WCW Nitro (PSX) Cheats

WCW Nitro cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Big Heads
At the title screen push R1 (7x), R2 and SELECT.
Big Heads/Hands/Feet & Weapons Mode
At title screen press R2 (7x), R1, and SELECT.
Change the Might Meter
At Title Screen Press L2 (4), R2 (4), L1 (4), R1 (4), and SELECT.
Easy win
While fighting at the Disco ring, throw your opponet outside the ring and keep pressing L2, until the time runs out.
Hidden Wrestlers
At the title screen press R1, R1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, L1, R2, R2, R2, R2, L2, L2, L2, L2, Select.
Run In
While fighting at any ring press SELECT for computer assistance, a wrestler will come out and help beat up your opponent.
Secret Rings
At title screen press R1, R2, R1, R2, and SELECT to scroll through the rings.
To fight as NWO Hogan or Sting
Press Start ( instead of X ) to choose. Do the same with Masahiro and he will fight with a NWO shirt.
While fighting at the Disco ring press L2.