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Wasted Potential

The good:

Well as we have come to expect from the Pro Evolution Soccer series, this game is the closest you'll get to simulating realistic football. As ever, the gameplay is smooth and fluent, allowing you to express yourself with a variety if playing styles. Whether you like to hoof the ball up the field for your target man to nod on or you prefer quick passing movements as you progress up the field, the in dept tactical systems in PES 2008 will suit all.

The bad:

For a next generation game, PES hardly displays the finest graphics you'll ever lay eyes on. Aside from the general low quality player appearances and the extremely arcade like menu screens, you get the feeling that Konami haven't really put any effort into the graphics and this seems to be a running theme throughout a lot of the game.

Master League mode is virtually unchanged from the previous editions and after one or two seasons have passed you'll find it often becomes tediously easy. A similar story can be told about the league and cup modes with not a lot of detail involved in them at all. The network mode, which is the most important aspect of the game for many PES players, is so shocking it really isn't worth talking about.

As for the edit mode, this is regarded by many as the worst part of the game. Badges are no longer editable so you have to stick with the fake unlicensed emblems for all the Premiership sides. The selection for creating and changing kits is minimal, and because only eight kits can be uploaded onto the game, it is difficult to get many of the unlicensed kits to look remotely like their real life counterparts. Not to mention the virtually unworkable face importing feature we were all looking forward to.

Unfortunately there are far too many more flaws with PES 2008 to list them all in detail.


For such an anticipated title, Pro Evolution Soccer is really a big let down this year. Everyone was hoping for new features, game modes and improved online play but it seems that the series has taken a step backwards rather than forwards for 2008.

Konami may live to regret releasing a seemingly unfinished game as many fans have swayed towards buying PES 2008's closest rival FIFA and more are being encouraged to do so. Unless a virtually perfect footballing sim is released next year then it could be the final nail in the coffin for a once worshipped game series.

All in all, it is still worth ...


Will's PES 2008 Review

The good:

The latest installation into the Pro Evolution Soccer series has many good things about it. Firstly, I'll start with the graphics.

This years gameplay has been taken to a whole new level by graphical features. Even small details that you could barely notice still are in great detail. Many of the faces are done well including every little real life feature included. Licensed strips have been very well designed once again this year, the stadiums have been made well also.

The gameplay has been taken to a whole new level again. You now have the ability to dive and appeal for a penalty or a free kick depending on which area of the pitch you are in. The computer seems to make a lot more intelligent runs and passes as the difficulty rises, which makes the game seem a whole lot harder than the last installment. Set pieces are also becoming a common factor to score goals from this year. The chances of scoring from a corner a rising, and the computer has more of a chance to score a free kick in a goal scoring situation if the difficulty is high.

The edit mode is a lot more accurate this year. Next-gen consoles have the ability to scan a photo and come of with an almost deadly accurate face onto the game. This comes in very nicely when attempting to do a few player fixes which need a bit of editing to them.

The bad:

There are also many bad points to every game - no game is perfect.

To start with the bad points, I'll take a step in the direction of commentary. A big hype was created when the commentators were replaced, the hype simply failed to live up to the expectation. The commentary is slow and cannot keep up with the fast pace action of the game. The commentators also announce that the ball has gone in for a goal, when it has gone wide for a goal kick or a corner kick.

Refereeing decisions have also became a key talking point this year. In some cases, the slightest bit of contact to the player results in a red card. In real life terms, a would would probably have been committed and that is it. The refereeing really needs sorting out for next year.

As always, the lack of licensed teams for the English league is a problem. For the game to have a realistic feel to it, correct kits is a must. The amount of licensed kits is increasing each year, so at least that is a good sign for something to look forward to, lets just hope that pattern continues and in the future every kit is licensed.


Overall, it's an extremely fun football game with bags of entertainment for single play, or multiplayer. Some may say it's got worse than last year, some may say this years game is better. I'll leave it with you too make that decision.


Flawed gem

The good:

Gameplay: This has been the selling point of Pro Evo games for years and this year yet again it has excelled. It plays and feels like a game of football should, the game is now slower and emphasizes on passing. You won't be able unless you are extremely lucky or highly skilled be able to pick it up and run the full length of the pitch to slam it into the top corner.

Graphics: Obviously with this being on the PS3 the graphics are superb but it's the small things that make the difference like the inclusion of a linesman and crowds that look reasonably normal. Players also move realistically and feels as if the have mass. It is still behind FIFA but with graphics this good it shouldn't be a big factor when choosing which to buy.

Better commentary: Pro Evo of old was well known for it's shocking commentary but this year with Jon Champion and Mark Lawrencen on board it is a huge improvement. It is still not up to FIFA standard but it is a major advancement.

The bad:

The referees: Every year it seems the refs are biased towards the computer and this year is no different, in fact it is worse. At times you will be furious with it, at times you will laugh at it and at times you will be baffled by it. A challenge that would have been ignored in last years installment this year may be punished with a yellow but if the same challenge was commited against you the ref wouldn't even acknowledge it as an event. This is the biggest flaw in the game and was the deciding factor in my decision to give it a 3.2 and not what would have been a guarenteed 5.

The soundtrack: Pro Evo has never had good music but this year it has become laughable. Where FIFA has good music from recognizable artists this has cheesey euro pop from places like Germany. Although the music isn't good it is only an annoyance that doesn't detract from the superb gameplay.

Licences: This is the thing that has forever been a thorn is Konami's side and the major reason why people prefer FIFA to Pro Evo. There are more licenced teams this time around but the Premiership is still the major casualty with Newcastle and Tottenham the only fully licenced teams. If authenticity really bothers you then you probably would be best off with FIFA but if you just want to play a great footie game then it is a small issue that can fixed in the editor.

Removal of features/glitches: This is a next gen console. It is the future, bigger, better and faster so why then have features that made past games that bit more enjoyable to play been removed? Surely you would go out and give us more but no Konami has given with one hand and taken with the other. Even the PS2 version has more stadiums. Also the glitches in the game are irritating especially the frame-rate issues. Thankfully a patch has been released but some of the glitches remain. This is most notable when playing online.


This is a deeply flawed game but where it matters is the best footie game around. If slightly better graphics, a better soundtrack and full licences are what matter then you would be better off with FIFA but if what made Pro Evo great is what you want there is simply no other substitute.

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