: : : : : Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal

  • Released on Apr 30, 1996
  • By Blizzard for PC

[edit] Background

After destroying the mystic gate into Azeroth, the Humans discover that the rift which allows the Orcs passage into their world still exists. Human forces must now venture beyond the Dark Portal into Orcish lands to put an end to the threat of yet another invasion by the hordes.

At the same time, Ner'zhul- Warchief of the Shadow Moon clan- has seized control of the Orcish hordes of Draenor, and is gathering his forces in an attempt to open portals to other worlds, while bringing the nations of Azeroth to their knees.

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Jul 22, 10 12:34pm
It doesn't even fit on my screen. Not cool. Warcraft2BeyondTheDarkPortal
Mar 25, 05 8:11pm
pretty good for early stages of WC Warcraft2BeyondTheDarkPortal
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  • North America: Apr 30, 1996
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