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Wii Fit - Get yourself off the Sofa!

The good:

  • This game will get you off the couch, and get you into a more active life
  • Good Instructions on how to do the activities
  • Calendar to review goals throughout the weeks
  • Over 40 different activies to play and enjoy
  • 4 Different areas to work your body
  • Makes you healthier, and happier

    The bad:

  • Not a lot of gameplay
  • Activities can get boring
  • Activities may be too difficult to tackle on


    This is a picture of the Wii Fit game

    Wii Fit is one of the most interesting games ever created. This game is unique, because it is way different than the typical video game. Wii Fit is a special game where you don't have to stress exercise, instead enjoy it. Wii Fit is a game which allows you to get off the couch and into action with the Wii balance board! Your motions and movement from the Wii balance board are transferred to the game, so whatever your movement on the board is; the Wii Balance board will imitate it! Wii Fit is a workout packed into the simple, fun, and interest...

  • 9.8

    Wii fit - Almost the best

    The good:

    Your family will probably like this game too, since there are games for all different ages and skill levels. It's a great way to get up every so often and do some exercise in the comfort of your living room. It has alot more options than wii sports so it would make a great edition to your games.
    If you don't want to lose weight then there are still plenty of other exercises to chose from which will help you move your muscles, tone your body and get your centre of gravity just right.

    Everybody is given their own account and you can even add a password to this so you don't have to worry about your friends seeing your weight!

    The bad:

    If you don't warm up properly then your muscles will ache, but I just generally go on a few of the muscle exercises before playing to get me warmed up.
    Also, some of the games aren't too much fun as they become quite hard to do. Others however seem to make up for the occasional dull game.
    The game doesn't give you any kinds of tips on what you should be eating either, it just expects you to follow a healthy diet when playing the game (If you want to lose weight) which doesn't help very much.


    This game is definitely good for the whole family to enjoy, many people see it as just an exercise game and a way to lose weight but it is much more than that, it is a fun way to lose weight and spend time with your family, as well as laugh at someone when they fall over trying to balance.

    The wii board itself is a decent size so it is easy to hide away. The batteries in the board seem to last a very long time so it is good when you want to play for a long time. It is filled with motion sensors so that you can shift your weight side to side and forwards and backwards and your mii will follow...

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