[edit] Background

Since 1975, Wheel of Fortune has aired a total of more than 32 seasons in the United States with a popularity that spans the globe, with other nations hosting their own version of the show as well.

Amongst the things that have spawned from Wheel of Fortune include video games over a variety of different platforms.

[edit] Game Play

Gameplay follows the television format that Wheel of Fortune has for its 32nd season, with two toss-ups before the first puzzle, the Mystery Round in the second round, and the Prize Puzzle in Round 3. In-between the rounds are Bonus Minigames that are used to see who the "audience favorite" is.

During any of the first three rounds prizes can be picked up, ranging from trips and gift tags that can be won that round by solving the puzzle, along with the Half-Car. A player that can pick up two halves within the first three rounds and solving that puzzle which they get the second half without hitting a Bankrupt will win a car.

A player can use the Wild Card to call a consonant without spinning the wheel again, which is great if a big number is spun on the wheel; or if the Wild Card makes it to the Bonus Round a 4th Consonant can be called along with the usual three and a vowel.

The million dollar wedge can add a lot of excitement to a game in a hurry. A player who picks that up has to solve that puzzle and get to the Bonus Round without hitting a Bankrupt along the way. If successful, the 0,000 card that's placed on the Bonus Wheel gets replaced with the One Million Dollar card, which has a 1-in-24 chance of being spun on the Bonus Wheel.

Winnings are used to unlock a variety of customization options, including various sets from different destinations, props and clothing options that can be used on the designed characters.

[edit] Features

  • Vibrant HD graphics, improved menu interface and fresh in-game features
  • Voice overs by Pat Sajak, Vanna White and announcer Jim Thornton will make you feel like you’re on the set of Wheel of Fortune
  • New animated videos and mini games add variety to your game experience
  • Play in single player mode with the Wii U GamePad or connect your Wii U to the TV and play as a family

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