Wario World Cheats

Wario World cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Beating Dinomighty
A quick way of beating dinomighty is that when he's about to jump out of the lava make sure you have one of the stone things where his foot is about to land. If you do this over an over you'll beat him in less than a couple of minutes.
Super smash
You'r trying to break through into a mini game and you can't get in get an enemy in your hands and and get over the gate you can't get through press a then when you are in midair press r and you'll break through the gate an into a minigame.


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Mega Toss
Nailing this move is critical since you uae it to defeat almost every boss in the game. Press B to grab, hold B to charge up the Toss, then release B to toss. Learn to do this quickly.
Unlock "Dodge Balls"
Get all 8 treasures in Greenhorn Ruins to unlock this microgame.
Unlock "Jumping Rope"
Get all 8 treasures in Beanstalk Way to unlock this microgame.
Unlock "Munch-A-Bunch"
Get all 8 treasures in Pecan Sands to unlock this microgame.