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Warriors of the Lost Empire

  • Released on Dec 13, 2007
  • By Tommo for PSP

[edit] Background

A kingdom has fallen. An empire is in ruin. The people have lost hope. Four heroic warriors have risen to revive a lost city. Raid the dungeons and seek out the evil that has overtaken your land and bring glory back to the empire!

[edit] Gameplay

Hack-N-Slash your way through enemy infested dungeons in this action/RPG hybrid. Gather items and raw materials to craft awesome alchemic weapons to defeat your enemies. Find rare and hidden treasures, learn powerful new techniques and spells and vanquish the evil that is plaguing your kingdom.

[edit] Features

  • Graphical Prowess: The title utilizes the graphical prowess of the PSP bringing to life the characters and enemies within the game with clarity and detail. There are a variety of enemies and bosses, as well as spectacular special effects when performing abilities, which light up the screen, adding to a dramatic flair.
  • Item Customization: With hundreds of different items and even more combinations, the ability to develop and “bless” your weapon and armor is almost unprecedented. Not only can you enhance your equipment, you can also purchase upgrades from the NPC’s, further expanding the amount of customization within the game.
  • 4 Avatars: There are four different avatars that you can choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skill sets. Pick the one that is most suited to your playing style.
  • Multiplayer: You and a friend can explore and conquer the various dungeons that are available to you. By combining the skills available to each other, you can compliment one another and enjoy another level of gaming goodness. There is also a dungeon mode, which lets you re-explore dungeons for other content once you have cleared the game, adding more replay value to the title.
  • Load Times: With hardly any load times, you move from one floor to another within the dungeons to keep the action fast and furious.

This game is also known as Lost Regnum: Makutsu no Koutei in Japan.

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  • North America: Dec 13, 2007
  • Japan: Jan 25, 2007
  • Europe: Feb 1, 2008
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