Wanted (PS3) Cheats

Wanted cheats, Passwords, Trophys, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Binary Code List
In the main menu, choose "Secret Codes" and enter these for the desired effect.
PasswordWhat it does
01010111Airplane Bodyguard
01110100Cinematic Mode
01100101Close Combat Mode
01001100Health Improvement
01101101Unlimited Adrenaline
01101111Infinite Ammo
01110010One Shot One Kill
01100001Special Suit
01001111Super Weapons
01100111Headshot Mode
01110100Adrenaline Rush Mode


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
I am in control (Bronze)Complete the 1st Tutorial
I have it in my blood (Bronze)Complete the 2nd Tutorial
No more anxiety attacks (Bronze)Complete the 3rd Tutorial
Completed Act 1 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 1 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 2 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 2 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 3 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 3 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 4 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 4 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 5 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 5 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 6 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 6 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 7 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 7 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 8 - Easy (Bronze)Complete Act 8 - Easiest Difficulty
Ready to play with the big boys (Bronze)Complete Act 9 - Easiest Difficulty
Completed Act 1 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 1 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 2 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 2 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 3 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 3 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 4 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 4 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 5 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 5 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 6 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 6 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 7 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 7 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 8 - Assassin (Bronze)Complete Act 8 - Assassin Difficulty
Completed Act 1 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 1 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 2 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 2 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 3 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 3 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 4 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 4 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 5 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 5 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 6 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 6 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 7 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 7 - The Killer Difficulty
Completed Act 8 - The Killer (Bronze)Complete Act 8 - The Killer Difficulty
Collector Nerd (Bronze)Find 10 reward items
Kill one, save a thousand Donuts (Bronze)Kill Janice, ex-boss
Half the man Barry is (Bronze)Kill Kathy, ex-girlfriend
Bullet Curving Trainee (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies using Curved Bullets
Shrapnel Storm Trainee (Bronze)Kill 10 enemies using Bullet Explosions
Boom! (Bronze)Kill one explosive rat
Up close and personal (Bronze)Kill 15 enemies in close combat
Fully trained assassin (Silver)Complete Act 9 - Assassin Difficulty
The Killer (Gold)Complete Act 9 - The Killer Difficulty
Wanted Master (Platinum)Got all Wanted trophies!
Secret Trophies-
Compulsive Hoarder (Bronze)Find all reward items
Two is always better than one (Bronze)Kill 2 enemies at once with a single Curved Bullet
Glad I wasn't there (Bronze)Kill 3 enemies at once with a single Explosive Bullet
All in the reflexes (Bronze)Kill 3 enemies at once in a single eQM
Pest Exterminator (Silver)Kill all explosive rats
Bullet Curving Expert (Silver)Kill 100 enemies using Curved Bullets
Shrapnel Storm Expert (Silver)Kill 80 enemies using Bullet Explosions
Heart Breaker (Silver)Kill Araña with Wesley without mask on The Killer Difficulty
Between Old Friends (Silver)Kill The Immortal with Cross on The Killer Difficulty
Punishing Subordinates (Silver)Kill The Russian with The Immortal in close combat and The Killer Difficulty
Butcher would be proud (Silver)Complete the game in "Close Combat Mode", any difficulty
Dr. Lobotomy (Silver)Complete the game in "Headshot Mode", any difficulty
Catch me if you can (Gold)1st position in "Time Attack" Ranking


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Unlockable Characters
To play as any character besides Wesley or Cross, defeat that character (on any difficulty).
UnlockableHow to unlock
SWAT LeaderDefeat SWAT Leader
The RussianDefeat the Russian
BrummelDefeat Brummel
The Original SpiderDefeat Spider
The ImmortalDefeat the Immortal
NightmareBeat the game in Close Combat Mode to unlock Nightmare as a playable character.
Airolane BodyguardBeat Headshot Mode to unlock the Airplane Bodyguard.


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Easy Bonus Mode Achievements
First, you must beat the game. Begin a new game in Headshot Mode (for Dr. Lobotomy), Time Attack Mode (for Catch Me If You Can) or Close Combat Mode (for Butcher Would Be Proud) and play the first two scenes of the first level and complete them. When the third scene loads, quit to main menu. Go to Unlocked Acts and click the last level, choose any character, then choose the same difficulty you had it on before. Ignore the message begin the level. Now you just have to beat the whole last level, and you can even use cheats throughout the level -- just not on the last scene where you fight Immortal. Repeat for the other Achievements / Modes.