Wario Land 4 (GBA) Cheats

Wario Land 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Wario Land 4 cheat codes.


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Beat Every Boss
Each boss is weak against one of the four 10-medal items in the shop.

Aerodent (Topaz): Large Lips
Cuckoo Condor (Ruby): Big Fist
Cractus (Emerald): Black Dragon
Catbat (Sapphire): Black Dog

Each of the above, when used with the corresponding boss, will reduce its hp to 2 hits.
How to beat the bosses
Spoiled Rotton: First you just have to keep elbowing it by pushing be into its face or back (it doesn't matter.). Then after doing that for a while it'll become a big ugly thing. You can't hit it in the face now. Simple just jump over her and punch her in the back till she dies.

Cractus: To start the battle, just punch the vase hes in. He'll wake up and will battle you. try to get a shot on his head (the vines will help) and try to butt smash him in the head when he comes down. When he gets hurt this weird saliva will come out of its mouth. If you get hit by the saliva, you'll turn into zombie wario (touch the lightning but that appears to turn him back) keep doing those attacks in the head and you'll kill him sooner or later.

CooCoo Condor: just stand there and wait till he puts his claw down, dodge it then punch it. it'll reverse it and hit CooCoo Condor in the head.Try to dodge the razors he drops and watch out for the electric walls, keep hitting his claw till the clock breaks.They'll show you his real form (an ugly looking chicken).He will drop eggs that these little chickens will attack you when they come out of it.When he drops one, pick it up before it hits the ground and try to aim for CooCoo Condor's head. He'll get hurt. keep doing that till he dies.

CatBat:When CatBat makes a wave, jump on it and try to punch the bat on his head at the right time. After he gets hurt, he will shoot these enemies out of his mouth.Dodge them. He'll keep shooting the waves and you keep having to try to hit him in the head. Soon he will make these waves that go up and down so it is harder now.when its upt at ther right time, try to hit him again. Soon the bat will get destroyed. Now you have to butt bounce him in the head. just do the same thing with the waves and butt bounce him in the bald spot where the bat was. do that till he dies.

Golden Diva: Ok this is the hardest boss in the game.First her mask will turn into four of them and she will put a fan near her face.try to jump on the masks and throw them upwards at the fan. do that with all four of them, then thats when the REAL battle starts.First she will drop an enemie. jump on it and pick it up.throw it upwards at her head. if you miss her she will keep dropping enemies. when you hit her with it, she will drop this bomb with a teddy bear on it. punch it and try to make it hit her head. then she will be dropping these exploding eggs like CooCoo Condor but these explode faster. try to hit her in the head. now she will drop a hammer. wait till the spikes on it dissapear and throw it in the air. (this will not hurt the Golden Diva) but try to get hit in the head with it.you will become spring wario and try to bounce into her head. she will keep reapeating the patern (enemie, bomb, egg, hammer) till you knock all the masks off (her health will go down from hitting the masks)soon you will see a pink mask hit her then another pink mask then hit her again then one more pink mask hit it and you will see her real form (a big ugly stretched out face) when she slams into the ground, spikes will be in that area but when she slams it before she gets back up punch her in the face she will lose another live. she will do it again just hit her in the face again. then she will get even more uglier and will do the same attack hit her again then do it one more time just her lips will be left. just punch them once and she will be defeated


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All treasures from the bosses
If you beat all the bosses (including the Golden Diva). At the end of the games during credits you get to see special pictures
karaoke mode
In the CD room,at the exit menu,press up,select,start,the L button and the R button to get karaoke mode.
Listen To CD's
Whenever you get a CD during play it will be avaidable to listen to in the sound room.
Super Hard Mode
Complete the game on hard mode and start a new game. Super hard mode will now be selectable.
Unlock Karaoke Mode
At the map screen, enter the sound room. Highlight "Ecit" and simultaneously press and hold R,L,Select,Start, and up. If done correctly, karaoke mode will be unlocked.