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A Party Game Worth Playing

The good:

-9 Unique games with tons of potential
-Great with friends

The bad:

-Can get boring on your own
-Some games are a lot more fun then others


One of the great things about Wii Play for the Wii is that it is not only casual, but fun, something many casual games lack. Wii Play offers nine well done mini-games based on old classics that never got old. Each mini-game has its own unique style and charm that will keep you coming back for more.

Wii Play can support up to 2 players using two different WiiMotes, and for some games, two Nunchuks. In the start menu you will be asked to hold A and B simultaneously and you will then enter the player choosing menu. In this menu you can add a second player before starting the games and you will ...


Wii-Mote Training!

The good:

+ Excellent Multi-player Gameplay
+ Wide variety of games to choose from
+ Helps you learn how to use the Wii-mote

The bad:

- If you already knew how to control it, some of the games can be a bit boring.


Wii Play, a game specifically designed to help give you a better feel and help you be more comfortable with controlling the Wii-mote. Luckily, it actually does help and gives you hours of non-repetitive gameplay to enjoy with it!

Wii Play lets you choose from nine, very different, yet very helpful games when it comes to getting used to the Wii-mote. These games can have up to two players at once, just in case you want to play a sibling or a friend. These games include Shooting Range, Find Mii, Table Tennis, Pose Mii, Laser Hockey, Billiards, Fishing, Charge!, and Tanks.

One of the best featur...


Wii Play - Fast seller on its own or because of the remote that comes with it?

The good:

- Remote controller comes free with this game.
- 9 fun and addictive minigames.
- Multiplayer is wicked.
- You can earn medals on all the games.

The bad:

- Playing all 9 games will take you roughly 30 minutes. After that, you don't really need the game.
- Short but sweet.
- Graphics


Wii Play, the brother of Wii Sports as some could say, is a great but short compilation of 9 minigames. With a free remote, this game is well worth the money, but when you start playing it and as you gradually unlock the rest of the 8 minigames, you begin to lose interest in about half an hour. Don't get me wrong here, that doesn't mean that you are going to stop playing it altogether, it just means that there could have been more detail or even some nice touches to some of the simple games. I still play it often but not as much as I play Wii Sports.

The good points are that the games can b...

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