Warriors Orochi review
Warriors Orochi Review

The good:

- Gameplay
- Music
- Characters

The bad:

- Story mode with same stages


For those who are new to the franchise, Warriors Orochi is a game combined with the characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. The storyline starts where an evil force named Orochi abducts the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors from their worlds, and collides into one, where the all-out battle begins against Orochi.


The gameplay itself is very fun and fast paced. Compared to previous games things are a lot different. The controls are very similar to the previous titles and aren't very difficult to pick up and play. People who aren't very experienced at the game can play with ease as some of the combos are simply button bashing. The newest and probably best feature in the new gameplay of Warriors Orochi is the ability to form a party, having 3 characters to play as through the whole game. You can choose from any 3 characters and use them for any level.

Using R2 and L2 to switch from character to character makes things fun and slightly easier than the previous games. All characters have a new move called Enhanced Strike, which is performed by pressing the R1 button. This move consumes musou and varies between every character. Another add-on which makes the gameplay more frantic, is the Personal Items. Each character has a Personal Item which can only be obtained through doing a certain task on a certan stage. After obtaining this item, it increases the strength of your Enhanced Strike and unlocks the 4th artwork in the gallery.

Weapon improvements can be performed by using the new Weapon Fusion system. You can combine attributes of multiple weapons of one character into an ultimately more powerful weapon.

There are stages featured from Dynasy Warriors and Samurai Warriors and it's a joy to see your favourite characters from both franchises, playing on levels from different games. However, something that brought the joy down on this game, was the story mode with the stages. Each story mode from Wu, Wei, Shu and SW some of the same stages, which gets sort of repetitive as I think they could have been more inventive and added a few more stages. Especially the final level, when you face the mighty Orochi, it's the same stage for each kingdom.


Don't worry, it's not a brand new soundtrack as it contains well known songs from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games, also including some new tracks which makes the game more enjoyable. I thought the music played a great part in this game, as I loved every single track.


With a total of 79 characters, you can't go wrong in this game. This contains 48 characters from Dynasty Warriors, 29 from Samurai Warriors and 2 new characters exclusively for this game. With the aid of the party system, allowing to play 3 characters, makes the characters even more fun to use as you can combine your favourites into one party and battle it out.


Something which has only been introduced into Warriors Orochi is classes. Those being Power, Speed and Technique. Every character is grouped into one of those classes. This shows a lot more about characters and gives a better understanding of what type they are if you've never used them before.


I really don't see any flaws in this game. It's one of my favourite games of all time, especially out of the previous games created by Koei. The new battle system and every new feature makes the game very fast paced and fun. If you're a fan of Dynasty Warriors and/or Samurai Warriors, this is the game for you.

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