Warzone 2100 Cheats

Warzone 2100 cheats, and Codes for Linux.


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Enabling Cheat Mode and Cheat Codes
To enable cheat mode, type the following command in the command line:

warzone2100 --cheat

This should give the message
or something similar in the terminal when the game loads.

Available cheat codes are:

Cheat code 	 What it does
biffer baker Units deal more damage & are stronger
build info Tells you the date when the game was built
count me Prints the number of objects in the game
deity God mode
demo Demo mode
double up Your units are twice as strong
droidinfo Shows unit info & stats
easy Sets difficulty to easy
get off my land Kills all visible enemy units & structures on the map
give all Allows you to build and research everything
hard Sets difficulty to hard
john kettley Changes the weather to rain, snow, or clear
kill1 Kills the selected units
let me win Causes you to win the current mission
mouseflip Inverts the mouse buttons
no faults Audio Clip - "There are no faults in the renderer at the moment"
normal Sets difficulty to normal
sensors Shows sensor ranges when sensors are selected
shakey Toggle screen shake when units die
time toggle Turns the mission timer on or off
timedemo Shows game info & stats
whale fin Toggles infinite power
work harder Finishes all current active research
research all Gives you everything researched. Version 2.1 only.