[edit] Background

In the 41st Millennium MANKIND has spread its race and glory to over a million worlds throughout the far reaches of the Galaxy. But Humanity's expansion, in fact, its very existence, has not gone unchallenged. The ENEMIES OF MAN, including the savage and bloodthirsty ORKS, the traitorous FORCES of CHAOS, and the mysterious and powerful ELDAR, wage constant war against the descendants of Earth, seeking to destroy them. The lives of untold billions of people, indeed the very survival of Humanity itself, depend upon the protection of the Master of Mankind, the EMPEROR OF MAN, and the Emperor's loyal, genetically-perfected and lethal warriors, the SPACE MARINES.

It was ten thousand years ago that the EMPEROR ascended to the GOLDEN THRONE of EARTH. Although human, the Emperor was supremely gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities and he used his unmatched power to unite the countless billions of people living on over one million planets, creating THE IMPERIUM. Today the Imperium continues to be ruled by the iron will of the Emperor, whose living carcass is entombed in the strange life-giving machinery of the Golden Throne.

The Undying Master of Mankind, the Emperor, is no longer merely a man, He has become a GOD, worshipped by billions throughout the Galaxy. As Man's enemies rain endless death and destruction upon Humanity's doomed planets, the people of the Imperium pray to the Emperor, begging for His protection. Their desperate prayers are answered by the IMPERIAL GUARD, the Emperor's loyal soldiers who are the backbone of Mankind's military, and by the Emperor's elite warriors, the fierce and unrelentingly heroic SPACE MARINES. Together the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines represent Humanity's last, best hope for salvation from their relentless enemies.

Though Man's enemies are legion, the most widespread and constant threat comes from the ORKS, a sadistic and barbaric alien race whose passion for violence knows no bounds. Orks are in a permanent state of war. They live only for the joy of battle and wreaking as much carnage and bloodshed as possible. Although the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard save numerous planets from being overrun by Orks, these victories come at an extremely high cost with devastating military and civilian casualties.

In contrast to the Orks' straightforward and mindless brutality, the FORCES OF CHAOS are a far more insidious threat to the battle-weary citizens of the Imperium. Ten thousand years ago, when the Emperor first rose to power, the gods of Chaos sent psychic whispers into the hearts and minds of the Space Marines, promising immortality and limitless power. Many traitors succumbed to the influence of Chaos; indeed, in an apocalyptic civil war known as the HORUS HERESY, fully half of the Space Marines renounced their vows to the Emperor and forswore their allegiance to their Space Marine brethren. After bitter losses on both sides, the Emperor ultimately crushed the rebellion through an act of supreme sacrifice. The surviving heretical Space Marines remain unrepentant and continue to follow the Chaos gods, waging endless war on the people of the Imperium and raging ceaselessly against the Emperor's righteous reign.

Beyond the death and destruction caused by the Orks and the Forces of Chaos there are still more threats against Humanity. For, beyond the bloodthirsty aliens, unknown demons and unrepentant heretics there exists yet another enemy, the remnants of an ancient and potent race, the ELDAR.

At the core of the awesome Eldar army are the ASPECT WARRIORS, swift and powerful fighters whose deadly skills have been honed to perfection. Using their unparalleled psychic powers and advanced technologies, the Eldar are actually fighting to save the Galaxy, but they are willing to destroy the entire human race in the process.

[edit] Features

Visceral cinematic melee and ranged combat

Realistic unit animations provide the most detailed combat depicted in a real-time strategy game.

Four Unique Races
Command one of four race, each with their own unique tech tree, structures, abilities, and research, in epic battles for control of the universe and the eradication of one's foes.

Cutting Edge 3D Engine
Relic's proprietary, robust 3D engine provides close in zooms of unprecedented detail accentuating the carnage and slaughter of frontline battles. Appropriate scaled terrain, vehicle physics, and dynamic lighting contribute to a level of realism never displayed in an RTS.

Story Driven Single Player Campaign
Epic tale of treason and conspiracy communicated through stunning interstitials and in-game dialogue and action.

Innovative Resource Model
Resource model that emphasizes the capturing and securing of key strategic points throughout a map, focusing action on the frontline.

Pioneering Tactical Gameplay
Tactical features such as cover, squad based gameplay, morale, and hero units, which promotes unit strategy over mass assaults while still allowing for large-scale battles.

High Resolution Support
Dawn of War takes full advantage of the new higher RAM numbers on the latest 3D cards while supporting a broad range of older cards. Among the effects supported are stencil shadows on tech trees and environment.

2 to 8 player multiplayer via LAN or Internet supporting game matching and tournament options.

New Multiplayer Features

Customizable squad colors, banners, badges, insignia and names
Observation mode
Ability to ally with other players

[edit] Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium III or AMD Athlon XP 1.4GHz Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 2GB Hard Disk Space
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • DirectX 9.0b
  • 32MB DirectX compatible AGP Video Card with Hardware T&L
  • 16-bit DirectX compatible Sound Card
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