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*snert* HAHA

The good:

great gameplay, you can make your own skins and worlds, large enough worlds,you can quest with other peopoe online.

The bad:

annoying little jackasses who cheat, hack their accounts and team up with other people to harass new guys, kill people for no reason and ruin the game. Snerters must die.


the graphics arent that great, but hey, you dont need them to be. besides, if you make your own world, you can make your own enemy graphics and on any world you can make your own skin so no problems here. one example is castlevania (a bit hard to level but not as ridiculously easy as evergreen) which has good enemy and character graphics. Apparently RoT has great graphics too, im downloading it with my crappy dial-up as we speak. sound can get annoying, but you can turn it off, or turn just the midi music off, or area sounds such as birds chirping, or just sound effects, or a combination. b...


My take on WoS

The good:

The good parts to this game would have to be the community, the way it sucks you in, and the many many different things you can do with it.

The bad:

The graphics aren't the best, there are some really dumb people that play it, and hacking can sometimes get really bad. But what game doesn't have its little problems?


This game would have to be one of my favorites online games because not only is it free but it also happens to be of very good quality and the creator constantly updates it making it new and better and he even takes your suggestions into consideration!

There is so many things you can do with game and I have already met TONS of really cool people and, if you ignore the dumb ones, I am sure that anyone can find some good people to befriend in here.

This game just sucks away your time... but that is a good thing...right?

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