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Widget FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
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Widget FAQ/Walkthrough

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
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     >----------------------- Table Of Contents -------------------------<     
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                              Section  |  Code                                 
                   1. - Controls       |         0001                          
                   2. - Walkthrough    |         0002                          
                   3. - Enemies        |         0003                          
                   4. - Transformation |         0004                          
                   5. - Passwords      |         0005                          
                   6. - Disclaimer     |         0006                          
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     >------------------------- 1. - Controls ---------------------------< 0001
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                                D-Pad  | Move                                  
                                A      | Jump                                  
                                B      | Shoot                                 
                                Start  | Pause                                 
                                Select | Transformation Menu*                  
*Transformation Menu is described more in-depth in the Transformation section 
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     >------------------------ 2. - Walkthrough -------------------------< 0002
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After completing the first level, you could select the next three. Before 
starting the second level, you will have to complete level three to get the 
Bird-Man Widget trasformation. 
Stage 1 Mega Slank
Watch out  because the  gators below  you could  shoot you.  Keep moving to the
right and  kill the bug that  gets in your way.  Jump over the cactuses because
they will hurt you.  Keep moving and kill the flies that get in your way. After
you kill two flies,  the worms will start  appearing so go slowly.  Try to kill
them from a  distance because it  is the best way.  There will  still be  a few
flies as you  move to the right.  Keep moving to the right  and when you get to
the area  where you're  on the ground  instead of elevated platforms,  you will
only see flies.  At the end of  this path will be  a gator.  Be careful because
they shoot rapidly  and take a  while to kill.  Jump on the platform where that
gator was and jump down the tube.
Wait down on  this low platform.  The ghost to the far  right won't  attack you
unless you jump while it's looking in your direction.  The ghost above you will
attack you by falling off the platform and chasing you.  When it starts falling
off the highest platform, start jumping and shooting. Keep shootingit before it 
reaches you.  Now get on that platform with the money on it. Now keep moving to
the right.  Take your time with  these bugs.  Don't fall  down there  to attack
until they are far away.  When they come near you,  jump back onto the platform
to the left. Don't jump the gap yet.  Move to the edge and you will see a gator
to the  far right.  Attack it  from here  and avoid  its  shots.  Jump over the
platform when  you kill it.  There will be  another at the  next gap so use the
same strategy to kill it.  Jump over there when you kill it and grab the items.
Climb down the ladder.
Climb down to the very bottom of the ladder and start moving to the left. Watch 
out for the  nibbler ahead.  Kill the nibbler and move all the way to the left.
Kill the gator up there and grab the gun upgrade.  Move to the right up on this
platform and  grab the heart.  Now fall down to the  lowest platform  and climb
down the ladder.  Wait at the top of the ladder.  Let the fly fly by you and it
will fly off of the screen.  Now fall down and  land on the platform  above the
spikes.  Keep jumping  to the  right  along  these platforms.  Climb  down this
ladder. Fall down to the bottom and kill the bug. Just avoid these nibblers and
climb to the top. Fall down to the left and through the doorway. 
Move to the right  and kill the  enemies when  you reach them.  There will be a
gator up  ahead after the  nibbler on an elevated  platform so be careful.  Now
fall down to the right  onto the lower platform.  Move all the way  to the left
and  kill the  ghost there.  Grab the gun  upgrade and move  back to the right.
Climb to the top and jump across these conveyor belts. Avoid the flies when you 
see them. Go across the middle of these obstacles and climb to the top platform 
when you see a few conveyor belts.  Don't worry about saving up too much health
here because there will be an item that will fill your health up all the way at 
the end of this path.  Jump to the door at the end.  Now you will have to fight
Mega Slank.  Just keep shooting him from where  you are and  when he's hit,  he
will be stunned for a second. Keep attacking him as quickly as possible and you 
will move into him.  Get hurt,  it shouldn't matter.  He will jump to the left.
Now look to the  left and keep attacking  him from where you  are and he should
die quickly. 
Stage 2 Bizzarre Brain
*NOTE - Before starting this stage, you have to play stage 3 to get the bird-
man transformation. At the area where you see the planet, you could switch 
stages so finish stage three before you start this stage. 
Stay where you start and kill the hermit crab from a distance. Now start moving 
to the right and there will be some clams.  Be VERY careful because if they hit
you, you could easily fall off the platform and die.  Time your jumps and shots 
perfectly  to get  those clams  without getting  hurt yourself.  Avoid that pot
because it will attack you.  Keep moving to the right  and kill the hermit crab 
and the crabs.  You will reach a  clam on a platform.  Kill it and jump on that
platform.  Now jump to  the right and  onto that platform.  Climb up the ladder 
from there.  Up here,  you could grab the items that will give you more maximum 
MP.  Climb back down the ladder when you are done collecting the items. Move to 
the right  and keep killing  any and all enemies that  get in your way.  At the
end,  climb on the platform where  the crab was,  and jump to the  right to get 
into the door.
Now kill the  clam to  the right.  Now transform into  Bird-Man Widget  and fly 
across these areas  and onto the next  large platform  with no  enemies around. 
Turn back into normal Widget.  Keep moving all  the way to the  right as far as 
you can and kill all of the enemies that get in your way.  Turn into a mouse at 
the end to sneak into the door.  Now there are two paths you could go by,  take 
the lower path. Kill the crab and then go back and take the high path. You have 
to take the high path here to get past the big ice wall up ahead. Fall down the 
hole to the far right and then go to the left to get down the ladder.  Now keep 
moving to the  right and avoid those  little fuzz balls.  Go down the ladder to 
the far right and grab the items. You could get the item in the bottom right by 
going next to the area  and crouching and  moving to the right.  You will slide 
under and grab the item.  Now do the same to get out and go back up the ladder. 
Go up to the top and you  will have to  jump across these  blocks to  the left. 
Kill the enemies  when you can and  go through the door.  This boss is a little 
difficult just because the platforms are slippery.  You have to attack its head 
and nothing else.  If you hit its hands, it will bounce off.  It's only attacks 
are moving around a lot and throw  icicles in random directions which are never 
aimed at you. Just keep attacking his head until he falls. 
Stage 3 Dr. Dante
Move quickly to  the right because if you  stay in one  spot for too long,  the 
snake will shoot at you.  Quickly kill it  and start moving to the right.  This 
jump is a  little difficult to  make but you could still make it.  If you don't 
want to risk a death,  turn into a mouse  to make the jump.  Make the next jump 
without jumping too high and there will be a snake with a few bats there. Avoid 
the bats and  climb the ladder at the top.  Wait near the  middle of the ladder 
and let the bats fly by you.  Now start moving to the  right and kill the bear. 
Fall down and  kill the snake next.  Now leave the  bats above you alone.  Keep 
moving to the right and  sneak under the bear.  Grab the health if  you need it 
and go throught the door.
Move slowly to the right and let the fruit fall from the tree.  Attack them all 
and start moving to the right when they all die. Now get on the higher platform 
to the right and let the fruit fall. It should jump off the edge now. Jump onto 
the branch and  kill the bat.  Climb up the  ladder here.  Start moving  to the 
right here and kill the enemies.  Jump the branches at the  end and if you land 
on the bottom branch,  it's ok.  You could jump onto those knots in the tree to 
the far right to get onto the highest branch and up the ladder.  Kill the snake 
and fruit to the right.  Climb to the top platform and  to the left to climb up 
to the next screen.  Let the bat fly off the screen  and the fruit  to jump off 
the branch.  There will still be one there so kill it. Now jump onto the branch 
to the  left and  turn into  a mouse.  Sprint and jump  to make it  to the next 
branch. Now jump through the hole in the wall. 
Kill the cobra from a  distance here and jump the gap.  Now you will reach some 
knights.  Shoot them for them to  charge at you and  then jump over them.  Keep 
moving to the right and turn into a mouse to get into that small area where the 
ladder is. Climb up the ladder.  Climb to the top of the ladder to get the bear 
jumping.  Now climb back down to the middle  and it will jump off to the right. 
Climb onto the platform  the bear was on and jump the gap.  Go into the door to 
fight Dr. Dante.  He's not to hard.  You can't shoot him  when he looks  like a 
friendly scientist but you have to shoot him when he looks like he should. Stay 
close when  he turns into Dr. Dante  so you could keep  attacking him.  He will 
throw a wrench every once in a while  that will float in the air  and then come 
down on you.  Run away whenever it's been floating  for a while or you will get 
hit. Just keep attacking him until he falls. 
Stage 4 Flim Flam
Immediately jump to  avoid the rolling enemy.  Move to the right  until you see 
the bouncer.  Keep shooting at it and stay behind the wall because it will take 
the enemy a while to sneak under it.  Now keep moving to the right and kill the 
poacher.  Stay on the lower platforms  and avoid the enemies.  Jump the gap and 
kill the bouncer.  Now keep moving  to the right  and do a light jump over this 
gap. Kill this bouncing enemy that will only bounce in one spot. Keep going for 
a few more of those rolling enemies. You will have to jump some acid here. Keep 
jumping it and land on the blocks.  Kill the enemies you  will see here as fast 
as possible. Enter the tent at the end of this path. 
Wait here where you start and  let the rolling enemy come to you.  Jump over it 
when it's near you and get on the higher platform.  Now keep going to the right 
along this platform and avoid or kill the enemies up ahead.  Avoid the spike up 
ahead and jump through the hole.  Try to always stay  on the highest platforms. 
Get on the very high platform with the blocks on it up ahead for a secret.  You 
could walk through these blocks.  If you can't,  try jumping and  moving to the 
right.  Grab the health down there and move back to the left.  Fall down to the 
lowest platform and start moving to the right.  Kill the dino up ahead, it will 
be a little difficult because it's hard to jump over the lower shot,  you could 
duck under the higher shots. Go through the doorway after you kill it. 
Kill the fireball here.  If you want  the extra life down below,  turn into the 
bird form of Widget and grab it.  Now jump the gap and  avoid the first falling 
arrow.  Turn into a bird and avoid the next.  Get onto the higher route and fly 
over the rolling enemy.  Now turn back into  normal Widget and  continue to the 
right. Jump to the next gap and turn into a bird here. Fly across here and keep 
moving to the right  either killing or avoiding all enemies.  Get into the door 
when you reach it. Now you have to fight Flim Flam. This fight isn't hard, it's 
just annoying.  You will see three  figures flash above you.  You have to guess 
which one is the real one and shoot it when it appears by itself.  It will drop 
a flame and  shoot at you.  Just keep aiming  up and guessing.  A good  tip for 
using an emulator is to use save states while  they are flashing.  When you see 
which is the  real one, load the  saved state and  attack that one.  Keep doing 
that until he falls. 
Stage 5 Ratchet
Fall down one  platform and you  should be one  above the pig.  From here,  you 
could shoot  it and it  will charge  towards you but  will never hit you.  Keep 
doing that  until it dies and  continue to the right.  Keep killing the enemies 
and jump the gaps when you reach them.  Kill the plant at  the end and you will 
see a pig  guarding the only way out.  You will have to lose  some health here. 
Turn into rock  man and jump down there.  Punch it once for it  to die and grab 
the MP refill. Now turn back into nomral Widget and climb down the ladder. Kill 
the plant to fill your health with the item. Go down and kill this pig the same 
way you kill the first pig.  Now keep moving  to the left and  kill the master. 
Fall down  to the left  and go down  the ladder.  Kill these two  plants from a 
distance and  kill the  pig up  ahead the  same way  you killed  the first.  Go 
through the door. 
Shoot the master to the right  from here and give  the pig time to walk off the 
screen.  Now move to the right and avoid the plant.  Go down the ladder only if 
you want to increase your maximum health capacity. I don't recommend it because 
you need to use too much MP and you'll lose a bit of health so try to stay away 
from there.  The higher ladder will only give  you a gun upgrade where you will 
also lose a bit of MP and health so I'd also avoid that. Just stay on this main 
path and continue to the right. Kill the pig to the right and turn into a mouse 
to get through the hole.  Turn back into normal widget to kill that plant.  You 
will have to turn into a mouse again afterwards to sneak through the next hole. 
Grab the MP refill  here and turn into a bird.  You could go through the middle 
blocks up top. Go up there and to the left for the item.  Hide and wait for the 
enemy to  disappear again.  Now quickly go by it and turn into nomral widget on 
the lower platform. Look at the bricks you walk on.  You could fall through the 
bricks that look  different so pay attention.  Jump over the pig and go through 
the door at the end. 
Go to the right and kill the eye.  If you  need health  and can spare  some MP, 
then turn into a mouse.  You could go through the blocks that look different on 
the bottom right section of this area.  Grab the health  and get back out.  Now 
jump to  the right  and kill  that plant on  the lone platform.  Keep going and 
sneak by  the lizard  enemy when  it disappears and go through the door for the 
boss fight.  Now he  will appear  in one of six  spots along  the side  on each 
platform. He will throw one straight object. When you hit him, he will shoot at 
you so get ready to avoid it.  You could go down platforms  by holding down and 
jumping. Keep going after him and avoid his shots until he falls. 
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     >-------------------------- 3. - Enemies ---------------------------< 0003
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Stage 1 Enemies
Bug     - These will slowly move near you and when they touch you, they will 
           hurt you.
Gator   - These will move from side to side and jump. They will also shoot at 
           you and their shots go through walls.
Fly     - These will start to slowly fly towards you. When they get close, they 
           will swoop down and try to hit you.
Worm    - These will poke their heads out of the ground. When you come close, 
           they will jump out and keep hopping towards you. Try to get them 
           from a distance. 
Ghost   - These will move fairly quickly. They will run off platforms when they 
           see you so try to get on a platform above them or kill them quickly. 
Nibbler - These will bounce up and down and jump towards you. They will try to 
           bite you when you get close to them. 
Stage 2 Enemies
Hermits - These will just slowly move from left to right. You could only hurt
           them when they come out of their shell so be careful. After a while
           they will shoot towards you. 
Clam    - These are just like the hermits except they will stay in one spot and
           shoot at you. 
Crab    - These will slowly walk from side to side. They will keep firing three
           shots in random directions so be careful. 
Stage 3 Enemies
Snake   - These will slowly move from side to side and shoot one slow shot 
           straight at you.
Bat     - These will move up and down a lot and slowly to the left. 
Bear    - These will quickly jump towards you until you kill it or trap it.
Fruit   - These will fall from the tree and bounce around. 
Cobra   - These are just like the snakes, except they shots are faster and 
           there will be more of them. 
Knight  - Shoot them and they will charge at you. Jump over them at the last 
Stage 4 Enemies
Bouncer - These will just keep bouncing towards you. 
Poacher - These will move from side to side and fire a gun at you. 
Fireball- These will just fly towards you. 
Dino    - These will have guns, they will fire one shot high, one low, then 
Stage 5 Enemies
Pig     - These will have pitchforks. When you shoot them, they will charge at
           you just like the knights of stage three. 
Eye     - These little eyes will fly around in a big circle. When you shoot 
           them, they will slowly fly straight at you. 
Master  - These will slowly move side to side and fire mind bullets at you. 
Hawk    - These will quickly swoop in for a quick attack and then fly away. 
Lizard  - These will throw something at you, then disappear. They will reappear
           and do it again. They will just keep doing that. 
_____                                                                     _____
     >----------------------- 4. - Transformation -----------------------< 0004
¯¯¯¯¯                                                                     ¯¯¯¯¯
Mega Brain
MP : 0
Description : This one is basically just for information. It will give you some 
               advice, a map, and the option to quit. Use quit before dying if 
               you are still near the beginning of the level. 
Cannon Widget:
MP : 2
Description : This form can't really move but the attacks are very powerful.
               You could jump with them but you can't move.
Mouse Widget:
MP : 3
Description : This form is really fast. It can't attack but if you are quick, 
               you could get out of any jam. It will also help you sneak under 
               tight areas.
Rock-Man Widget:
MP : 4
Description : This form moves really slow but it packs quite a punch. It can't 
               jump too high but it could punch through some rocks. 
Bird-Man Widget:
MP : 3
Description : This form allows you to fly for a while. Use it to get over any 
               difficult jumps or to grab an item in a pit. 
Dolphin Widget:
MP : 3
Description : This form allows you to swim. That's all it's really good for.
_____                                                                     _____
     >------------------------- 5. - Passwords --------------------------< 0005
¯¯¯¯¯                                                                     ¯¯¯¯¯
Since you could select which level you want after the first excluding the final 
level, I will list these by what Transformation you will have because you can't 
beat the levels in order. Which ever password you use, it will also include all 
of the previous fomations. So for example, if you use the password for Rock-Man 
Widget, you will also have Bird-Man Widget and Mouse Widget. Same with the 
                     |    Mouse Widget | 723736 |
                     | Bird-Man Widget | 142262 |
                     | Rock-Man Widget | 373674 |
                     |  Dolphin Widget | 392562 | <-Final Stage
_____                                                                     _____
     >------------------------ 6. - Disclaimer --------------------------< 0006
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This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2005 to Frank Grochowski. International  
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FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
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