[edit] Background

Game three of the Super Mario Land series provides more platform-jumping action. This time around, things are different. Instead of controlling the world's most famous plumber, you control his rival Wario, whom was introduced as the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Seeking a place to live after being unceremoniously evicted from Mario Land, Wario sets off for Kitchen Island, where he has learned that the famous Kitchen Island Pirates have stolen the Gold Statue of Princess Toadstool [Peach], which is worth a major haul of cash and could very well be the solution to Wario's problems.

[edit] Game Play

Game play is on par with the rest of the series, as Wario proceeds through the levels of Kitchen Island in order to find the Princess Toadstool [Peach] Gold Statue. Generally, the game scrolls left-to-right, but there are also some levels that scroll vertically.

Checkpoints and level exits are activated through the same method: hold UP on the Control Pad and press B to have Wario generate a +Coin (worth 10 Coins). Throw the coin into the slot to activate the checkpoint or exit. Keep in mind that some stages have multiple exits; these stages are marked with a double-circle.
Some stages also have locked doors. These require you to find a key and bring it to the locked door. Open the door and see what's inside--there could be treasure! Treasure chests can only be opened by Dragon Cap Wario's flame, or by using Wario's Body Slam to jar the chest open.

At the end of each world is a boss battle. Each boss has a weakness that must be exploited in order for Wario to win the battle. In victory, a lot of coins appear on the stage, with the exception of the Sherbert Land boss, where 3-up Hearts appear.

But beware! If you run out of time in a stage or Wario gets hit when he's Small Wario, you lose all the coins you collected in that stage and one life.

[edit] Features

  • Over 30 stages filled with enemies not seen before
  • Collectable hearts: You get 1 for each enemy you defeat, and 10 out of the item boxes. Get 100 to earn an extra life.
  • New Power-Ups that include:
    • The Jet Cap, which allows Wario to run faster, jump higher, and fly for short distances.
    • The Dragon Cap, which allows Wario to breathe fire from the cap's snout, or a beam if underwater, where Wario's Body Slam would not be useable.
    • The Bull Cap, which augments Wario's already massive strength. With this, his body slam distance is increased, he can smash breakable blocks in one shot, he can hang on the ceiling with the caps' horns, and can perform an earth-rattling "butt stomp," which can defeat or stun enemies, and shake buried objects out of the ground.

[edit] Hardware Info

One-4 MB Cartridge

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Jul 27, 11 8:34am
This is a very fun game, and it's not to hard - at first, but then it starts getting tricky. WarioLandSuperMarioLand3
Soquid Snake
Feb 18, 11 1:45pm
Move over Mario! Wario's first independent game is pretty darn challenging and fun. 7/10. WarioLandSuperMarioLand3
Lesley Pro_04
Dec 9, 09 6:09pm
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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: Platform (GBC)
  • Theme(s): Naval
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
Release Dates
  • North America: Jan 31, 1994
  • Japan: Jan 21, 1994
  • Europe: Apr 28, 1994
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