Warriors Orochi (PSP) Cheats

Warriors Orochi cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PSP.


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Unlockable Samurai's 1
  • Clear the given task to unlock the samurai's.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mori RanmaruFinish Wu story stage 1
Saika MagoichiFinish Shu story stage 2
Sanada YukimuraFinish Shu story stage 3
OkuniFinish samurai warriors story stage 3
OichiFinish Wei story stage 6
Uesugi KenshinFinish samurai warriors story stage 7
Takeda ShingenFinish samurai warriors story stage 7
NohStage x3 kill all the messengers who attempt to retreat.
KunoichiStage x4, successfully allow all civilian groups to escape .
Ishikawa GoemonStage x4, break all of Goemon's treasure boxes,
Masamune DateIn Shu story stage x5, aid Saika's ambush, then defeat the enemy commander.
Maeda KeijiIn Wu story stage x6, make sure all ally reinforcements reach Keiji's base before the timer shows 10 minutes remaining.
Unlockable Samurai's 2
  • Complete the given task to unlock the following samurai's.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shima SakonFinish Wu story stage 3
Tachibana GinchiyoFinish Shu story stage 1
Naoe KanetsuguFinish Samurai warriors story stage.
NeneIn Wei story stage x3, beat the two Nene clones less than 4 minutes after their appear ( To start this event free Goemon )
Fuuma KotaroIn Wu story stage x2, beat him after all three supply captains reach your main camp.
Imagawa YoshimotoIn Wei story stage x4, do not allow any engineer units from entering the village.
InahimeFinish Wu story stage 5
Miyamoto MusashiIn Shu Story - Stage x6, open the dam and keep all the swordsmen ( yellow forces ) alive
Honda TadakatsuImpress him in Stage x7 in all four stories
Ishida MitsunariFinish Wei story stage 2
Azai NagamasaFinish Wei story stage 6
Unlockable Wu Force
  • Fulfill the given requirement to unlock the Wu Force.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Zhou YuFinish Wu story stage 1
Taishi CiFinish Wustory stage 2
Lu MengFinish Wu story stage 3
Xiao QiaoFinish Samurai warriors story stage 3.
Sun Shang XiangFinish Wu story stage 5
Huang GaiFinish Wei story stage 5
Ling TongFinish Samurai warriors story stage 5.
Zhou TaiFinish Wu story stage 6
Gan NingFinish Wei story stage 6
Sun QuanFinish Wu story stage 7
Sun JianFinish Wu story stage 7
Lu XunIn samurai warriors story stage x3, escort Lu Xun to his destination .
Da QiaoIn Wu story stage x5, meet Da Qiao before the enemy does .