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Of hype and mediocrity


Hype; it's quite a double edged sword as it can either pump you up for a great game, or disappoint you when the game turns out to be bad or even mediocre – and if you can see the score somewhere on this page, you'll know where Watch Dogs sits on that spectrum. But it's not just the fact that Watch Dogs itself would up being a mediocre game; it's everything Ubisoft did in its power to make it look like the best damn game ever and its after effects.

That E3 2012 trailer? Remember how cool that looked with our protagonist getting into a shootout with the police, bobbing and weaving his way thro...


Of voyeurism and derivative gameplay


Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft

Hype can often be a fickle thing – a trailer excites the audience who'll be in anticipation for the product in question. But then the release date pops up and it's a year later, which will make some people go “oh boy I can't wait” and others go “oh my god just come out now.” With the advent of flash releases like Beyonce's self titled album and Gran Turismo 6, as well as Netflix releasing entire shows on their streaming service, it seems as if impatience has won... It certainly says an awful lot about what it usually is that gets people crazy abo...


Go away Uplay, no one likes you here!

The good:


The bad:

Mission Variety
Bugs, especially the loading bug!


Watch Dogs. Sleeping Dogs. It's like game companies these days have a quick glance on the internet for a few seconds to see what most people like. In this scenario, this popular thing being dogs. Even though there are no dogs in the game. Which does make me weep that there is no cute little pug running around somewhere in Chicago. Sad face.

You play as Aiden Pearce, a character who personality wise alone, was probably the love child of both Connor Kenway and Jason Brody. Seriously, what is it with Ubisoft and there awful skills in making a decent character that we can love and respect? Aiden...


Time to use your phone as a weapon, without throwing it at someone's head

The good:

Good story
Brilliant gunplay
Good graphics
Chicago feels alive
Seamless and satisfying online
Mostly original ideas and a unique spin on open world games
Feeling of power
Some likeable characters

The bad:

Frame rate drops
Uplay having many problems
Many people now unable to play the game
Aiden feels a little boring
Online can be a little unfair
Lack of online free-roam
Predictable storyline


After the 7-8 month delay that left many avid gamers fuming, a contender for most anticipated game of 2014 and GOTY has arrived. Watch Dogs, dubbed the spawn of GTAV and Assassins Creed, puts you in the hacker shoes of Aiden Pearce. At first Aiden is a likeable guy. Cares about his family, does the right thing (though you can choose not to, and become a menace to society), becomes a vigilante of the city of Chicago, and generally fights crime. After an attempted hit on him goes south, killing his Niece, Aiden sets out on a journey across Chicago, using the resources and his magic-like abili...

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