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Everyone's favorite plumber was back in the spotlight last week with Super Mario Maker being the... posted Yesterday

3 days ago
added a cheat to LEGO Dimensions (wii-u)

A new listing on the Steam digital storefront has revealed that Sonic Lost World, previously a... posted Oct 06, 15 12:25pm

Oct 05, 15 3:01pm
added 2 cheats to LEGO Dimensions (wii-u)
Oct 04, 15 7:10am
added 4 new concept art to Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival (wii-u)

Nintendo revealed today that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and its eight initial amiibo... posted Oct 01, 15 7:22pm

The world can't get enough of Super Mario Maker. It was only released earlier this month, but it's... posted Sep 30, 15 9:26am

All is almost right in Japan's video game sales. The 3DS is once again outselling the Xbox... posted Sep 30, 15 9:45am

LEGO Dimensions will be around for the long haul. Publisher Warner Bros. recently announced that... posted Sep 28, 15 12:27pm

Court is in session, and it's Mario's turn to serve. No, no. We're not talking about the Ace... posted Sep 29, 15 1:26pm

Japan loves Pokémon and Mario. The rest of the world does too. This week's Media Create data... posted Sep 25, 15 3:45pm

For a while it seemed as though Mighty No. 9 was nothing more than a pipe dream. The game was posted Sep 25, 15 2:49pm

Sep 25, 15 1:42pm
added 2 cheats to Super Mario Maker (wii-u)
Sep 25, 15 11:54am

wrote a user review for Super Mario Maker (wii-u)


Super Mario Maker is a sandbox game, along the lines of Minecraft and Little Big Planet, that...

Sep 24, 15 2:48pm
added a cheat to Super Mario Maker (wii-u)
Sep 23, 15 12:19pm
added a cheat to Super Mario Maker (wii-u)
Sep 22, 15 2:29pm
added 2 cheats to Super Mario Maker (wii-u)

Note: The views in this article are the views of the author and are not necessarily representative... posted Sep 21, 15 3:50pm

Shigeru Miyamoto, recently appointed "Creative Fellow" by Nintendo's new president, announced on... posted Sep 18, 15 4:52am

Nintendo has recently revealed a new DLC stage for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS based on the... posted Sep 14, 15 7:08pm