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Whomp 'Em Save State Hacking Guide v1.00
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Whomp 'Em Save State Hacking Guide

by MASTERNO   Updated to v1.00 on
Whomp 'Em/Saiyuuki World 2: Tenjoukai no Majin

Whomp 'Em is (c)1991 Jaleco Entertainment; Saiyuuki World 2:
Tenjoukai no Majin is (c)1990 Jaleco Entertainment
Whomp 'Em/Saiyuuki World 2: Tenjoukai no Majin Hex Editing FAQ is
(c)2012 by Louis Boiko (MASTERNO)


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[2].........Known Hex Values
[2.1]....Using Hex Addresses
[2.2]..Known Bugs and Issues
[3]......Version Information


Welcome to my Whomp 'EM/Saiyuuki World 2: Tenjoukai no Majin Hex
Editing guide!  Since my Adventures of Lolo 2 hex editing guide was
so popular (how?!), I decided to go ahead and do more guides like it.
This time I'm doing a guide for the sleeper title "Whomp 'Em" for the
NES, a game that plays very much like Mega Man titles.  In Japan, the
game was known as Saiyuuki World 2, and I can only imagine that the
name change was primarily due to the lack of western familiarity with
the "Journey to the West" story (this was before Dragonball and
Dragonball Z became popular).  They thus changed the protagonist from
Son Goku to Soaring Eagle, a Native American warrior, and altered the
sprite to match.  From a development standpoint, there are no actual
differences between the two versions other than a few sprite changes,
so the hex values I give you here work for both versions.

------Known Hex Values------

The following are hex values I've discovered that are meaningful to
gameplay.  There is technically only one value that you need to
change in order to simply walk through the game, but there are two
you will want to change in order to make it a piece of cake:
Invincibility and Weapons.  The former makes it so you can't be
damaged by anything, but requires you to be damaged first before it
kicks in.  Alternatively, you can use either the Life or the Magic
Jar values and achieve the same basic effect.  The Weapons value
allows you to switch weapons without having obtained them first.
This comes in real handy against certain bosses, as I'll describe in
the Known Bugs and Issues section, but becomes useless as you advance
through the game.  In fact, once you get to the final area, you no
longer need this value as you have all the weapons you can get.

=====Using Hex Addresses====

0035: Life
-Each heart is worth three points in value, so the legitimate maximum
health is 24.  As long as the cheat is turned on, life will not be
drained when you are hit or walk on damage tiles.

0040: Boss Life
-You can modify the life of bosses to make them easier or impossible.
Primarily good for practicing and memorizing their patterns.  This
will not, however, protect from one-hit kills (see [2.2] for more

0083: Spear/Pole Extension
-This hex determines whether your basic weapon has extended reach
from a weapon enhancement item found in most areas.  Setting this to
value 05 will give you the improved weapon.

0084: Weapon
-This allows you to change your weapon at will.  There are eight
actual weapons in the game including your basic spear/polearm and the
final weapon you get at the beginning of the final area.  The weapon
values are as follows: 00 - Basic Spear/Polearm, 01 - Spear/Pole
Whirlwind, 02 - Fire Wand, 03 - Cloud, 04 - Dart, 05 - Ice Crystal,
06 - Web, and 07 - Death Branch.

0098: Magic Jar
-The most you can have in a legitimate game is three.  There is no
real benefit to using this hex if you use the Invincibility or Life
hexes, and in fact may be a detriment against some bosses.

0099 + 009B: Arrowhead/Glove
-Using the two values separately will not cause the desired effect.
Using them together, you will have improved offensive capability.
This seems to apply only to your basic attack however.

009A + 009C: Buffalo Headdress/Helmet
-Using the two values separately will not cause the desired effect.
Using them together, you will have improved defense from attacks.  As
with Magic Jar, there's no real benefit to using this hex if you use
the Invincibility or Life hexes, but there's no real harm either.

009F: Gourd Requirement
-This changes the gourd requirement to increase your maximum life.
Reducing the value to 01 will give you an increase for each gourd you
obtain.  Using this method to max out your life will also max out the
bosses' life, so its primary use is to make the game more difficult.

0649: Invincibility
-This is the hex value that determines how long you remain invincible
either after picking up the invincibility item or getting hit.  When
using this hex, you must first become invincible before it kicks in.
Thereafter, as long as you have the value frozen at 01 or higher, you
will be perfectly invincible.

====Known Bugs and Issues===

There are lots of bugs and issues you can come across while hex
editing this game.  I couldn't even go through all the possible
values within each hex to report just what each little bug could be.
I can tell you the basics though and you can experiment from there if
you wish.  Feel free to email me any bugs you find and would like
listed - I will credit anyone who supplies information.

0035: Life
-Setting this hex to value 82 or higher will cause some strange
looping glitch that basically causes instant death the moment you are
hit.  If you have any Magic Jars left, they will be consumed before
you are forced to continue or end the game.

-Cool note: there is no graphical glitch associated with overflowing
the natural limit of 24.

0040: Boss Life
-If you set this to value 01 and attack with any damaging weapon, you
will automatically win.  However, since the boss still has life
according to the game's system, the weapon item will only materialize
and not arc to its usual landing point.  In the event that it does,
grabbing the item will freeze the game unless you've turned off the

-This hex does not protect against one-hit kills no matter what you
set the boss's life to.  See the bug list for the Weapons hex for
more details.

0083: Spear/Pole Extension
-I haven't noticed any particular bugs related to this hex.  If you
find any, please email me so that I may add it to this list.

0084: Weapons
-Whenever you change weapons using this hex, the sprite will still
resemble the most recent weapon you've legitimately switched to,
albeit generally go through a palette swap.

-Attempting to switch weapons while this hex is active will cause
the game to freeze.  Changing the value itself or deactivating the
hex will prevent this issue.

-Overflowing the value will come up with a lot of different glitches.
One value was really interesting in that after I used it in-game and
got hit, it proceeded to act as though I had defeated the final boss
and was going through the cutscene before freezing entirely.  There
are also lots of graphical glitches that may occur.  In most cases,
simply pressing forward into a new section of the area will resolve
this issue.  A reset will also work too, though you would obviously
have to start the game anew.

-For those of you familiar with Mega Man 2 specifically, you will
love this amazing little bug I discovered while testing the weapons
against bosses.  For the bosses in Sacred Woods, Fire Test, and
Secret Cliff, switch to the weapon that they would give you for
defeating them and attack them with it.  The result: a one-hit kill.
If you were thinking Metal Man from the start, give yourself a cookie
for knowing your classic NES trivia.

-Somewhat related to the previous point, albeit a bit different, the
Death Branch only works against the bosses in the other areas.
Against the Ice Ritual boss, it takes away just one orb of life, as
it does against the final boss.  Against the Magic Forest boss, it
takes away one and a third orb of life (assuming you don't increase
your max life at all, you can defeat it while it's in its cocoon form
just before it hatches into its butterfly form).  And, ironically
enough, against the Water Test boss it will score a one-hit kill.

0098: Magic Jar
-Trying to increase the value while the hex is active and you have
already set it to a value of 03 or higher will cause the emulator to
crash.  You can, however, set it to any value you want initially and
keep it there, or if you want to turn it off and still have the jars,
make sure you use one before deactivating the hex so the game
registers the value of the Magic Jar hex.  If you set it to FF, you
will have 255 Magic Jars, but after deactivating it you will have

0099 + 009B: Arrowhead/Glove
-I've only encountered a small graphical glitch where the item will
appear over the character's head if only the 99 hex is active.  Other
than that I can't seem to identify any bugs or issues resulting from
the proper use of these hexes.

009A + 009C: Buffalo Headdress/Helmet
-As with 99/9B, just a small graphical glitch when 9A is the only
active hex.

009F: Gourd Requirement
-I encountered some seemingly random crashes and freezes while
testing this and can't seem to get a consistent cause.  Additional
information from readers would be helpful, but until then it's just
listed as a known issue.

-If you don't deactivate the hex before completely maxing out your
life, it will list a large hex value on the pause screen where it
would otherwise say "00" (I got a value in the A- range when I tested

0649: Invincibility
-As with 9F, I came across a few random crashes and freezes while
testing this.  It seemed just as inconsistent, but were also fewer in

-----Version Information----

Version 1.00 - Initial release version; contains all necessary
information; updates will generally be used for clarification and
grammatical corrections, but information found to be missing or
incorrect may be updated to reflect more accurate information.


This guide is (c)opyright 2012 by Louis Boiko (a.k.a "MASTERNO" on
GameFAQs).  Feel free to redistribute this guide any way you would
like, so long as credit is given to me and no money is involved in
the receipt of this guide.  For further inquiries, comments, or
suggestions, please email me at heroman.x.zero.protoman ( A T )
gmail.com or send a message to my GameFAQs account as listed above.

I'd like to thank the various FAQ writers that have used this format
in the past.  I think there are many of them, and I don't really
remember who they are or what they wrote FAQs for, but this writing
format is my favorite and preferred.  Credit goes to them, whoever
they may be, for this style of FAQ formatting.  Contact me for creds
if you know who they are or what games they wrote for.

A big thank you to GameFAQs for hosting a website where knowledge
such as this can be freely shared by gamers everywhere.

Also a big thank you to Nintendo and Jaleco Entertainment for the
creation of the NES and the development and production of this fun
little Mega Man clone, respectively.