Warzone 2100 (PSX) Cheats

Warzone 2100 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Access Controller 2 Cheats And Campaign 2 & 3 Cheat
Put a controller in the second controller port, then on the second controller Hold Start until you get to the first game screen. Now at the Main Menu or during a paused game, Press L1, R1, R2, L1, Select, Start. If done correctly you should now have the options Start Campaign 2 & 3.
And now cotroller two can be used to cheat during the game. (All cheats have to be entered on the second controller)
All items (research, guns, vehcles etc)
When cheat mode is enabled, press X on controller 2 to make every item researched, so you can build everything without having to research it firt.
You need two controllers to make this cheat work.
First hold start on controller 2 until the memory card screen appears. At the title screen using controller 2 press L1 R1 R2 L1 Select and Start you will then be able to access campaigns two and three and then you can input the following codes in game using controller 2

Select: Press to skip to the next mission
Triangle: Everything on the map becomes visible
Circle: Infinite power
X: All items available in research list
R1: Add all structures to build list
R2: Add all features to build list
Start and square: Increase player numbers
Up: Super units
Down: Finishes any research being undertaken
Left: Toggle debug mode
Right: Wimpy units
Current research completed
When cheat mode is enabled, Press down on controller two and anything you're researching will automatically be completed.
God mode and reveal map
When cheat mode is enabled, press triangle on controller 2 to activate this cheat.
Instant buildings
When cheat mode is enabled, Press R1 on controller two and chose a building to place anywhere. This means that you don't have to wait for structures to build.
Instant unit
When cheat mode is enabled, Press R2 on controller two and choose a unit to place on the map. The unit will instantly appear there, and you don't need to wait for it to build.
Level Skip
When cheat mode is enabled, press select on controller 2 to skip the current level.
Play as other teams (nexus, scavengers etc)
When cheat mode is enabled, Press start + square on controller two to let you play as a different side, so you get different units and buildings etc.
Super Unit Strength
When cheat mode is enabled, Press Up on controller two to enable this cheat.
Unlimited Power
When cheat mode is enabled, press circle on controller 2 to give you unlimited power.
VTOL Trick
This little trick requires VTOL technology.
1First of all go to vehicle design screen and select any body.
2Select VTOL propulsion.
3Select a VTOL weapon for example the Thermite Bomb bay.
4Go back to the propulsion and select something other than VTOL.
You should now have VTOL weaponry on a ground based tank. A recommended test unit is the Thermite Bomb Bay Tiger Tracks. This does work trust me, I don't lie.
Weak unit strength
When cheat mode is enabled, Press Right on controller two to make all your units weaker.