[edit] Background

Continuing Nintendo's outrageous party game franchise, Wario Ware again features the player battling through hundreds of short, randomised, and quite frankly insane minigames in an effort to become the champion.

[edit] Features

  • Over 180 short mini games.
  • Many different stories for the many different characters.
  • Earn special toys such a Yo Yo to enjoy while playing with the stylus.
  • Uses the Touch Screen and Stylus many different ways.
  • Uses the two screens to see cutscenes in a new way.

This game is also known as Sawaru Made in Wario in Japan.

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WarioWare: Touched! is available on the Japanese eShop, first digital DS game for the 3DS

The 3DS plays thirty years of games

Mar 16 at 10:05pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 1 comment

Latest Activity

Dec 29, 10 2:56am
Completed this twice, the games are always great fun! WarioWareTouched
Oct 26, 10 5:05am
Even though it's Wario it's not so good despite my high hopes for the series to pick up... WarioWareTouched
Apr 22, 10 8:33am
given to me for free WarioWareTouched
Feb 13, 10 8:04am
It Looks Like A Really Funny/Fun Game! WarioWareTouched
Aug 31, 09 2:06am
The most random game I ever have and ever will (Until I get Smooth Moves) play. WarioWareTouched
Mar 14, 09 9:00am
This was pretty fun. Took time away. WarioWareTouched
Feb 14, 09 5:09am
Crazy fun game. WarioWareTouched
Feb 11, 09 1:51pm
..........MINI GAMES!!!!!!!!!! WarioWareTouched
Oct 18, 08 6:05pm

Opening Thoughts

I have two words to describe Warioware Touched. Great game. This game...

May 6, 07 1:01am
Lol, sooo funn! Even my MUM loves it! WarioWareTouched
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Apr 9, 2015 (wii-u)
    • Feb 14, 2005 (DS)
  • Japan:
    • Apr 15, 2015 (wii-u)
    • Dec 2, 2004 (DS)
  • Europe:
    • Apr 2, 2015 (wii-u)
    • Mar 11, 2005 (DS)
  • Australia: Feb 24, 2005
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