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Wii Sports cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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In Baseball press 2 for underarm. To go back press 1
UnlockableHow to unlock
"Split-terwhen you are pitching downwards,do a splitter and your guy will do a "Split-ter".;
Fast ballDon't press any button when throwing
Screw ballPress and hold A-button, when throwing
Curve ballPress and hold B-button, when throwing
SplitterPress and hold A+B-button, when throwing
UnderhandPress and hold 2-button, when throwing
From underhand to overhandBefore throwing, press 1-button (your remote will make a little shake) and then throw any overhand throw
unlock a diamond type bowling ball
UnlockableHow to unlock
to unlock the diamond bowling ball in bowling all you have to do is be a pro i have got pro on bowling and it gets harder aswell so you need to be preparedRed BallLeft Arrow
Gold BallRight Arrow
Green BallDown Arrow
Blue BallUp Arrow
diomond bowling ballbecome a pro at bowling
(g)= Golf
(T) = Tennis
UnlockableHow to unlock
(B) Blue BallHold up on warning screen
(B) Gold ballHold Right on Warning screen
(B) Green BallHold Down on warning screen
(B) Red BallHold Left on warning screen
(T) Blue court (practice court)Hold 2 on warning screen
(g) No HUD (no extras like map)Hold 2 as you select course
(g) red ball & a tennis ball =]win all 9 golf courses with an eagle


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always win in tennis
When you go to tenis you click on all the dark figures so it has your mii as the only mii there. Then when u play, you serve but just watch it go to second bounce.it's awesome.

(will only work in single mode.)
Baseball Tips
Hold it like a real Base ball bat. Trust me it works, my friends try to be cool and do it one handed, but it doesn't work well.

Hit the ball when you almost think it is going to be late. Swing too soon and you will get a foul 50% of the time.

While hitting swing upwards for homerun, swing downwards to get a grounder.

To throw a ball just put it behind your head, then toss out wards. Try pressing different buttons while throwing it. You can do curveballs, Splitters, and other cool moves.
Baseball: Get Good Speed
Do you feel like you aren't getting enough speed? You can go faster: by just flicking you wrist. You can get up to 93, 94, and 95 mph. I never got higher than 95 mph.
Better Bowling 101
Ever wonder why you cant get that strike you need? Cant ever seem to hit the right angle? Well then your like i used to be. When your have this problem its what i like to call a "sway" at the last moment when you go to let go of the ball your hand turns a direction causing the ball to go a direction. You can either A) Fix It B) Use it to your advantage. Seeing as fixing it is hard i will explain how to use it for yourself. Forst bowl straight from the middle where your normally start. EXACTLY where the ball hits the pins, "marked by the arrows" is your answer. now myne tend to go 3-4 left. therefore move 4-5 roght as to hit between 1 and 3 pin. "leftie sway do opposite" I used this since i got my sway and I perfected 12 games already. Now this works 95% of the time. The trick is to find your EXACT spot you need to be in using the staring method. If your having trouble contact me k?
better shot at bowling
I have a tip for wii sports.

If you bowl from the right side of the screen (but no curving the ball) you might get a strike.

But be careful, don't bowl to far to the right gutter
Beyond the gold
You can get a platnum medal for taking down 60 or more punching bags.
You can platnum medals in the other stages as well.
Bowling Tip for STRIKES!
There're Secret "spots" for every one in bowling. u know the arrows on the lanes??? if u do, than here is a great tip for getting strikes! First aline you self 2 arrows off depending if you are right or left handed. like I am 2 arrows from the middle arrow and Trust me I am {PRO} and I Bowl Perfect Games EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!

Yet for some it could be a little different.
Bowling tricks
Depending on your mii's favourate colour thats the colour to choose for your bowling ball eg.favourate colour is pink so when you choose bowling hold down left to get megenta ball <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

You can slow down the ball by holding 2 <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

You can get a good hit if you swing your arm 4 times and then throw the ball <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

You can press up to get a closer look <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/coloredsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Boxing help!
When you get high in skill points, you will get punched at ALOT more. So keep moving from side to side, and when it goes slow motion, punch them \'till their dead! Ok, so maybe not that far, but you should do more damage then nomal, and anything helps when your up there. Don\'t forget, if you lose, hit home before it says YOU LOSE!
Boxing Strategy
When you're playing Wii Boxing, Sway from side to side until one of the computer's punches misses and goes slow motion, then punch and you will hit them hard. Keep dodging and repeating this until you win. It worked for me, i beat Matt and got the silver gloves pretty fast using this trick.
Hope this works for you <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Boxing Tips
Hold Wiimote in front of face to block high attacks.

Hold Wiimote in front of stomache to block low attacks.

To Uppercut, move in a bowling motion. (Start low and Swoop up)

To Side jab, Punch outwards, and cut inwards.
Boxing: Better Hits
In Boxing, you'll notice that when you jab and swing with the nunchuck and Wiimote that it won't always respond. The trick in getting it to respond everytime is wait until one punch connects, then go with the other one. Otherwise the first punch will cancel out the second one leaving you open for an attack. You can use this to get better combos to get a KO quicker.
Champion in boxing
just put the wiimote and nunchuk above your head when you win the boxing match and your guy will have his hands above his head as if he was the champion!
Easy Strike In Bowling
(This is reccomended for right hand dominant people)

Once you are in charge of playing the game, LIGHTLY tap the left directional button on your Wii Remote 4 or 5 times. Then, press A. Now, here's the hard part: you do have to time your toss just right to get a strike. Give a nice, slow and steady toss and you'll certainley get a strike if you time it right. It may leave just one pin standing if you're slightly off, but a spare's alright.
Easy way to win in boxing!
Are you struggling to win in boxing? Are you losing allot? This will help you. My brother got from skill level 581 to 1069 in about 6 games! First, start the game. Then, tilt the Wii remote and nun chuck vertically, meaning the Wii remote sensor is pointing up and the c and z buttons of the nun chuck are pointing up. Then, swing them down one by one, making sure when you swing them, they are horizontal. Keep doing this and you should easily win!
Fastest pitching for baseball
You hold the remote flat in front of you, then you push it down as hard as you can for about 10 cm. this should get a very fastball around 140-155 km/h. My highest is 156 km/h.
Getting Pro in Tennis or Boxing
If you get pro, which is over 1000 points, then in either sport, the reward is a bigger audience, and all of your Miis that aren't being played get put into the audience. If you make a bunch of random Miis, they will all be there.
hard but cool glitch
make a split and the guy will say "nice shot" instead of "nice spare"
Home Runs, no errors, and Faster men
Some Miis you make are better than others. Not all Miis are "strong" enough to hit home runs. Others don't know what to be out means. I have a man named "Luther" and he has never gotten out. Another can hit out of the parks easily. Experiment with them and keep the ones that are good. I also have a theory that if you fill the Mii's nameroom with symbols, it makes him stronger. Good Luck!
how to hit hard amounts of pins in power throw
you know in power throw it is hard to hit a amount above 50 so try this
go to power throw and hit the lower amounts of pins . then when you are at hard amounts do this go hit blue wall do not forget hit the words that
say wii sports.good luck!
How to make the crowed scared then laughing while bowling
These are pretty simple to do. for the first one hold the remote as if your about to bowl. then swing back and let go. this will scare the crowed. And i have another one were u go to the left or the right (doesent matter) angle it so the line is facing the other miis bowling pins. u must be at the side near the gutters. so then swing back and bowl it will go over the gutters into the other miis lanes (Tip:try curving it when it reaches the floor. (this will not count if it hits the bowling pins it will count as a gutterball. but it will make them laugh
Jumping into the crowd in tennis
Here's a funny cheat that lets you go into the crowd in tennis.

When playing tennis if u no your opponent is going to get an out then flick your wrist and your mii will jump for it and(if done correctly) fall into the audience for a few seconds well people are cheering and(if your lucky) you will be inside 1 of your fans!It's a funny cheat i learned from accidently jumping for an out.
Keeping the Boxing Enemy Down
After the enemy boxer's blood circle has reached 0, he will faint. If he is a hard type, he may stand up again. To prevent him from standing up again, punch the air while the referee is counting. He should not b able to stand up anymore. This only works 89 % of the time. (I found that out by play 300 times. First 100 times, it worked 88, second time: 89, and third time 89 too. Hope it works for you!
Make the ball go faster
In tennis, you can flick the remote quickly instead of doing a full swing to make the ball go faster.
Master Bowling
In bowling levels, it may seem hard to get a strike, unless you have your own technique. My technique is only for right-handed people (Sorry lefties!). Okay, if you look on the ground, you can see dots near the point where you release your ball. Go to the very last dot, and click once to the right. Then, you bowl, but you release the ball when the Wiimote is angled downwards. You should see the ball curve towards the pins, hitting somewhere between pins 1 and 3. THis should either a) get a strike, b) take down most pins, or c) give you a split.

This technique should only be used on the first throw in a frame.
Maximum Spin on Bowling Ball
In order to achieve maximum spin on your bowling ball you have to do two things:
1. Turn your wrist sharply before letting go in the direction you want the spin.
2. Release the ball just as your Mii has the ball on the low point (if you hold on too long, the Mii\'s arm will move upwards, making the ball go \"high\" and kill the spin)
Mii-Only Team in Baseball
In Baseball mode when it gets to Choose Character hold 1 and 2 until the event and the first Miis you created while be in your team
more skill on bowling
go to 2 player mode (use 1 remote) and play both poeple the one you want more skill for do your best.........the other she/he keep doing gutterball
when you win for more points you'll get more skill for winning.

hope you use this cheat (hint)

Move pitches around
In baseball, before you pitch you can control all pitches using the d-pad. Be careful, because moving them too much results in a ball.
Pitching Underhand - the right way
To do an otherwise undo-able pitch, hold down 2 as you throw your ball in baseball. It's pretty cool lookin'.
Pro Boxing Gloves
When you get over 1000 points(be a pro) in boxing, you will unlock silver gloves. Hold 1 & 2 after the warning screen. YOU NEED 1000 POINTS
punching in boxing
when playing boxing dont always doge. sometimes(are mostly all the time in boxing)might is right.this is how i got a levle 842 in boxing.now it will
hurt your hands but BE A MAN DO THE RIGHT THING.now first see how strong the guy your fighting is.well it will show you his skill level
first do some slow punches and a few upercuts.if he is just like and has the same hiting like you do this well punch him with one hand many times
and if that dosent work try some doging and punching him if he falls down keep punching in the air.(i think that cheat might work but keep trying it.it is suposed to keep him from waking up.)i never tryed it so do not blame me.for a hard man the hurting part comes.keep punching and punching
fasdster and faster.do not let him hit you.no upercuts for him when he is weakning keep punching.i do not know when to do the upercuts.
Shorter Round in Hole 3 Golf
To reduce the amount of distance you have to cover in Hole 3 just aim for the small ialand on hole 3. Without using it the distance could be something like 365 yards to go after the first shot, but using it that distance can be cut down to around 295.
Special Boxing Gloves
Whenever you've finally beaten Matt, the really good boxer in Boxing, you can use special Silver boxing gloves. Simply hold 1 as the screen blackens before a match.
splitter balls
you can aviod a splitter ball by watching. you should see a curve while it
is comeing dont swing at it and it will be counted as a ball
When bowling as the ball is going down the track shake the controller left and right really fast and u should get a strike
Strike in Bowling Training
This if for the second Bowling training (Power Throws I think it's called) where the number of pins increases every round. When you get to the final level with 90 pins, bowl the ball along the rails on either side of the lane. If it rolls all the way along without falling back onto the lane or the lane on the other side, you'll hear a click followed by a loud boom. The screen will shake and then all of the pins will topple down for a strike!
Strike training
When you bowl, don't move & rotate the pointer all the way to in between the first two logos on the wall. Gradually move it more left on every phase
you bowl and you should get strike most of the time.
Submarine pitching
To pitch underarm in Baseball, press 2 once inbetween a pitch. To go back to overhand pitching, press 1.
Sucker Punch
In boxing dodge left to right when the computer is throwing punches. Every now and then throw a punch when the screen goes fizzie. nThis allows you to throw a sucker punch
Switch up your pitch
In baseball, you can hold A,B,or both to switch up your pitches.
Tennis Players
When you're on the screen that has the shadows with question marks for players, make your Mii appear on both sides and have 2 question mark/shadow figures. When you play it'll be like your playing 2 people because you're on both sides! When all of the players are you, it'll be the same thing basically. and when you're not playing you can be the cameraman for the tennis match you are watching!
Tennis Sweat
When playing Tennis, you'll know that the levels progressively get harder and rounds become more drawn out. When it gets to a stage where they give a fair fight or more like an unfair fight, where they're beating you into the ground, you want to prolong as long as possible. You'll eventually see these blue droplets coming off them, this is sweat. They will now not only decrease in speed but will become clumsy, now is the time to strike back!
In tennis, when you serve, when the ball is at its highest peak, hit it and you will smash a Power Shot which is hard to hit back. Opponent can do it though...

In boxing, if you get your opponent down without losing any health, they'll stay down for the full 10 secs.

In baseball, if you hold A, B or both whle you bowl, you'll do a different shot. Hold A, and I think its harder for left handers to hit. For B, its harder for righthanders to hit. or other way round. Hold both for a Splitter. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to hit back, but may give your opponent a Ball. Four balls and they can got to 1st base

In bowling, press up to zoom in.
watch tenis in wii sports
having trouble playing tenis? does the training help you? well watch how people play.frist go to tenis and click a random mii. then and click all
the miis and make them a ? mark. then click play and the miis stored in the wii will come. watch them play.if you are on a high level click a
mii that has a high level.this only works in tenis.enjoy!
wii baseball
If you hold the wii remote in front of you, buttons to your chest, and flick it when you want to swing, you will hit line drives and homers better.
WII sports tennis tip
Be aware that they have designed this game to simulate real tennis in a certain way.....
Therefore you do not need to press any buttons during play. You should also hold the controller like a racket: on its side with the buttons facing towards the screen.

You can now perform shots like real tennis, flicking your wrist etc but mostly:
Lobs: push the controller upwards like reality so the ball goes over the head of the opposing net player.

Fast: undercut the shot with spin so its skims low and fast over the net.

Defensive: overcut the shot with spin so it returns high and slow over the net.

Slams: force the shot downwards as in reality.

ALSO: Direct your shots by timing the bounce of the ball. Hitting the ball late will force the ball to the right.
Hitting the ball earlier will force it towards the left.

What a class game!


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2 vs. 1 in tennis
In tennis if you hit a ball that bounces over near the stands the back player will dive to get it. Sometimes if the ball is over the stands the player will dive and be stranded in the stands until one of the teams score.
Bowl Ball Into Another Lane.
This one is really simple.First, go as far right(or left for lefties)as you can. Aim as far right(or left) as you can go.Then, you can through as hard as you can.If you do that for a whole game, you lose about 500 experence points. Trust me, I did it when I was pro because I was dared by Youthboy.I regained my pro status a long time ago.
Glitch Wii Sports with MotionPlus attachment
If you have MotionPlus attached to a Wiimote while playing Wii Sports, open the Tennis game with 3 other players. They should have MotionPlus as well. If everyone hits (1) on their Wiimote's simultaneously, the Miis will be frozen. You can still hit balls, and play the game but you won't see any animations.

Theoretically, this should work in any mini-game, but it seems to work best in Tennis.

lot's of players one remote!
Only turn on one remote. Pick a sport. select more than one player. Keep the remote still. Press A when the message pops up then it will automatically pick that player and you can play!

Note: This only works for Bowling and Golf.
No Audience In Tennis
First you have to go to the blue court. To do this hold 2 while the game is loading after you select your character. While playing you will hear people talking and laughing. That is the audience! But they are not there. The game acts like you are playing on the green court. The blue court is a cheat that was added so the game thinks you are on the green court!

Easter eggs

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explosion in bowling
well today on the practice bowling where your supposed hit all the pins and it keeps adding. On the last practice lane where you hit 98 pins, go all the way to the right and you might have to turn yourself to the right a little bit. And throw the ball, if you are lucky it will slide on the right lane and it will hit a lever.
And...wait for it...BOOM. All the pins will drop down and if it didn't work it takes a lot of attepts
this is a quite hard but worth the effort! if u need extra points go all the way to the corner of the bowling alley, aim towards the pins in the other lane and put a curve on the ball. if this works u will have double points if u hit the pins!!!


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Change Bowling Ball Color
As The screen is fading to black for bowling, hold down the control pad until it fades to bowling for these colors:

Control Pad Up - Blue Ball
Control Pad Right - Gold Ball
Control Pad Left - Red Ball
Control Pad Down - Green Ball
Change the Tennis Court
To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.
If you make two or more Mii's, the inactive Mii's will be in the audience during Wii Bowling and Boxing.
Easy Baseball
O.K. So your at a tie, and its another teams turn,

its the last game but your turn is over.

you want to make the other team lose?

ok. As your throwing cover the censor bar on the wii-mote (remote)

and it will do a different type, ths will either,

1. foul ball, 2. Sometimes a single hit, 3. keep doing it till there out.
Funny cheat
Bowl the ball in bowling into the other lanes. The croud will jump and scream; as if they are laughing.
No sweat
When boxing watch for your opponent to punch quickly avoiding the punch. If you avoid the punch the game will slow down for a 2 seconds givng you a chance to getin a big punch.
Either left or right handed move to the very last two dots. Place line right in the mddle of the dots. The trick to this cheat is to turn the wii mote 90 degrees so that the wii mote is side ways... perfect curve everytime, excellent for 300 games!
Play Golf without Maps or Meters
To disable the power meter, map, and the wind speed indicator, press and hold (2), then make a selection at the "Select a Course" screen.
Special Bowling Ball
Get to pro level to unlock a bowling ball with diamond designs on it.
Submarine Pitch
Hold the 2 button until it vibrates and then just do a regular pitch and he will do a submarine pitch
Tennis Glitch
If you hit the ball at just the right angle, it will hit the green post on the net and fly into the air.
Throwing good pithces
While playing base ball you can eaisly throw a ball.Hold down "a" and "b" keys and it looks like a fast ball and it emedly sinks down right when the player swings.
To throw a submarine pitch hold "2" and it throws extreamly fast and curves around the bat.
To throw a curv ball hold "a"
To throw a spinner hold "b"

Good luck these realy work

:-) peace+luv+happiness=life
Wii Sports Easter Egg!
To scare the crowd while bowling, start the regular motion for bowling and let go on the backswing. The ball will fly backwards and the crowd will scream and jump.