Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos review
WarCraft 3 Review

The good:

Great story, awesome battling, great graphics, and lots of diverse groups to use.

The bad:

Ha ha thats funny something bad. Well guess the only thing bad was waiting for this game to come out.


Man afer playing this game for 28 hours straight I was hooked. This game is so much fun. I loved the first ones and this new game is better then the rest. This game has tons of replay value and is worth the price. This game is a definate must buy.

*Updated 6/25/05*

Figured I would update my review as my old one is a bit lacking lol.

First off my views are the same but let elaborate on them. Warcraft III is a great game, it's story for the first time is incredibly indepth. Warcraft II had a good story but it wasn't great, this one actually has a very much worthy storyline for the series.

Not only that but the graphics are very good, not just the ingame graphics but the CG cut scenes are just beautiful to watch and very realistic. I don't hold graphics too high on what I want to see in a game but for this game I'll make an exception.

Then there the battles which is indeed the most important. Battles have been improved very much IMO. The Heros now play a larger role in the series as they can level up, carry items (with various effects) and cast certain spells. The population limit however has been reduced significantly, however this is countered with an increase in the stats of many of the units. The game really did well with the reduced population, I miss overwhelming my enemy in numbers (example: StarCraft) but I do like the way they did it with less numbers in this title.

Also the races, the Humans and Orcs are there of course but more interesting are the Undead and Night Elves both with their own strengths and weaknesses. The addition of these new races really did a lot for me and was a good move.

Overall this game is great, the online play is good too (and free) plus creating your own maps and such has been improved drastically from the previous title. I would say this game is a must have for any fan of Warcraft or strategy games alike.

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