Warriors Orochi 2 Cheats

Fast way to get around
Much like in the previous game, there are many ways characters can get around fast, some of which are:

Kotaro Fuma - Slide (R1 + Forward), Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Slide just before landing (R1 + Forward).

Zhang He - Charge Attack (R1 + Foward), Jump (X), Air Dash (X) and repeat.

Xiao Qiao - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Charge Attack (Triangle) and repeat.

Masamune Date - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Attack (Square) and keep repeating the attack to get further (works best downhill).

No & Mitsunari Ishida - Jump (X), Air Dash (X), Attack (Square). There are many other characters like this, but these two in particular have attacks that last longer than others, so it gets them that little bit further.

Kunoichi - Max out Impulse ability and she can out-run some horses.

There are probably others, but I've found these to be the fastest and most effective.