Warlock (SNES) Cheats

Warlock cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Level Passwords.
GRKKL - Second Rune
SHPJL - Third Rune, Area 1
CDJHL - Third Rune, Area 2
BRSHT - Fourth Rune, Area 1
HBLST - Fourth Rune, Area 3
THKTH - Fifth Rune, Area 1
DCTFF - Fifth Rune, Area 5
BSTJK - Sixth Rune, Area 1
LHBHL - Sixth Rune, Area 4
DFGBH - Sixth Rune, Area 6
The Garden:
Garden GRKKL

The Castle:
Begin third stone quest SHPJL
Continue third stone quest CDJHL
Begin fourth stone quest BRSHT
Final part of fourth stone quest HBLST

Realm of the Diamond:
Begin quest for fifth stone THKTH
Continue fifth stone quest DCTFF
Begin quest for sixth stone BSTJK
Continue sixth stone quest LHBHL
Final part of sixth stone quest DFGBH