[edit] Background

Return to the world of Filgaia, this time rendered in complete 3D (along with 3D, cell-shaded characters), with Wild Arms 3. Follow the adventures of ARMs expert Virginia Maxwell, treasure hunter Jet Enduro, bounty hunter Clive Winslet, and Baskar tribesman Gallows Caradine. Battle sequences now accomodate all four characters, and characters may change battle stances to gain an advantage.

[edit] Gameplay

Four drifter's meet on a train in an odd way. Battle three Prophets, other drifters and many more enemies. Useing pistols, sniper rifles, magic, chain guns and payonet launchers. To save Filgaia from complete destruction!

[edit] Features

Disc One

  • 4 Audio Commentaries
  • Outtakes
  • Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots
  • The Man Who Would be Fuzz
  • Hot Funk
  • Fuzz-0-Meter
  • Storyboards
  • Flick Book: The other side

Disc Two

  • 22 Deleted Scenes with Filmmakers Commentary
  • Making of Documentary
  • 13 Video Blogs
  • Featurettes
  • Photo & Poster Galleries
  • Plot Holes and Comparisons
  • Special Effects: Before & After
  • Dead Right: Edgar Wright's First Cop Movie with Filmmaker Commentaries
  • Am Blam: Making Dead Right

This game is also known as Wild Arms Advanced 3rd in Japan.

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ForwardWorks moves forward with IP new and old

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Apr 3, 09 1:28am
A great game, but left you scrambling at times that proved an annoying fault. WildARMs3
Dec 12, 06 10:11am
1st one of this series that I've played! WildARMs3
Nov 20, 04 6:26pm
Can sell it, if you came to Russia WildARMs3
Massive Attack
Jun 16, 04 9:05am

Before I bought the game, I had rented it first. I started to play and at first it was...

cloud DX36
Apr 6, 04 4:37pm

For those who love Final Fantasy X or any other RPG this is a game to take a closer...

Jan 19, 04 7:31pm

I loved all the wild arms games and even though this one isnt perfect its still a very...

Malik Bendict
Sep 19, 03 2:12am

Once again we return to Fargaia (Filgaia) in this clasic RPG. Those who have played...

Aug 5, 03 11:47am

In conclusion the game was good but far from the standards I expected. The story line...

Aug 2, 03 1:41am

Hehehe nothing bad.For me,the voice acting is very bothering me.I like all the...

Jul 18, 03 9:27pm

Well I had forgotten how hard the ending of WA2 was and bought WA3. Now don't get me...

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  • North America: Oct 16, 2002
  • Japan: Nov 7, 2002
  • Europe: Feb 21, 2003
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