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War Leaders: Clash of Nations

[edit] Background

Could you imagine what would have happened if WWII was won by the Axis? ...

...What would have happened if the US didn't ally with France and UK, or if Italy and Japan didn't join Germany? ...

...What if Germany didn't invade Poland in 1939 or Russia in 1941?... or if Japan developed the nuclear bomb before the Americans? ...

...Could you imagine having the power of ruling a nation and all its military, diplomatic and economic strengths? ...

...of going to important battlefronts like Pearl Harbour or Normandy, manage thousands of troops, meet historical Heroes and Generals, and change the course of History or even write one of your own? ...

...Could you imagine being Winston Churchill, or Stalin? ...to deal with Roosevelt or Hitler? ...to win the war? ...or even to go beyond and conquer the World? ...

Now... Can you imagine YOU ARE a WAR LEADER of WWII???

[edit] Features

  • Combines a sophisticated Manager part with dramatic RTS battles providing a great variety of game mechanics (resource and building management, diplomacy, R&D, special missions,...).
  • 3D Terrain & Terraforming effects. The game has a completely 3D terrain. All units follow the curves of the terrain while moving. The heights influence the gameplay significantly as the units on heights have an advantage of larger sight range and fire range. Further more, the terrain curves will be affected by the impact of projectiles, producing terraforming effects.
  • Highly detailed 3D Units. All units are 3D animated models, with up to 3.500 polygons, and making use of normal and specular maps, thus providing outstanding visual qualities not seen on strategy games.
  • All WWII implied factions covered. Player will choose from 7 most relevant factions to play, but will find all the other 6 plus another 13 belligerent parties, and many other neutral countries.
  • Total Control of all aspects of war. Users will control the implied faction, its Leader, Generals, Heroes, war units,... but also all matters related to diplomacy, military research, espionage, economy & resources management,...

State-of-the-Art graphics and battles. Battles will be performed in landscape scenarios (up to 4Km2) and cities, all with outstanding levels of graphic representation (high level of polygons on units and constructions, weather and lightning effects, particle systems, spectacular physics for authentic presentation of explosions, chain-reactions, flying debris, terraforming with side effects, ...)

[edit] Hardware Requirements

WindowsÆ 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP
DirectX v9.0
Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
3D graphics card with 128Mb and T&L (DirectX v9.0 compatible)
512 MB RAM
DirectX v9.0 compatible sound card
DVD-ROM unit

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  • North America: Dec 31, 2005
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