War of the Monsters Cheats

War of the Monsters cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more War of the Monsters cheat codes.


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Unlockable Levels
  • Collect the required tokens to unlock the Levels.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Baytown Level65,000 Tokens
Capitol Level85,000 Tokens
U.F.O. Level105,000 Tokens
Volcano Level45,000 Tokens
Unlockable Mini-Games
  • Collect the required amount of tokens to unlock the mini-games.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Big Shot Mini Game65,000 Tokens
Crash O Rama85,000 Tokens
Dodgeball105,000 Tokens
Unlockable Secret Characters
  • Collect the required amount of tokens to unlock the secret characters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Raptos200,000 Tokens
Zorgulon200,000 Tokens
giant100 tokens
inamo100,000 tokens
carnita800 tokens
makalah900 tokens
fire burn800,00 tokens
t-rex700,000 tokens
rerety900 tokens
inasex900,00 tokens
bima304 tokens
ytr880,000 tokens
minyter7809 tokens


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Build up Battle Tokens Faster
Beat the game with any creature and save it. Then load your game and beat Cerebulon, every time you do this you will get at least 30,00 BP.
Catch objects enemies throw at you.
When an enemy or enemies throw things at you press O when the object is near you and grab it and throw it back.

This won't work with huge objects like bits of boats, planes and Agamo's head and other things.
Easily defeat Cerebulon's 1st form
Use Togera or Raptros and when Cerebulon lets down his shield blast him with your long range special. Keep hitting your shoot button while your special is activated. You will beat his 1st form if you do this twice.
how to beat the final boss
when he reaches the final stage if you are raptros fly over to the flying saucer and find the shocking fence and get beside it then block when he attacks you will get shocked then he will attack again and he will get shocked stay blocking until he dies.(it matters witch angle he`s attacking from).
Preytos: the ultimate character!
If you're a beginner at this game, in other words, you want to begin this game without too much difficulty, you're best bet is Preytor. For srarters she is one of the only two monsters who can fly, and her long range special is a leach that takes out a suitible chunk of your opponents health and your enemy can't avoid it. Alot of the enemies that are impossible with other monsters Preytor can defeat in under 30 seconds. And lastly, her taunt is hilarius
Ultra V's secret attack!
Ok this is technically a move that he already has but if done right it will take half if not all of the health of a enemy in one shot. If you grab one of those exploding gas trucks and use his special long range move the one where his hand extends if done while holding the truck your enemy will be pulled to you and will explode and will have fire damage leaving his health in either the yellow or red. Plus you will not be harmed at all in the process and can go and finish off your fleeing attacker.


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not really a cheat but its funny
ok ppick raptros and be on the level were it has air planes get on a tower at the bottom and press circle and keep pressing it and it will look like your humping the wall