Warcraft II: Gold Edition review
Warcraft II: Gold Edition

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This is the classic. The classic game in which you can be the Horde- a disgusting race of creatures that have conquered everything in their realm, and the Humans- the 18th century humans. Humans have Castles, Knights, Footman, Wizards, Elven archers, and the lowly peasant. Use peasants to build you farms to sustain your army, build castles, watch towers, and buildings that upgrade your units. The invading Horde consists of Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, Death Knights (Equivalent to Wizards), Spires (Equivalent to a Human Castle), and the Hordes working class, Peons. They build pig farms, places to upgrade your units, and everything else. The Hordes mighiest wizards, headed by Gul'dan, opened a rift in space to the Humans world. You progress through levels completing some objective that cripples the enemy like destroying key oil rigs, outposts, and eventually the enemies main base and if you are the Humans, the rift to destroy. Overall, very fun game, especially with the fact on almost any level you can create a real horde of hundreds of troops (there is a limit, though). Also there is a map editor that is fun to play around with.

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