Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 review
My Thoughts On PES6

The good:

Graphical Content

Great Player Appearance

Tricks & Skills

Edit Mode

Tougher Gameplay

Difficult Free Kicks

Improved Online Play

Excellent Close Control

The bad:

No German League (With the exception of Bayern Munich)

Short Free Kicks (Wall already organised when you take it)

The Lack Of Licenses


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a very impressive game. It gives you the edge. If you don't actually play football yourself, this is your second option. In my honest opinion, easily the best football game around. Which includes Master League as well as the older editions of PES. This game personally, doesn't get boring, I, myself, have been playing it since early November, and yet to get bored. Obviously though, there can be improvements made, but it's the same with every game, it can't be perfect, also you can't get everyone to love it. But if you like football, and love to pass the ball about, play REAL football, then I suggest, Pro Evolution Soccer 6. As you would have read above, "The Lack Of Licenses", to be honest, it's a very minor disappointment about the game. And it also creates the joys of the EDIT MODE, where you can edit player appearances, edit teams, formations, football boots, make new players, the list is endless. Not to mention the great help from the members in the forum, with the Kit threads and edit player threads, if becomes even more simple for you guys at home. It's the game you know you want to buy.

Master League is my keen feature of PES. Without it, the game wouldn't be as good as it is. It's very enjoyable, and if you do well enough, you can have anybody you'd like playing for your team. you can start with the Master League Default Players which is mainly for experienced players looking for a real challenge. The real challenge of Master League, is your first few seasons, which is when you have little money, and not many players would leave their club to go to yours, but that's the enjoyable bit about Master League in my honest opinion. The Master League brings out what Pro Evolution is. It's the most enjoyable feature to all PES games, and probably always will be, with improvements each year along the way.

Tricks & Skills are another key factor or PES, it makes the close control part of the game, truly amazing, tricks such as the Stepover, Flip Flap, Cruyff Turn, V Feint and many more. It is difficult at first to perform some of these tricks and skills, but that's where the forum comes in handy, which will teach you how to perform these tricks and learn more. They've been such an improvement from last year's game, making the close control much more smooth and opening paths. I'm sure there are tricks I've never even performed before, it's what I like about it, the forum helped me out a lot and I learned all my tricks there, the V Feint being my favourite.

Edit Mode is a very enjoyable feature to PES also. You can edit almost everything you want to edit except for maybe, stadiums. It's all about patience though, you'll need patience editing kits, logos and badges, but as I said, very enjoyable, not to mention, the outcome of your work always looks good if you do it right.

Thanks for reading, and post back comments if you really must!

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Magikdonut Aug 18, 07
Very good Eric. You inspired me to buy this game.
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Rossco_Gers Aug 18, 07
Very nice work Eric. Keep it up!
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Reason Aug 19, 07
Nice review and really good layout .

bit of constructive criticism for ya; I'm not sure why you gave the rating a three, you didn't say why and it seems like a bit of a low score considering you didn't have much bad to say about the game.
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TVI Aug 19, 07
Good stuff for a first review, well done mate . Particularly liked the way it was layed out.
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EricF Aug 19, 07
Sorry about that Nyff, I didn't realise I had done that, thank you all for your kind comments.
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