Wario Land 4 Code Breaker Codes (GBA)

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Master Code (GBA) North America Master

0000D0D3 000A
10000954 0007

This code will let you enter any other Codebreaker codes for Wario Land 4.

Max Supply of Coins (GBA) North America

83000BF8 0909
83000BFA 0909

This code will give you the maximum amount of coins possible to achieve at one time.

Unlimited Supply of Time (GBA) North America

83000BF0 0509

This code will give you an unlimited supply of time to complete events.

Maximum Supply of Hearts (GBA) North America

33001910 0008

This code will stock you with an the maximum amount of hearts in the game.

Maximum Supply of Medals (GBA) North America

D0000020 0310
83000008 03E7

Activate: R, L, Right

This code will make it so that when you press the activating buttons, you will receive a large supply of medals.