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Wild Wild Racing cheats, Easter Eggs, and Codes for PS2.

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Wild Wild Racing Cheats

New engines
One little tip for this racer is to play through the Time Attack mode before tackling the Championship races. Each country in Time Attack will reward you with an engine for one of the three initially selectable buggies. By completing the three races per Time Attack (Uphill, Downhill, and Flat) you will gain a new engine that will up the stats on your buggy, which will help a lot throughout the Championship mode.
submitted by anonymous

Start off in a race quicker
When the clock is counting down from three at the beginning of the race, you can get a small turbo boost if you wait to press X until clock strikes one.
submitted by anonymous

All vehicles and tracks
First go to the options screen [hold square and press up, circle, down, circle, left, right, left, right, circle]. This will open a new menu called "secret menu". Don't go there yet. Now for the second part -> start a single player game and type in NORTHEND as your name. This will open another menu under secret called "Top secret" where you can turn all vehicles on/off. So back out and go into options and you're set.
submitted by Monkeyjoust

Easter eggs

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Top Secret Menu
Enter the last 'D' you'll hear a sound and the screen changes color. If you saw that it confirms that you just got the top secret menu without using codes, From there you could to anything what you like on the game.