Warlords II Advisor Guide v1.10a
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Warlords II Advisor Guide

by menji76   Updated to v1.10a on
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                              Nick Bryant (Menji76)
                                 July 22, 2008
                                 Version 1.10a 

Warlords II
Macintosh OS 7 (up to OS 8)
Windows 95

                              Table of Contents                              

1. Getting Started.......................................................[100]
    i - Starting a Game..................................................[110]
    ii - Controls........................................................[120]
    iii - How the Game Works.............................................[130]
    iv - Choosing a Map..................................................[140]
    v - Adjusting the Settings...........................................[150]
2. Playing the Game......................................................[200]
    i - The Tool Bar.....................................................[210]
    ii - The Map.........................................................[220]
    iii - Advisor Sayings................................................[230]
    iv - Advisor Pop-Ups.................................................[240]
    v - Data.............................................................[250]
    vi - Hero Guide......................................................[260]
    vii - Battles........................................................[270]
    viii - Diplomaticy...................................................[280]
3. Frequently Asked Questions............................................[300]

                     1.        Getting Started                          [100]

                               Starting a Game                          [110]

+Choose a map

+Setting up a game
 You’ll come to a screen with eight different groups to choose from. Simple   
 move the mouse of the color you wish to be and click the face until it 
 changes to a “human face.” If you want to play with more than one person, 
 make the changes as neccessary. Now, you need to choose your opponents. You 
 don’t have to use every side in the game. Choose easy, medium or hard 
 difficulty and then go on to other settings depending on how you want to 

  Fog of War     - You’ll on be able to see areas where your units/cities are.
  Razing Cities  - You won’t be able to raze (burn) cities if this is on.
  Quests         - Choose whether or not you wish to have quests in the game.

 You can change the name of your civilization by clicking on the default name
 and inputing something else. You’ll notice an option below each group saying,
 “enhanced play.” This option gives you better hero units as you discover 
 them throughout the game. Once you’re ready, press start game.

+Turn 1
 The order always goes; white, yellow, orange, green, light blue, blue, red, 
 black. Use this to your advantage. If any side is set to easy, they won’t 
 move on the first turn (or perhaps the next) but if they are set higher they 
 will move. When it comes to your turn. Name your hero and choose his or her
 gender. You’ll start of with your hero and your strongest unit defending 
 your capital. From here you can start taking over the “grey” cities. These
 cities (depending on how you set them up at the start) will have either the
 weakest/strongest unit in the game guarding them. Simply divide up the two
 units and you should try focusing on getting your hero to the ruins to gain
 gold, units and items. Your other guy should focus on gaining cities until he
 runs out of movements. This is on of the only times when you’ll be safe
 leaving a city undefended while you wait for units to be built.

                                  Controls                              [120]

There are numerous ways to move around in the game, depending on what you like
to use. You can either press the number keys as shown below or use the 
standard four button arrow keys. Alternatively, you could just click the mouse
where you want to move and they'll move.

The Number Keys     Corresponding Direction

   |7|8|9|                 |UL|U|UR|
   |4|5|6|                 |L|   |R|
   |1|2|3|                 |DL|D|DR|

Shift + Click   Military Advisor 

                              How the Game Works                        [130]

Once the game begins you are trying to take over the map and all the cities in
the game. You can choose anywhere from 2-8 players and their difficulty. Each
group takes turns moving and attacking, and whoever is left is declared the

                                Choosing a Map                          [140]

Upon loading the game, you are given a set of choices to choose from. If you
highlight an option, you are given info such as how many players can play, the
number of ruins and cities and a basic look at what the map looks like.

The map you choose determines what type of units there are. Try out different
maps until you fun one to your liking. You can also make a custom map where 
you choose the settings and units you want and a map will be generated.

                            Adjusting the Settings                      [150]

There are a few things you can change prior to the start of the game. Based on
what options you change or update, the difficulty level will go up or down
(it'll list it).

                     2.        Playing the Game                         [200]

                                   Tool Bar                             [210]
To the bottom right of the screen is your toolbar. These are some of the most
important things to learn about. Mastering each will help you succeed. If a 
button is gray and the game won't let you click it, that means it's not 
accessible with your current position. This usually is because you don't have 
anyone selected. 

The first button you'll see is a pair of legs. By clicking this, you'll switch
into movement mode (nothing will change) but the game will show you how far 
you can go by hovering over whatever you want to go too. Open circles show 
that your unit will be able to move there and a circle with an X means he 
won't be able to get there that turn.

Next is the right arrow button. Pressing this switches to the next available
unit. It will only switch to the next unit if they haven't done anything (such
as moving or fortifying), you can then choose what you'd like to do.

The exclamation mark essentially means you want to leave them alone. They 
won't fortify themselves but you don't want to deal with them right now. If
you continue to press the next button, you'll eventually come back.

The dual swords crossing each other allows your units to fortify themselves
while defending your cities. Giving them a defense bonus and an advantage in 
battle if they're attacked. You can also gain a small one while defending on 
the ground.

The flag with the x below it is a nicer version of the leave button. You won't
move or defend but it'll leave them alone until next turn. Get use to this one
late in the game.

In the right corner, are arrows that allow you to move the map around. There 
really isn't a point to this since you can move it much easier with your mouse.

On the next row are some important buttons. The first one checks where the 
unit is going. However, it'll only show you this if they currently have a 
selected path.

The question mark in the center gives you info about the current unit.

The last button in the middle is similar to the first but has an X in it. This
cancels your unit's path that you have set. Sorry, but once pressed you can't
bring it back.

In the bottom left corner is a huge question mark. This is available when your
hero is over an undiscovered ruin or temple, or if any unit is over a temple.
Here they can be blessed which gives them an extra point. Heroes can get 
quests or bonus units or money.

The set of legs is a very useful feature. It causes everyone with a set path to
move all with one click. Get use to using this one!

The hero button check the status of all your heroes in play. It also lets you 
look at who they're with, where they are, their level and any items and quests
they currently have.

The shield button ends your turn. Only press this when you have no more places
to move or you're just done. I'd recommend using the 'save and end turn' 
located under the Turn tab at the top.

The last button is your diplomaticy. It shows who you're at war, peace or who 
you're neutral with. It also ranks the teams in order of who popular they are.

                                     Map                                [220]

The smaller map gives you an outlook of who has control of what cities. If you
are playing with the fog of war on, then you will only be able to see what you
have discovered. All controlled cities are marked with the owners flag and any
gray cities are open.

                               Military Advisor                         [230]

This is to list all the possible adages that your Advisor might give you to as
well as what they really mean and how you can raise them. Now, to even check
these sayings you need to do one thing. Hold down shift and move over and
enemies army or city and wait for the question mark symbol to come up. Click
and you'll be created with a pop-up advisor. Now he'll great you with a random
opening and then give tell you your chances. Of course at times, you won't
know what seem mean and how well you might be able to win, that's what the
purpose of this guide is for!


 1. He does change what he say, and that CAN effect the outcome. Always try to
    get the best advice before fighting.

 2. Pressing the Space Bar can effect the outcome and flip it in a different    
    way then he sees it. Of course, I do not think it's possible to change a
    for sure saying (see below).

  Whenever you ask for advice, you are greeted with one of these five 
  greetings. Remember, these do NOT effect the outcome in anyway.
                           "Great and Worthy Lord" 
                               "My Good Lord"      
                           "O Champion of Justice" 
                              "O Great Warlord"    
                              "O Mighty Leader"   

  I will list all the advice he gives you plus a rating for what your chances
  of winning are. All ratings are based on my experience playing the game and
  are the most accurate ratings to my knowledge.

"A battle here would be an easy victory! We cannot lose!"
        Chance of Winning: 10/10
        Notes: Like it says, you cannot lose. 
"I believe this battle will be as simple as butchering sleeping cattle."
        Chance of Winning: 9.9/10
        Notes: It is possible to lose this. It's very very rare so you'll    
               essentially always win and shouldn't lose to many units.

"We shall win this battle nine out of ten times!"
        Chance of Winning: 9/10 
        Notes: It's possible to lose, but HIGHLY unlikely. These "losses" are 
               almost impossible and I've seen only a few.
"This battle shall be a comfortable victory!"
        Chance of Winning: 8/10
        Notes: You usually can plow through these, there is the off chance 
               that they may come back and win.
"This battle shall be a hard-fought victory! But we shall win!"
        Chance of Winning: 7/10
        Notes: This one is tricky, it leads you to believe that you'll win 
               almost all the time. Of course, he has mistaken and you can get
               a beating if you're unlucky.

"This battle would be a brave choice, I leave it to thee!"
        Chance of Winning: 6.5/10
        Notes: This is another tough choice, that he leaves to you. These have
               a slightly better chance of you winning then losing.

"I believe this battle will surely be, very evenly matched."
        Chance of Winning: 5/10
        Notes: Exactly as it says, it's going to be a straight draw. If you 
               happen to have less units, I'd suggesting using the space bar
               and taking a good load of your opponents out.

"This battle would be difficult but not impossible to win!"
        Chance of Winning: 4/10
        Notes: This advice can mean doom for you but can pull off a win. It's 
               possible to win this a good portion of the time.

"This battle would be sheered folly! Though shouldst not attack."
        Chance of Winning: 2/10
        Notes: I've gotten very lucky during a few battles and pulled off a 
               close win with this advice. It's usually a bad decision but 
               with help from the space bar you can get a win out of this.

"This battle shall be a foolish decision!"
        Chance of Winning: 1/10
        Notes: I've pulled maybe one or two wins when given this advice. It is 
               possible, just incredibly unlikely.

"A battle here would be complete and utter suicide."
        Chance of Winning: 0/10
        Notes: It is suicide. You CANNOT win this, no matter how many tries or
               use of the space bar it cannot happen. You have a better chance
               if you can change theadvice up a level or two and then maybe
               you'll have a chance.

                             Advisor Pop-Ups                           [240]

Depending on how well or poorly you are doing, the Warlord will pop up and say
something, usually predicting the future. These are hard to hear at times
mainly do to my old mac as the only computer that can play the game. If you
find the exact thing then please tell me.


               "Aww, the expectation of a coming battle."
       Simple, in a few turns a few warlords will declare war with you.
                 "Warlord, a mighty battle is growing."
   Similar to the first, but this time more units will start to attack you.
                "So Warlord, though just shows no merit."
  You're taking over a lot of cities quickly. Expect enemies in a few turns.
                 "Warlord, my progessor is outstanding."
                  He's proud of you, you're doing great.
                    "Thy name boast fear and loathing."
        You're quickly dominating the game, every warlord fears you.
               "Beware of the over confidence of confusion."
 You're either leaving to many cities unguarded or your letting them grow.
                      "Thy enemies are beyond measue."
                    You're underestimating your enemies.
                  "Farewell Warlord, we shall meet again."
                  You quit the program, he expects you back!

                                  Data                                  [250]

At the top of the screen, you can view all the leaders of individual
accomplishments made throughout the game. This is a great way to check how 
well you are doing compared to the other warlords. I'd recommend checking 
this frequently.

  The army option is a note showing you where all of yours or your opponent’s
  armies are located. You can make decisions on what or where to go if you 
  know how many armies are around. The city option is basic enough, this 
  option shows all the cities a specific group owns. The gold option shows the
  amount of gold you have. It is directly related to how well you are doing.
  You gain gold every turn for having cities but you lose a lot by making 
  units. Lastly, the winning option show who is winning the game based on 
  gold, cities and armies.

                               Hero Guide                               [260]

Heroes, you're given one at the start of the game where you can choose the
gender and the name. Throughout the game, if you have enough money, a hero
might ask to join. You go through the same options as before but the money,
location, and what allies they bring will always be random.

Heroes are great. You can go on quests to obtain riches, allies or
accessories. Simply take a hero to a temple on the map and choose to go on a
quest. Quests range from pillaging a certain amount of gold to razing a
particular city.

Heroes build experience points through quests, victories and other things. 
Once they gain enough points, they gain levels and upgrade their stats as well
as getting a nice movement bonus. Heroes give every unit with them a bonus 
just for being in the group. Once the hero dies, the bonus goes away.

                                 Battles                                [270]

There are two types of battles that will occur. One is when you or your enemy
attacks with a group from the ground to a fotified city. The winner takes
control of the city. The other battle occurs when one enemy attacks another on
the ground where one group will be victorious.

You can speed up battles if you like by clicking the mouse or holding down the
space bar. Be careful when doing this in a battle you are pretty sure you’ll
win as you may lose a lot more units then you would if you had just left it. 

Some units can obtain medals for doing well in combat. Usually if a unit can
take out a few units without dying he will be rewarded with a medal of honor
(there are four they can recieve) and each improves their attributes.

                               Diplomatacy                              [280]

If you click on the double swords to the right of the screen, you can check 
the diplomatacy report. There you can declare war (red option) or set it to 
neutral (green option) or try and regain peace.

At the start of the game, everyone is allied and depending on what goes on,
groups will start declaring war on other groups. For example, if you start
winning or attacking allies then other groups will start to dislike you and
want to go to war with you. However, if you're playing on warlord difficulty,
then everyone goes to war after a few turns.

Be careful not to attack anyone who you are allied with. You’ll notice the
heart shaped symbol appear over an army who you are still alied with.
Attacking like this will get most groups to hate you and declare war with you

                         Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this space bar trick you keep mentioning?
A: Pressing the space bar down causes the battle to speed up. You can throw
   the game mechanics off and take out (or lose) more troops this way and 
   even raise the chances of winning. Keep in mind that this can potentially
   contradict what your military advisor just told you.

Q: How do you change the advice you're given?
A: Continue to press shift and check the advice until it changes, it will
   change unless it's a truly dominant force on one side or the other.

Q: Any other tips?
A: Yep, save before each battle that doesn't have a for sure win. This way you
   can easily revert back to it and try to get a better advice saying or
   attempt to win using a non-perfect message.


I loved this game. It was another rare gem a lot of people missed out on. I'd
love to talk and reminisce memories of this game that you might have so be 
sure to send me an email. I would like to thank CJayC for creating GameFAQs 
and many thanks to SBAllen for keeping up the site in his leave.

               If you found this guide, it should have been through.

                                  talk to me.


Copyright 2006-2008 Nick Bryant 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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                     ...Farewell Warlord, we shall meet again...