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A Game that People Wouldn't Sell


Ready for some exercise? When my children here that, they groan. They say they want to do something fun. Well, Wii Sports does that all. Wii Sports gives your children and friends exercise, let's them be better at sports, and lets them have the ability to have fun at the same exact time! This is an appropriate game for any age, (but teens might not like it, they like Call of Duty and Halo better). This game is flawless in every way. Oh wait, I should tell you what the games about and stuff like that, shouldn't I?

To play, you can create your own Mii which is like your account. You can decide...


Sporting a Bland Face to a Hidden Gem



Wii Sports is a game that all players of the Wii console should be quite familiar with, having gotten it free with the purchase of a new Wii. It’s a casual sports game which after you’ve played a little, seems different to when you first looked at it and said ‘yeah, nothing special’. After all, what else would you say to a free game that looks like it has little to offer? Well, at least the cover shows you exactly what you’re getting... but do the pictures really carry a thousand words each? And how does this game play out as an introduction to the remote and nunchuck?




A great game to start off the Wii


Wii Sports comes free when you buy a Nintendo Wii. Sometimes when a game comes free with a system, it isn't always worth the play. Well, that isn't the case with Wii Sports. For the game being out as one of the first games for the Wii, the game really delivers and shows off the precedented skills of the motion sensor. Wii Sports l uses your Mii characters in all of the sports, so you can make someone that looks like you to play as.

The game comes with five different sports to play in. Those would include: Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Along with these five games, there is als...


A nice intro to the Wii

The good:

Well, if you got the Wii recently then this game will show you what the Wii is really all about. I like how it is interactive and fat burning at the same time. Its really healthy habit to get into. Parents will like it too.
Here is a few good points about the game:
*Keeps you busy
*OK graphics

The bad:

For the first time, I saw Nintendo slip up on how much they cared about a game. What is with the no arms and no legs during baseball? It makes them look completely *bleep*ed. And there is only 3 innings in it too, thats only a third of an actual game!
Here are a few bad points:
*Only 5 sports
*Only train once per day
*Gets boring after a while
*Can only use a mii
*Music gets really repetitive


This game is one of the nicer ones on the Wii. As we all know, the Wii wasn't meant for graphics, it was meant for interactivity. This is only one out of many interactive games on the Wii. It gets you hooked until you have enough money to buy an actual game.

Score: 7/10
Reason: Ok, sometimes, they can be pathetic. No legs and arms during baseball and any of the other sports, they don't have arms. It can make it look ridiculous. Overall though, they do look pretty good. Not so pixely and not the best but diffidently one of the better Wii games. The graphics though, should not altar you...


The Most Violent Game Ever Made

The good:

- A great introduction to the new controllers and Wii gameplay; motion sensor works well
- Tons of fun
- 5 fun sports to play: Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf, and Boxing; the gameplay as a whole is so much fun
- Wii Sports Fitness test
- Lots of great sports minigames/training games; fun ranking system to add challenge and skill
- Great single player fun, and even better multiplayer fun; can even play against CPU opponents; great replay value
- Play as your personal "Mii" character; play against your friends "Mii" characters
- The game itself is a great workout, especially when you get really into it
- Good colorful graphics and sounds; subtle humor here and there is cool as well
- It's a free game! Came with my Wii system..
- One of the most dangerous games ever made..haha

The bad:

- One of the most dangerous games ever made..haha (yes this belongs in both sections)
- Can only do the fitness test once a day
- The sensors in the remote/sensor bar are not always exact, but in most cases everything works fine
- Not a whole lot involved in each sport; they are basically just samples of the technology and what to expect from future games involving these sports, which sucks because I wanted more
- Cannot play full sets in tennis; cannot play full games in baseball
- You do not get any skill points when facing friends, which is dumb
- In baseball and tennis, you do not have full control over your characters (the game moves for you in some situations). There was no reason, for example, that we could not control our tennis player with the remote or nun-chuck
- The graphics aren't the greatest
- I would have rather been given an actual game box with my game, not a little cardboard sleeve; this game does not go with my other games


Wii Sports, the great little game that comes with your Wii system when you buy it new. I've been having fun with this game since the day the system came out over a year ago. It's a great introduction to the system, the new controllers, and the crazy new way of gaming. Just make sure to strap on your controller around your wrist (secure it and have a firm grip), and make sure you are a good distance away from other players, your television, and beverages (things can get very violent and messy) and swing away (simulate the motions you are trying to do). Swing like a tennis racquet, swing like...


A Decent Game

The good:

Wii Sports features five different sports that each use the Wii remote's unique motion sensing abilities. The game is played with the Miis that you create on the Mii channel. You can use your own Miis, premade Miis, or even Miis brought from a friend's house on their Wii remote!

The first sport is tennis, which can be played against the computer or up to four friends. You move automatically, and you whack the ball with a swing of the Wii remote.

The second sport is baseball, which can be played with up to two players. You take turns pitching and batting, and you run and field automatically. You actually hold the Wii remote like a bat and a ball.

Bowling is the next sport, and can support up to four players, and they can also share one Wii remote. You start with the ball in front of you while holding the b button located on the bottom of the controller, swing it back, and swing it forward as you release the button.

Wii Sports also includes golf, where you line up your shot and then swing the Wii remote as if it were a golf club. This will support up to four players, and allows Wii remote sharing.

The final sport is boxing, and can have up to two players at once. Boxing uses the nunchuck attachment, which is a second controller that is attached to the Wii remote by a wire. You will jab and swing with both hands at your opponent and try to knock them out.

Wii Sports also features fifteen fun and unique training games (three for each sport) that each train you in a different way.

There is also a fitness test that consists of three of these games (they are randomly chosen every time you do it), and based on how well you did, it will show you your Wii fitness age, which is a number between twenty and eighty (twenty is the best).

The bad:

The controls are sometimes unresponsive and can do the wrong thing or put too much or not enough power, but that is usually minimal. Also, this game can easily get boring for a more hardcore gamer, but it is fun to a point, and also when you play it just every once in a while.


An overall decent game. It has OK graphics and good physics. It is fun and an easy game to learn, and is great for casual gamers because it is not very complicated. But that is also a bad thing because it will not satisfy some people for very long, but it is more fun when you play with friends. You can even get a little exercise doing this! If you are buying a Wii, Wii Sports is included, along with everything needed to play (even the nunchuck). A great starter game.

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