Wario Land 2 review
Pretty Good

The good:

There a lot of secrets to this game. You are immortal and can't die, and the different forms of Wario are funny. (fat Wario, springy Wario, bloated Wario, small Wario,etc.) There is a treasure each level as well as a map piece. Once you've collected all of them you should get ready for the final showdown with Captain Syrup. You'll have to have a lot of coins to get every map piece and treasure though.

The bad:

Not a real challenge. Sure there's the treasure hunting and having to find all of the treasure hiding places but you can't die. That really killed the challenge i was waiting for. Also if you're playing on a color screen you can't play it on a black, white, and gray screen without having to start over. That was a bummer since i had an original gameboy when i bought the game. oh well.


Overall i'd really suggest getting this game if you can find it. i know there's Wario land 3 and 4 out already but i'd still say 2 is a really good game. it's provided hours of treasure hunting and pirate bashing fun.

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