

     First node:
     4-11. issho ni tanjoubikai wo yarou. (Do a joint
birthday party.)
     4-12. damatte oku. (Say nothing.)

     As I'm aiming for the Fujimiya sisters, I chose

     JUNE 1

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The protagonist should've bought the present that
Nozomi first recommended, IMO. (haxahaxa.) Instead, he
bought something spiky and small for both birthday girls.

     JUNE 4

     One group non-Ecchi CG.
     The protagonist doesn't invite Minamo, Kasumi, or
Hikari to the joint birthday party.
     The protagonist learns Nozomi's birthday is April 3,
which AFAIK is out of range in the game.
     Later, Minamo tractor-beams the protagonist to watch a
movie with her on the coming Sunday.

     JUNE 9

     Two Minamo non-Ecchi CG. She changes her hair style.
     Minamo and the protagonist watch a sci-fi romance
movie. He learns she's a takoyaki mania. (-_-;)

     JUNE 21

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The protagonist and Wakaba agree to watch Nozomi's
Kendou Taikai (Kendou competition) on the coming Sunday.

     (JUNE 23)

     Kendou Taikai.
     One Nozomi and Wakaba non-Ecchi CG, after the Kendou

     JUNE 26

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The protagonist finds an abandoned pussy cat, and
Hikari keeps it. At home, he gambles with Hinata about who's
the murderer in a TV programme, and he wins.

     (JUNE 27)

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     The player learns Hinata and Minamo's father are Espers
too, but the protagonist doesn't know what's his own power.
     Later, Minamo and the protagonist meet Hikari, and
learn Hikari has named her, eh, cat "Forte" (katakana:

     JUNE 28

     Tai'ikusai (sports festival).
     One group non-Ecchi CG.
     Minamo's cooking skill has evidently improved.
     Wakaba first meets Minamo's father.

     First node:
     5-11. musabetsu 400 m sou ni shutsujou. (400 m run.)
     5-12. karimono kyousou wo miru. (Things-borrowing
     5-13. tsunahiki ni deru. (Tug of war.)
     5-14. burabura to KURAUNDO [ground] wo urotsuku.
(Wander about the ground.)

     Most players chose 5-13 to get one Kasumi non-Ecchi CG.

     JULY 1

     First node:
     6-11. kono mama hiku.
     6-12. Hinata no hanashi wo kiridasu. (Include Wakaba,
Nozomi, and Hinata.)

     Players aiming for Minamo and Hikari chose 6-11.
Players aiming for Wakaba, Nozomi, and Hinata chose 6-12.
     I chose 6-12.

     JULY 7

     No event CG or multiple choice node.
     Wakaba and Minamo come to the protagonist's home to
study with him and Hinata, then play a Piyo Piyo Game, then
play a card game. When they leave, they become trapped in
the elevator. Minamo's power as a wind elementalor is

     JULY 8

     No event CG or multiple choice node.

     JULY 20

     Hinata and her friends take a hike and go to an onsen
(hot spring).

     First node:
     7-11. MESHI wo jibun de tsukuru. (The protagonist eats
(a meal cooked by) himself.)
     7-12. MESHI ha soto de kuu. (The protagonist goes
outside and hunts for food.)

     Players aiming for Minamo, Hinata, and Hikari chose
7-11. Players aiming for Wakaba and Nozomi chose 7-12.
     I chose 7-12. The protagonist actually goes to one day.
     Later, near one day, a nameless and faceless Oyaji
ambushes Wakaba and the protagonist. The protagonist is
almost KO, then berserks like the Shogouki (EVA-01
Evangelion Test Type).
     One Wakaba non-Ecchi CG. (-_-#)
     The stalker's power is stealth/silence.

     JULY 21

     First node:
     8-11. okiru. (Wake up.)
     8-12. iya, mada neru. (Sleep.)

     Players aiming for Minamo chose 8-11. Players not
aiming for Minamo chose 8-12.
     I chose 8-11.

     The protagonist learns his power is (possibly) to
synchro with another animal and perhaps another person. For
example, he possesses Chu-chu-, that is, enters and controls
Chu-chu-'s body.
     He also learns Hinata's friend Mayumi's power is to
camouflage items, that is, to make an item or animal on or
near her appear as something else.
     He also speaks with a woman or girl whose power is to
morph into a dog.

     (JULY 22)

     Three Hinata non-Ecchi CG.

     JULY 29

     One group non-Ecchi CG, and one Hinata non-Ecchi CG.

     The main chara go to a beach, play beach volley (DOAX),
and play watermelon-bashing.
     When they are bashing the watermelon, they learn
Nozomi's power is to make ranged killing attacks with a
sword or sword-like item.
     When Hinata's jumping and rolling like a dolphin, she
almost drowns.

     (By now in 1st Play, I think after I clear Wakaba and
Nozomi's endings, I'll reload and clear Hikari's ending.)

     First node:
     9-11. Minamo ni koe wo kakeru.
     9-12. Hinata ni koe wo kakeru.
     9-13. Hikari ni koe wo kakeru.
     9-14. umi demo nagameteru ka.

     9-11 to 9-13 are self-explanatory. 9-14 is for
protagonists aiming for Wakaba and Nozomi.
     I chose 9-14.


Don "Tsuru Hiromi Inochi" Chan (Aho)

*1   "Sakuretsu!"


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