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The good:

- Replayability
- Custom made units
- Load of Technologies and Upgrades
- Your base and units carry one from one mission to the next
- Excellent difficulty setting
- Complete 3D enviornment with full rotational view, giving you unique strategy game play if you know what you're doing
- Graphics, the enviornments are beautiful

The bad:

- Difficult to control units
- It's also difficult to navigate the map, but you can get somewhat used to it
- The music
- Isn't too addictive
- Pumpkin studios is dead


I remember first getting the demo for this game, I was instantly hooked by the idea of creating my own units. For those who are familiar with Masters of Orion, and Orion II. Similarly, you research technologies and choose which body, locomotor and turret to put onto your unit.

The game at first will move beautifully, but you'll soon find yourself not as interested in the story line. This isn't one of those games you'll play, whether fun or not, just to know what the story line is and how it ends.

Perhaps the first thing that will frustrate you is the unit control. After a while you'll find yo...


Warzone 2100

The good:

An RTS with challenge! Tons of cool gear to reasearch, good plotline and cool FMV's

The bad:

Hard to learn, even harder to master. Insufficient instruction manual (make you buy the strategy guide)


Warzone 2100 for the PSX is a very good game that was obviosly well thought through. The heavy customization allows for a lot of variation in game play as well as player strategy. I've always enjoyed the research aspect of such games. These side elements add to an overall strategy approach as opposed to a "blow crap up" type attitude. Another good aspect is the challenge and the way it is built up in play. For example, at the beginning, learning the game is allowed for by not having a time limit. After that the games pace picks up quickly (too quickly for the faint of heart!). I find this...

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