Warriors Orochi Keiji Maeda FAQ v1.02
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Warriors Orochi Keiji Maeda FAQ

by madaboutbuffy   Updated to v1.02 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Warriors Orochi on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Keiji Maeda FAQ
Warriors Orochi
By Matthew Short ( madaboutbuffy )


Table of Contents:

1. Legal Stuff
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Controls
5.a) Keiji Maeda: Who is Keiji Maeda?
b) Keiji Maeda: History
c) Keiji Maeda: Overall story involvement
d) Keiji Maeda: Changes
e) Keiji Maeda: Moveset
f) Keiji Maeda: How to unlock him
g) Keiji Maeda: Why use him?
h) Keiji Maeda: Who works best in a team with him?
i) Keiji Maeda: How to use him
j) Keiji Maeda: Recommended Weapon Attributes
k) Keiji Maeda: How to unlock his Personal Item
l) Keiji Maeda: How to get a good 4th weapon
m) Keiji Maeda: Name of Weapons
n) Keiji Maeda: Abilities he unlocks
6. FAQ
7. Credits
8. Contact Me
9. A note from me
10. Version History

1. Legal Stuff

This guide may not be reproduced unless for private use. It may not be put on
any website unless they ask me for permission and I accept.
Use of this guide on any other website or as a public display is a
violation of copyright.

These websites have permission to use my FAQ's:


If you see my FAQ on any other websites other than the ones
listed then please notify me.

Copyright 2008 Matthew Short

2. Introduction:

Hey! This is an FAQ about Keiji Maeda! I have wrote a couple of FAQ's
now so I should be getting the hang of it by now. But I'm sure
that there are plenty of nice people out there who will tell me what
I have done wrong. I will give credit to them for helping me.
Well I think I have said enough ( technically typed but hey )
so I hope you enjoy this FAQ and I hope that it helps you.

3. Story:

Descending from above, the evil Serpent King Orochi shattered time
and space to test his strength against the most courageous warriors from
Ancient China and Feudal Japan. Great armies fell, yet many are still
fighting for survival - and now the greatest showdown in history is
about to take place... ( Taken from the back of the game case )

4. Controls:

The controls in this game are similar to the others, but here is a quick
list, to show you what buttons do what:

Main Menu or Battle Menu:

Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move up and down
X = Confirm
Triangle = Back

Select a character screen:

Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move in all directions
X = Confirm
Triangle = Back
Circle = Change character outfit

In battle:

Square = Normal Attack
Triangle = Charge Attack
Circle = Musou Attack
X = Jump
L1 = Block
R1 = Special Ability
L2 - R2 = Switch between characters in your team
Select = Call for horse
Start = Open up battle menu
Left Analogue Stick = Move around
R3 ( Push Right Analogue Stick in ) = Change map type
Right Analogue Stick = Change the camera angle


Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move up and down
X = Confirm
Triangle = Back

Highlighting Picture in the Gallery:

X = See a bigger version
Triangle = Back
Circle = Set as background
Square = Remove background

5.a) Keiji Maeda: Who is Keiji Maeda?

That is a good question. Basically he is a lone warrior, who loves
battle and a challenge. He loves Okuni, but has complicated
relationship with Goemon Ishikawa, who also loves Okuni.
Now he returns in Warriors Orochi. Keiji is a power type character.

5.b) Keiji Maeda: History

Keiji Maeda was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku Period through
early Edo Period. He was born to the Takigawa Clan of Owari, originally
the son of Takigawa Kazumasu. He was adopted by
Maeda Toshihisa, the older brother of Maeda Toshiie.
While in Kyoto, Toshimasu met and befriended Kanetsugu
Naoe and Kagekatsu Uesugi. The three became close friends.
Keiji Maeda rode a legendary horse named Matsukaze. 
The horse was said to be monstrous in size and have immense strength.

5.c) Keiji Maeda: Overall story involvement


Keiji is a very awkward character to describe what role he plays in the
story. Since in each story it's basically a different role he plays, I'll
just say all of them. In most he is working for Orochi, but for the
other, he is still working for Orochi, but gives you a chance to impress
him, if you achieve this challenge then he'll join you and fight
against Orochi.

5.d) Keiji Maeda: Changes

Keiji Maeda is pretty much the same as he was in Samurai Warriors 2.
They have made some slight changes though...

His alternate outfit is different.
He can't roll anymore.
He only has one R1 special now.

That's all.

5.e) Keiji Maeda: Moveset

S = Square  T = Triangle

Standing Attacks:

S = Spinning attack ( Moving )

SSSSSSSS = A series of swings with his weapon, then he smashes
the ground.

TTT = A series of swings with his weapon.

STTT = One attack, then a slash upwards, knocking the enemy into
the air, then he hits them twice whilst they are airborne.

SSTTT = Two attacks, then he punches, followed by a spinning
attack, then he smashes the ground.

SSSTTT = Three attacks, then he swings his weapon around his
head 4 times, then finishes off with one huge swing.

Musou = He stands still attacking with his weapon horizontally.

True Musou = Exactly the same apart from at the end he swings
his weapon horizontally three times, moving forwards.

Jump Attack = One horizontal slash.

Jump Charge = Brings his weapon down into the ground.

L1 = Block ( Not Moving )

L1 + Left Analogue Stick = Block ( Moving )

R1 = Stamps on the floor, and a big shockwave comes around him
and knocks all the enemies away.

Select = Call for a horse. ( Not inside a castle )

Mounted Attacks:

T = The horse rears up and attack the enemy. ( Not Moving )

T = The horse jumps and lands, hurts the enemy. ( Moving )

SSSSSSSS = Attacks to his right 8 times.

ST = Attacks to his right once, then does a vertical attack, knocking
the enemy into the air.

SST = Attacks to his right twice, then hits them again with the
blunt end of his weapon, stunning them.

SSST = Attacks to his right three times,  then smashes the ground.

Musou = The horse charges forwards with a barrier in front of it, it
hits anybody in it's way.

L1 = Block ( Not Moving )

L1 + Left Analogue Stick = Block ( Moving )

5.f) Keiji Maeda: How to unlock him

Keiji Maeda is probably one of the hardest characters to unlock!
Firstly, it's the Wu Story.
When you unlock Gaiden 6, do it.
This is the battle of Osaka Bay.

Here is what you have to do...

You will start the battle on a fair sized battle map. Make sure all of
your generals stay alive, not one can die. First wait until Lu Meng tells
you that some friendly forces should be in the area. Go into your main
camp and hit the drum.

Now go to the south and clear out all the enemies down there until
Lu Meng tells you the same thing about friendly forces. Go back up
to the drum and hit it. Make sure to kill all the enemy generals you
see, it will make your life so much easier, as will a level 99 character
with a fast horse. ( Although I did this without a horse! )

Keep hitting that drum when Lu Meng tells you, when he is not
telling you, concentrate on helping the others getting closer to
the enemy main camp. When Hanzo Hattori finally appears, you
can concentrate on getting everyone to the enemy main camp,
obviously apart from the one protecting your main camp.

Lu Meng will mention friendly forces in the area again after Hanzo
Hattori appears, you can activate this person, but it is entirely
optional. Make sure everyone gets to the enemy main camp.
This all has to be done in less than 20 minutes! When you have
finally done all of that, the doors to the enemy main camp will
open, when they do, kill Keiji Maeda to unlock him.

5.g) Keiji Maeda: Why use him?

This is a good question! Why should you use Keiji Maeda?
Because I said so... Not really.
Because he is one of the most powerful characters in the game,
his moves can combine together well causing mass damage on
the enemy, He has good weapon range, because you spent all
that time unlocking him and it seems a waste not to use him!

Just give him a try!

5.h) Keiji Maeda: Who works best in a team with him?

Thats really a matter of opinion on who works best in a team with him...
but Kunoichi works well with him, and Hideyoshi is a must!
Ranmaru is also good with him. As is Da Ji.
Or you could choose whoever works best for you... your favourite
character, or your strongest character, it's entirely up to you!

Oh on a side note... Hideyoshi is great with Keiji, but I have to
admit, his voice is very irritating so don't let that stop you from
using him, although it nearly stopped me from using him.

Here are some of the teams that I have used...

Here you go:

Team 1

Keiji Maeda, Kunoichi and HIdeyoshi Toyotomi/Hashiba

This team is great, use Kunoichi's invisibility a lot! Hideyoshi is
there mainly to add speed to Keiji's attacks. Read below to know
how to use Keiji Maeda.

Team 2

Keiji Maeda, Ginchiyo Tachibana and Hideyoshi Toyotomi/Hashiba

This team is good too. Ginchiyo's special is great. It completely
clears the zone you are in if she is powerful enough. This is very
useful, especially on the harder difficulties. Hideyoshi is there
to add speed to Keiji's attacks. Read below to know how to use
Keiji Maeda.

Team 3

Keiji Maeda, Yukimura Sanada and Kanetsugu Naoe

This team is good too! Yukimura is there because his attacks
have good range on them. Kanetsugu's attacks also have good
range on them. Plus if they are both powerful enough, their
attacks can be devastating. Read below to know how to use
Keiji Maeda.

5.i) Keiji Maeda: How to use him

Keiji is a very easy character to use. His moves are very easy to
pull off, even with Hideyoshi's speed buff. His only problem is his
R1 special. I don't find it that useful. Sure it's good to get enemies
away from you, but there are many more better than it.

His TTT move is effective if you are attacking a small group of enemies,
or maybe a general. His STTT move is okay, not the best in the world,
but not the worst, this is a move that should focus on a powerful lone

His SSTTT is a powerful move, and is great to use on a medium sized
group of enemies. His SSSTTT is by far his best move, this is great
for any group of enemies, and generals will be devastated by this attack,
especially if you have bolt on your weapon!

His SSSSSSSS is an okay move, the beginning part if good for a group,
but the ending is meant for a lone enemy, so it is pretty awkward.

5.j) Keiji Maeda: Recommended Weapon Attributes

First off I'm going to give you a list of the attributes, and what they do.

Here you go...

Fire: Sets opponent on fire with some charge attacks, good for the
earlier difficulty settings.

Ice: Freezes opponents with some charge attacks.

Bolt: Very powerful, with some charge attacks but 100%
guaranteed to happen. Very powerful, good for all modes.

Slay: Very powerful, does good damage against generals and
can kill peons in one hit, with some charge attacks.

Brave: Increases your attack strength against generals.

Flash: Breaks through the enemy's guard.

Air: Increases your attack strength when enemies are airborne.

Range: Increases your attack range.

Multi: Produces Clones when doing charge attacks.

Drain: Absorbs enemy's life.

Might: Increases attack strength.

Absorb: Absorbs enemy's musou.

Agility: Increases attack speed, all charge attacks.

Rage: Increases Strength, Decreases Health.

That's all of them. All of these go up to 10, the attack goes up 20 and
you can have 8 slots. 

Here's the weapons:

Weapon 1:


This weapon is great for killing big groups of enemies. Especially
his SSSTTT move, this weapon will use that move to it's full

Weapon 2:


This weapon is strong, his clones also have a chance at hitting
the enemies and you will be able to get more hits in with his
SSSTTT move.

It honestly doesn't matter which weapon you choose, they are both good.

5.k) Keiji Maeda: How to unlock his Personal Item

Unlocking Keiji Maeda's Personal Item is very easy.
First of all do the Wu Story.
The battle is The Battle of Jian Ye Castle.
Oh you have to be Keiji Maeda for all of this. Bear in mind, you
can get this item on any difficulty setting.

Here is what you have to do...

First off, you are on a very small map. Kill 100 enemies and protect
No. Then kill Zhen Ji, Masamune Date and Dong Zhuo. You have to
make sure No's health stay quite high. Also make sure you don't
kill Masamune Date last, otherwise the stage will end.

The name of his Personal Item is Journal of a Wandering Warrior
for those of you who were wondering.

5. l) Keiji Maeda: How to get a good 4th weapon

To get Keiji Maeda a good 4th weapon do this...

Get him to level 80+
Get his Personal Item
Get his proficiency maxed
Get a good 3rd weapon
Now go to the Wu Story and go to Gaiden 4, Wan Castle.
It doesn't matter who you have in your team as you should
only need Keiji, but it does help to have a strong Hideyoshi.
Okay. Ready to start? Do this level on Chaos mode! Yes,
Chaos mode! There are 4 weapon boxes in this level. 3 in
actual boxes and 1 off Pang De. This level really isn't hard. You
don't even have to make sure the peasants survive.

Now that you have got the 4th weapon, it's time to start using it!
Make sure you have a lot of weapon fusion points. Because you
are going to need them.


This stage is great for getting everybody's 4th weapons. Just use Keiji
and get even the weakest character's 4th weapons!

5.m) Keiji Maeda: Name of Weapons

Here's the names of Keiji Maeda's weapons and their base attacks.

Here they are:

1st Weapon

Double Pike
Base Attack = 12

2nd Weapon

Snake Tongue
Base Attack = 24

3rd Weapon

Ogre Horn
Base Attack = 48

4th Weapon

Divine Mandible
Base Attack = 96

5.n) Keiji Maeda: Abilities he unlocks

Okay, here I am going to put the skills Keiji Maeda unlocks, and how
he unlocks them.

Here is the list:

1. Potence - Increases attack strength.
Conditions - Defeat 60 enemies

2. Cavalier - Increases skill when mounted / Start battle mounted.
Conditions - Defeat 70 enemies, while maintaining 30% life
gauge status.

3. Power - Increases ablilities of Power category Warriors.
Conditions - Defeat 110 enemies, including 4 officers.

Thats them all!

6. FAQ:

Okay here we go...
Nobody really asks me questions about Keiji Maeda...
I have an idea, I'll make some up!

Question: Keiji Maeda is from the Samurai Warriors series, isn't he?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Which weapon do you use in your Recommended
Weapon Attributes, 1 or 2?
Answer: 1.

Question: Which team do you use in your who works best in a
team with him, 1 2 or 3?
Answer: Mostly 1 and 2!

Question: What is Keiji Maeda best at, Crowd Clearing, or
General Defeating?
Answer: Crowd Clearing.

Question: Which one of Keiji Maeda's outfits do you like better in
this game, number 1 or 2?
Answer: 1.

Question: Why does Keiji have stupid hair?
Answer: I have no idea, and thats mean!

Question: This FAQ is rubbish!
Answer: Go and make your own then! And that wasn't even a

There we go!

7. Credits

KOEI: For making DW and SW and this great game! 

CJayC: For posting this on gamefaqs.com

Dennis: For posting this on supercheats.com

Jeff Rubin: For posting this on pwnguide.com

Eelco: For posting this on chaptercheats.com

Paul Ryan: For posting this on gamesradar.com

MissingLink1121: For convincing me to do this FAQ!

KWMrHonda: For giving me some great ideas for this FAQ!

Me: For making this FAQ!

You: For reading this FAQ and getting this far, congratulations!

8. Contact Me

If you ever need/want to contact me, you can do this at two places.

Number 1

My e-mail address, make sure you put Keiji Maeda FAQ as the
topic so I know where you know me from, if I just get random
e-mails, they are deleted.

matthew ( dot ) short ( at ) ntlworld ( dot ) com

Number 2

AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger )

If you have AOL Instant Messenger
my username is magpiematt54

Send me an e-mail first about the FAQ and then add me. That
way I know where you got my AIM from. I will reply to all of my
e-mails if you put Keiji Maeda FAQ as the topic.

9. A note from me

I hope that this FAQ helps you and that you have many enjoyable
hours playing this great game.

10. Version History

Version 1.02 17/10/08 - Legal Stuff and Credits have been updated.
Version 1.0 8/2/08 - Finally, created this in just one day!