Warzone 2100 Mission Guide v1
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Warzone 2100 Mission Guide v1

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Warzone 2100 Mission Guide by Necrin


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23/04/02 First Version


(1) Overview

(2) Before you start

(3) Walkthrough

(4) Explanation of Structures

(5) Vehicle, Weapon list

(6) Cheats


Warzone is a futuristic Tactical Warfare Sim. Your objective is to locate all
the relics that were lost in the holocaust and use them to retake control of the
earth and make it a peaceful place once again. You will have to construct bases
which include power stations factories and research centers which all have vital
functions. Your factories produce tanks that you use in battle against the many
hostiles you will face you also pick up the relics you need from destroyed enemy
bases. The game is split into missions across four different campaigns when you
have achieved your objective the mission is over.


Make sure you repair or recycle any high ranked vehicles and don稚 let them be
destroyed it will take you a while to level up a new one.

Don稚 go overboard with building it can drain you power only build the amount of
units you think necessary to destroy one base them add to them if some of your
tanks are destroyed.

Fortify you base with turrets cannons and cyborgs even if you have a huge army
of tanks fighting a battle ahead if you base is not defended properly it could
prove fatal.

Add modules to you facilities as they become available they will improve their

Assign repairing units strategically around the map and have damaged groups go
to its location to be repaired. 

Destroy enemy bases completely if a factory remains it can still produce

Obtain, as many Artifacts as you can some of the technology is really helpful.

Try to vary your unit痴 weapons as enemy痴 weaknesses can differ.

Research everything you can before finishing a mission it will save you time

Attack bases with a complete units their is no point sending just a few tanks to
destroy an entire base.

And if all else fails cheat well not really.



Mission 1

Your first mission will be to establish a base in this sector

Highlight all the trucks by holding down X and dragging get used to moving them
around the terrain. Now press O to bring up the menu only three options will be

Unit orders: use this to give your units orders on how they should act in battle
not really valid for trucks

Intelligence display: use this to hear you briefings again if you forgot you

Build: use this command for your trucks to build the structures available

Press X to select Build, Select command center from the list the icon will turn
into a white box place the command center in your chosen area. Select Factory
from the Build list and place it somewhere you can see it. Build a power
generator next then a research facility you are now ready to begin press X over
the purple orb to build an oil derrick and that痴 the end of the first mission.

Mission 2

Scavenger Raiders are approaching the base defend it and then destroy them

Bring up the Menu two new options will be available

Manufacture: the factories command use this to build trucks and vehicles

Research: commence research on a vast array of technology

Select Manufacture click the vacant box in the new list select the only tank
available and build six don稚 worry about overbuilding just use Square to take
away units. You should be attacked by some raiders don稚 worry your tanks will
destroy them automatically. Press Square to select all ten tanks look to the
right of the map you will see a red flashing circle these are your targets take
the tanks there by pressing X. You will start to fight a load of hostiles but
this battle is easy destroy them and then go to the nearby base and destroy it
too pick up the artifacts by driving over them. Place your tanks in the main
path to guard it select your trucks and have them build an oil derrick where the
enemy base was they increase your power. Select research from the menu and
research all the items available your vehicles will be automatically upgraded
you don稚 have to recycle them. When your research is complete take the tanks
upwards and destroy the second enemy base you can select your targets
individually by clicking them with the red cursor I recommend to always destroy
the enemies factories first after all it's their lifeline. Take the artifact and
have your trucks build another derrick sometimes you have to wait for them to
burn out. Research the artifact you discovered in the last base then continue
left and destroy the next enemy base take the artifact and finally go below and
destroy the last base don稚 take the final artifact just yet have your trucks
build some machine gun guard towers along the entrance of your base when you are
done take the artifact.

Mission 3

A power surge has been detected to the south of your bases position investigate
the area and recover any artifacts

You can see by the timer you only have one hour to complete the mission but that
should be loads of time. The attack from above should be no problem for the
turrets you placed along your base research engineering and then the other items
then select the design command to build a mobile repair turret and have to fix
your damaged tanks          

Design: use this to design new types of vehicles first select the body then the
propulsion then either weapons or systems

Now take your tanks and destroy the bases below you may have to retreat for to
be repaired. Research the twin machinegun when it becomes available and recycle
all your tanks and build ten twin machinegun tanks go and destroy the remaining
base and have one of your trucks build an oil derrick finally take the artifact.     

Mission 4

You have uncovered power generation technology research it and upgrade your
power station

Repair any damaged tanks with the mobile repair turret build new ones if you
have to. Continue to place guard towers around your base they will prove
invaluable in later missions. Research the power module and add it to your power

The first two zones are now secure. You must gather an assault force and explore
the Zone ahead use the transport to transport your troops to the zone

A new option will be available for this mission

Transport: use this to load your troops its capacity can be seen by clicking on
the transport icon

Select your tanks then click unit orders and select go to transport Load ten
tanks onto the transport once ten are loaded select launch transport from the
transport window

Although this mission is timed you should have no problem. Go to the right of
the map and continue upwards killing hostiles along the way scale the cliffs at
the top and go down into the enemy base destroy them and take the artifact then
return to the landing zone

Mission 5

Return to the area you scouted and find a pre collapse structure, which may
contain the synaptic link technology. Beware the scavenger raiders in this area
may be more technologically advanced. Reinforcements are available.

Use the mobile repair turret to repair your units and then load ten onto the
transport and launch it. Once again this is a timed mission you can research the
artifacts you collect while playing this mission it should save you time later
on. During the mission you will receive an update detailing where the main enemy
encampment is go and destroy it. This mission might be tough your main obstacle
is the new mortar bunkers focus your attack on them first. The Landing Zone may
be compromised defend it but wait to research all the items available before
finishing the mission. 

Mission 6

Take a scout force to investigate the encoded signals in the next zone use
trucks to build defenses around the L.Z

Once again repair your vehicles load a truck and nine tanks onto the
transporter. Once at your destination use the truck to construct   some
machinegun turrets. After a while you will be warned not to continue obviously
ignore that warning and continue downwards. Destroy all the hostiles on the way
and destroy the first base you will then receive another warning from the New
Paradime, take the artifact and research it reinforcements will now be available
so load your mobile repair turret on the transporter and return to be repaired
the timer on the right shows how long it will take the transport to arrive.
Increase your force to fifteen and transport them then go attack the next base.
This will be a long battle you may have to retreat to be repaired several times
destroy the power station first that should hinder their weapon production then
destroy the command post and take the artifact. Continue upwards and finish them
one of take the artifacts and research it then take the last and its mission

Mission 7

We are under attack from the New Paradime repulse the attack and secure the area

Send a group of tanks outside the base to deal with the assault. Research the
factory module and add it to your factory outfit your base with the harcrete
walls inside and out. Build the walls along the roads so your vehicles have easy
access to the base place one point of hardcrete between two hardpoint turrets.
Place some bunkers around the outside of the base and return all your tanks to
be recycled then build some of the new cobra type also build a commander turret
this will open up a new option

Commanders: use this to give your commanders orders you can assign produced
tanks to commanders or pre built ones by selecting a group and clicking on a
commander. Commanders are useful for coordinating attacks against single targets
your vehicles are more focused and less erratic

Your defenses should have held out so use the trucks to repair them and send a
unit downwards to the enemies location the enemy has a big installation here
destroying it will be hard and will take multiple attacks. The enemy will repair
its facilities with trucks. After you have destroyed two of the bases you will
receive a mission update quickly take out the enemy Landing Zone it should
prevent further attack. Continue the attack and you will receive another mission
update go to the discovered base and take out the vital structures add a module
to your research facility and research the other items before finishing off the

Mission 8

Establish another base in this zone to improve our defenses against enemy attack

Return your units to base to be repaired. The enemy will land and make it's way
to your base your defenses should be enough to hold them once your vehicles are
repaired sent them out to attack make your way to the enemy Landing Zone time is
a factor in this mission so you may want to send a few units. Once you have
destroyed the enemy units place a unit on each landing point and send your
trucks to the green marker. Build a factory a power generator and place a
machine gun turret on the green marker to end the mission.

Mission 9

Scout the area where the synaptic link technology is being held to not engage
the enemy

Have your trucks build oil derricks over the purple markers. Put ten units on
the transport. When your arrive you will find an enemy base to your right so
much for not engaging the enemy destroy it and continue right and make your way
to the enemy base this will trigger a surprise attack deal with it and go to the
Landing zone. A mission update will tell you to destroy the New Paradime
installation do so and take the artifacts and research them before returning to
the Landing Zone.

Mission 10

The Synaptic link technology is being researched in another enemy base go there
and retrieve it

Have the repair turret repair the force you just used and load them on the
transport. When you are dropped off go right to find the first two bases destroy
them and go to the main base. You will encounter a new enemy the cyborg destroy
it and its factory and take the artifact. Destroy the two factories and the
research facility take the artifact and research the Synaptic link technology
return to the Landing Zone and defend it and the mission will end.

Mission 11

The enemy is encroaching on our territory repulse the attacks

Build a cyborg factory and upgrade your factories research the cyborg weapons
and produce ten of your choice. Take them into battle and practice. The enemies
landing pattern will be erratic so do your best to defend your two bases. After
a dozen or so landings the mission will be over.

Mission 12

Go to the next sector and locate the New Paradimes main base don稚 let any
enemies leave the vicinity

It's your choice whether to stick with the cyborgs or produce a new Python unit.
Load your desired unit on the transport and launch it. Attack the bases to the
right and continue upwards a mission update will tell you to prevent an enemy
unit from reaching their Landing Zone make this your top priority. If you need
additional units they are only 1 minute away so try out a python unit and
research the acquired artifacts. Time is precious here when you have destroyed
all the bases in sight go to the top right of the map to find an obscured one
and continue left to find the remaining base. When you have eradicated the enemy
return to the LZ.

Mission 13

The New Paradimes main base has been identified establish a forwards base at the
LZ and destroy the New Paradimes base

You may wish to make a Python heavy cannon unit they are useful against all
vehicles. I recommend having all your forces built so transport of additional
forces will be quicker. When you are ready put ten units on the transport and
launch. When your arrive immediately launch another transport and move the other
units out go right for the first enemy attack destroy the base here and take the
artifact. Go back to the Lz and defend it then enemy may escape since they have
hover propulsion continue to destroy the remaining forces on the first island
and continue up the thin stretch to the main base. The enemy force here will be
great have a repair turret stationed nearby for repairs. When you arrive at the
main base take out the cyborg factory then the power generator take out the two
factories and research the composite alloys to make yourself nigh invincible go
right and destroy the enemy forces on the way use the heavy cannons to destroy
the base from afar when your done take the artifact and that will be the end of
the New Paradime and the campaign will end.


Mission 1

Assume control of the Team Beta base and defend it from the Collectives attack

The Collective how Star Trek. This mission is quite hard as is the whole second
campaign your first task is to defend the base build some more trucks and place
them behind your defenses they should automatically repair them place a unit of
tanks at both entrances to the base. Periodically your forces will arrive on
transport this should help matters research the new technologies when you get a
breather when the enemy stops transporting build the walls around your base
again. Send a unit to the bottom right of the map destroy the forces there to
prevent further enemy landings and take the artifact return to base to be healed
then go to the top right of the map take out the forces and the oil derrick have
a truck build one over it. Go left and destroy the turrets guarding the enemy
base then destroy it and take the artifact make sure your base is set up the way
you like it and you may want to upgrade to the mantis bodytype before destroying
the remaining enemies to the left.

Mission 2

One of our transports has been shot down and is under attack defend and recover
the transport

Continue researching anything you couldn稚 last mission take ten heavy cannon
Mantis and board the transport. When you arrive proceed diagonally up to your
destination you will be attacked by a few forces but nothing you cant handle
approach the transport to rescue the units and it's mission over.

Mission 3

The collective are on an intercept course of our base hold off their attacks and
destroy their northern base

Your base should be fully restored and defended with turrets and bunkers from
the first mission but if it's not place a unit if front where the collective
will attack have a repair turret nearby for repairs. When the attack ends send a
unit to the enemies base destroy the factories and then the enemy take the
artifact. Continue upwards to find two more bases destroy them and take the
artifacts stick to the mantis bodytype the panther has no advantages. Have the
trucks build two additional oil derricks before finishing off the remaining
enemy turrets.

Mission 4

An enemy commander is receiving a shipment from Nexus go and intercept him, take
the shipment and return to the LZ

Repair you vehicles and send ten to the transport continue your research of the
enemy artifacts. When you arrive go up and to the left a bit destroy the enemy
turrets at the top left of the map is the base where the enemy commander is get
there as fast as possible. Destroy the factories then the vehicles one has the
artifact when you have it escape to the LZ research it before finishing the

Mission 5

The enemies aircraft flight path has been traced go there and destroy the
airbase and recover the artifacts

Repair you units and place anti aircraft defense around your base if you haven't
already done so. Proceed to the enemy base you will discover another on your way
destroy it and continue on you might want to try out a mantis mortar unit they
are useful for long range attacks. Attack the main base go around to the left
and destroy the walls continue in and destroy the Vtol pads that will prevent
further enemy aircraft attacks destroy the rest of the enemies facilities and
take the artifacts research them. You can now produce Vtols first build the
factory and add two modules to it then design a vtol of your choice phosphor
bombs are good make some rearming pads for them to reload their weapons. A
mission update will tell you to rescue some civilians take your new Vtols there
and save the civilians then take a regular unit there and finish the enemy off.

Mission 6

Take a unit and go to the enemies nuclear reactor and destroy it don稚 let the
collective activate it

Finish incorporating Vtol technology and add a few strike towers for defensive
purposes choose a unit and board the transport. When you arrive you will be
immediately attacked deal with it and proceed to the enemy marker. The enemy
base is heavily defended you may have to call in reinforcements destroy the
enemies facilities first and take the artifacts the assault gun is a good weapon
choice now. When the enemy base is destroyed return to the LZ but research the
artifacts first.

Mission 7

Go to the Nasda central site and take control of it before the Collective or
Nexus can use it

Repair your units build additional units for transport put your selected unit on
the transport and launch. When you arrive go to the green marker protect the
Nasda site from being destroyed take out the factory to the left of it take the
artifacts and research them. When you have acquired enough of the artifacts you
will be prompted to return to the LZ

Mission 8

Go to the site where Nexus has integrated itself into the Nasda satellites and
destroy it then return to base

You know what I'm going to say, yes repair your units and load ten on the
transport. When you arrive go up a bit to discover an enemy base ignore it and
continue to you main objective. Once there destroy the satellite tower then the
factory take the artifacts and research them. No artifacts can be gotten form
the first base so just research the others before returning to the LZ.

Mission 9

You must prepare to leave your base but first you must destroy the SAM sites in
the surrounding area to buy some time.

Do the usual and load the transport. Take the two sites to your right first you
may want to include some anti aircraft weapons in you flank as their are many
Vtols in the area. Destroy the first two bases and take the artifact heal your
units and proceed to the last two bases use Mortars to destroy the bases
defenses before moving in for the kill. When you have destroyed all four bases
the mission will end.

Mission 10

You are to make a safe haven for evacuation procedure go to the area and
eliminate any enemy presence in it

The usual transport nuff said. When you arrive go far left to discover some
enemies then go far right cross the gap and go top right to find the enemy base
destroy it and take the artifact you should research the Tiger bodytype it has
more power than the Scorpion. Go left to discover another base when that is
destroyed take the artifact and go down. Destroy the mini base here return to
the LZ and deal with the remaining few enemies.

Mission 11

Evacuate Beta Base

Immediately load a unit on the transport your base should be able to hold out
against the extensive Collective attack. When all your vehicles are loaded on
the transport the mission will end.

Mission 1

Establish an Lz and build a forward base

When you land have your trucks build a command center you will be attacked by
some enemy cyborgs they should be no trouble. Build up your base make a factory
research center etc you don稚 have to worry about fortifying it too much. Take a
unit to the top and destroy the base there and take the artifact. Use the trucks
to build oil derricks. Go left to find three more enemy bases destroy them but
leave an enemy remaining. Build more oil derricks and research the artifacts
before finishing the mission.

Mission 2

Secure Lz and destroy missile silo

Take your units back to repaired. It would be convenient to have several repair
facilities operating it will cut down time. Research the cannon rounds they are
by far the best weapon then board the transport. Head straight to the red marker
unfortunately the path is being guarded by loads of Nexus cyborgs. Load a repair
vehicle on the transport as well as some reinforcements. Approach the first base
make a partition in the wall and destroy the cyborg factories then take out the
factory below then finish off the base. You will receive a mission update you
have to get out of the area quickly before the warhead goes off make your way to
the green marker you will be attacked by more of Nexus troops on the way but it
shouldn't be too hard.

Mission 3

Gamma base is under attack defend it

The unit you used in your last mission will be gone so you will have to fall
back on another. Go to the first red marker you will be attacked by vtols and
cyborgs on the way. When you attack the first base an update will indicate that
Nexus has taken over Gamma base bummer. Destroy the base you were attacking and
take the artifact you will now have a new weapon the laser however I insist that
the cannon is the best weapon in the game. Go the left side of the map and
destroy the other base and take the artifact. You now have to go and destroy
Gamma base take out the factories and take the artifacts you will pick up a new
body type but it's not worth changing the Tiger type is the best. Once Gamma
base is destroyed continue right to find the last few remaining enemies

Mission 4

Take a scout force and rescue team Alpha

Repair your units from the last battle and board the transport. When you land
deal with the attack and proceed to the green marker at the bottom right of the
map you will be attacked by some cyborgs along the way. When you arrive where
team Alpha was stationed team Alpha will become controllable. Have the truck
demolish the tank traps and take all your units to the evac zone.

Mission 5

Defend your base from Nexus attack

Your command center will be instantly destroyed rebuild it the enemy force is to
the right of your base take a unit there and destroy. Find the other units
dotted around the map they will be hard to find because you sensors are not
working. Once you have destroyed the ground forces you will be periodically
attacked from the air install anti aircraft defenses to deal with them. The
mission will almost take the entire time limit. When time is nearly up look
around the map for blue dots some enemy's may be hiding   

Mission 6

Take control of scout team and lead them to Alpha unit

You will be immediately attacked destroy them and go down a bit you will notice
some friendly units which you can control. Take your unit down to the green
marker to find the friendly base you can now build and research again. Research
the Nexus resistance circuits to prevent nexus from taking over again. An enemy
unit will attack from the right of the base take a unit there to deal with them
then go to the enemy base in the center of the map. Destroy the vtol factory and
the rearming pads take the artifact and finish off the base now go to the right
to find another enemy base destroy the factories first then the remaining
enemies and take the artifacts. Gamma base is to the top of the map if you need
assistance your next targets are a little bit to the left of Gamma base go there
and destroy them and take the artifacts research the excellent needle gun and
design some new units incorporating it before destroying the last enemy.

Mission 7

Capture missile silo

This mission is HARD you have but two hours to finish it. The lasats will
routinely fire around the map however their aim is not great so they are as just
a hindrance to your enemies your objective is at the bottom right of the map.
Soften them up by attacking with vtols until most of their defenses are
destroyed then send a few units in for the kill. Take out the factories and
power stations to really prevent your enemies from attacking you further then
destroy the base take the artifacts to finish the mission.

Mission 8 research Nexus intruder program

Immediately begin researching the Nexus intruder program take your unit bask to
base when the timer reaches zero Nexus units will attack. Destroy the units who
attack the base and remain there to fortify it. When you have researched the
Nexus program you must research the missile lock codes meanwhile build up a few
units and send them to where the missile silos are located to deal with the
Nexus cyborgs. When the first missile code is researched make your way back to
base to defend it against attack research the second missile code. When that is
researched take a unit down to where the silos are to defend it from cyborg
attack make sure you leave defenses at your base also because that will be
attacked too. The last attack will be from the air survive that and it's mission

Mission 9

Destroy Nexus

You have some time to prepare use it repair your units and build more when you
are satisfied board the transport. When you arrive DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY to a
certain extent you don稚 have to destroy every unit on this mission my advice is
to take out the Vtol base at the bottom center of the map if they are allowed
rearm they will prove to be a big hindrance. When you have that done tackle the
main base it is heavily fortified but you should be able to destroy it with
multiple strikes additional units are only a minute away and with no time limit
on this mission you cant loose. When you have destroyed the base it's game over
for Nexus or is it?


Command center: Your main base of operations enables the map so you can locate
your objectives. In most missions if this is destroyed it's game over

Power generator: You need power to build units and buildings so a power
generator is vital to your success. Build derricks to increase it's output you
can also add a module

Factory: Without these your nothing you can build designed units in the Factory.
Add modules to increase it's output and to enable you to build medium and heavy

Research facility: Use this to research all those lovely artifacts you find. Add
a module to increase it's output

Cyborg factory: You research this later in the game use it to build cyborgs
research further technologies to make additional weapons

Repair facility: This is faster than the mobile repair turrets you will find an
artifact that increases it productivity.

Vtol factory: Use this to make Vtol's of varying description

Vtol rearming pad: If you want Vtol's you need these, they will heal and rearm
you vtols

Hardcrete Plasticrete Supercrete: Use this to build walls with it is vital that
you base is well protected use this to your advantage

Command relay center: This enables you to research commanders how are very
useful in battle.

Viper: This is the first bodytype obviously the worst
Cobra: The next a good bodytype
Scorpion: A great bodytype the yellow types are resistant to flame
Mantis: Has a slight power increase over the Scorpion
Bug: A big drop for the yellow bodytype but it's the fastest in the game
Leopard: The green type is resistant to machinegun fire
Panther: Has double the power and attack ratio of the Leopard
Tiger: The best all round bodytype is fast to produce and has great armour
Retaliation: The black type has very strong defense against missiles
Retribution: faster then Retaliation but it consumes a lot of power to produce
Vengeance: The ultimate bodytype but is slow to produce


Wheels: Not very fast at all but they get you through the first few missions
Tracks: Way faster than wheels get these
Half tracks 1,2,3: Slightly slower than tracks but they increase vehicles armour
Hover: Researched much later in the game can float on water
Vtol: the fastest propulsion and it has the most armour points


Their are too many weapons to list but I will list my favorites

Machinegun heavy twin: The default weapon good against structures and armored
Flamer Inferno: Flamethrowers good against cyborgs but you have to get in close
very risky
Cannon assault hyper velocity: Cannons are great you can shoot from afar taking
little damage good against vehicles
Rail gun Gauss Needle: the best weapons good against everything and they have
the best range get these
Hurricane Mini pod Avenger: These are anti aircraft weapons their power is
incredible pity they can only shoot Vtols


Truck: Build structures and repair them with these if all your trucks and
factory are gone it's the end of you
Mobile repair turret: A great addition to the first few missions repair you
units with this
Command turret: Use this to assign commanders to a unit their fire becomes more
Sensor turret: Use this to make your units attack any oncoming enemy approaching
you base
Vtol strike turret: Assign this and your Vtols will attack any oncoming enemy's                         
Vtol CB radar turret: Assign this to make your hardpoints attack any enemy
Vtol's flying over the base
CB turret: same as above except hardpoints will attack ground vehicles with more


You need two controllers to make this cheat work

First hold start on controller 2 until the memory card screen appears. At the
title screen using controller 2 press L1 R1 R2 L1 Select and Start you will then
be able to access campaigns two and three and then you can input the following
codes in game using controller 2

Select: Press to skip to the next mission
Triangle: Everything on the map becomes visible
Circle: Infinite power
X: All items available in research list
R1: Add all structures to build list
R2: Add all features to build list
Start and square: Increase player numbers
Up: Super units
Down: Finishes any research being undertaken
Left: Toggle debug mode
Right: Wimpy units