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final fantasy x-2

The good:

there is a new dress sphere (d/s) system which involves using certain moves to learn new ones and there are som really good secret d/s around.New characters such as Paine and Baralai Gippal and Nooj.Garment grid system which gives extra abilities and to change d/s.

The bad:

some would say that the new atb (active time battle)system is a bad thing although i personally thing it's better than the turn based system. Some of the endings are a bit disapointing aswell but i won't ruin the surprise.sphere grid has now disappeared.only 3 characters


Generally a avery good game which is worth buying althugh playing through ffx first is highly recommended as it continues from the ending of there.
If you enjoyed playing ffx then get this now there are loads of sidequests to do that will keep you busy for hours.
A very good RPG which is worth buying.


Raynor Review

The good:

Nothing at all. This game blew to the core. WCW sucked and all the games did.

The bad:

The good was the bad but the bad gets worst!

The graphics were so horrible and the control was so horrible it was unbareable! I bought this game for 3 bucks in a bargain bin and I wish I never did!


Don't buy it is what I say. Buy a WWE made game. At least you can buy a game that has a meaning.

WCW games = Nothing!

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