Wild ARMs 3 review
Wild Arms 3

The good:

The wait for a WA continuing part is over....

fans that were displeased with WA2 will feel alot better with WA3, that made its release in the PS2

In this story, the battle and game play is Severely detalied, although character modules may seem a bit too animated, the texture backgorunds make the Filgaia Wasteland, well a wasteland like said, lol

The bad:

stuck with the same old force powers and wierd force system that still makes veterans a bit uncomfortable, but manages to put use in the troubling battles.

The puzzles....are just humilitating and irritating, some that are or even looks simple when you arent given enough clues.


Graphics- much good texture on the game engine making The whole storyline fit in the puzzle, character expressings and monster movements show a good comment there also

Sound- No character voices......but the opening song/lyrics and the rest of the music/sound effects in the whole game turned out convincing

Control- players who played Wild Arms/2 should defintely know whats going on in the controller, each character uses tools to advance or solve puzzles that a 15 year old shouldnt try to mess with lol. (still, ages for everyone) Battling gets really Easy to get along to, but when using the horse or sandcraft, it gets frustrating to advance gaps or small channles of sand to make your trip to the story advancing.

Fun factor-This game is still desired to be played, the game will turn out to be medium-Challenging in both battles and puzzles, but the worthy of this game is a good one to try out

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