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punching in boxing
when playing boxing dont always doge. sometimes(are mostly all the time in boxing)might is right.this is how i got a levle 842 in boxing.now it will
hurt your hands but BE A MAN DO THE RIGHT THING.now first see how strong the guy your fighting is.well it will show you his skill level
first do some slow punches and a few upercuts.if he is just like and has the same hiting like you do this well punch him with one hand many times
and if that dosent work try some doging and punching him if he falls down keep punching in the air.(i think that cheat might work but keep trying it.it is suposed to keep him from waking up.)i never tryed it so do not blame me.for a hard man the hurting part comes.keep punching and punching
fasdster and faster.do not let him hit you.no upercuts for him when he is weakning keep punching.i do not know when to do the upercuts.