Warzone 2100 (PC) Cheats

Warzone 2100 cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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Console Commands
Press the "T" key anytime during gameplay and enter one of the following codes to activate the desired cheat.
PasswordWhat it does
work harderComplete all active research
hallo mein schatzComplete current mission
carol vordermanDisplay programmer message
double upDouble strength
easyEasy Mode
show me the powerExtra 1 000 power
mouseflipFlips direction when changing viewing angle
hardHard Mode
biffer bakerIndestructible units
whale finInfinite power
get off my landKill all enemy units
killselectedKill selected units
demo modeMap jumps around
normalNormal Mode
skakeyScreen shakes when units explode
timedemoShow frame rate
how fastShow game speed
versionConfirm activation of any cheats
time toggleStop mission timer
sparkle greenStronger units
john kettleyToggle weather
Debug Mode Cheat Codes
Create a shortcut to the game's execute file anywhere, then right-click it and edit the Target field command line 'to "warzone.exe-ImACheatingScallyWag''. Run the game using this custom shortcut and you will be able to activate various cheats in the game using the following keyboard shortcuts.
CodeWhat it does
CTRL+GReveal all map on Radar
CTRL+MSkip Mission
CTRL+NPower Boost
CTRL+OInstantly build structures
CTRL+XInstantly complete Research