Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Cheats

Simple Goal's
Right for all you people out their who can't beat your mate when he comes round for a game or want to put one over someone in master league mode and make a fool out of the goal keeper or if you simply want to score goal after goal then here is how you do it ...

play with two wing forwards preferably pacey ones I use Joaquin and Saviola. Run with the ball with your wing forward and when you get as close as you possibly can to the by-line (place where the ball crosses the line for a goal-kick or corner) press the circle button on your ps2 controller 3 times as the ball comes to the goal-keeper he will go to ground and try and stop the ball but 99% he can't, this means he will either put it into his own net, parry the ball to one of your players (or the opposing teams depending on where your players are) or knock it out for a corner.

That my friends is the way you can beat almost everyone you play at this game.